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Conditions Placed On The Use Of Credentials  


For the championships that you would like to apply for a credential, click on the “Credential Application” link adjacent to the respective championship. You will be asked to read and agree to the “Terms and Conditions for Use of Credentials” before formally applying.

After your application has been reviewed by the host media coordinator, you will receive an approval or denial email with the additional information specific to that championship.

DI Men's Basketball
Date   Site Link
March 14 & 15   Dayton/ First & Second Rounds Credential Application
March 16-18   Buffalo

Credential Application 

March 16-18   Milwaukee

Credential Application

March 16-18   Orlando

Credential Application

March 16-18   Salt Lake City

Credential Application

March 17-19   Greenville

Credential Application

March 17-19   Indianapolis

Credential Application

March 17-19   Tulsa

Credential Application

March 17-19   Sacramento

Credential Application



March 23-25   Kansas City

Credential Application

March 23-25   San Jose Credential Application
March 24-26   Memphis Credential Application
March 24-26   New York Credential Application
    Men's Final Four  
April 2 - April 4   FINAL FOUR - Phoenix Credential Application
DI Women's Basketball
March 25-27   Lexington Regional Credential Application
March 25-27   Oklahoma City Regional Credential Application
March 26-28   Bridgeport Regional Credential Application
March 26-28   Stockton Regional Credential Application
    Women's Final Four  
April 3-5   FINAL FOUR - Dallas Credential Application
Championship Dates Location Link
MW Cross Country DI Nov. 19 Terre Haute, Ind. Credential Application
MW Cross Country DII Nov. 19 Saint Leo, Fla. Credential Application
MW Cross Country DIII Nov. 19 Louisville, Ky. Credential Application
Field Hockey DI Nov. 18 & 20 Norfolk, Va. Credential Application
Field Hockey DII Nov. 20 Easton, Mass. Credential Application
Field Hockey DIII Nov. 20 Geneva, N.Y. Credential Application
Football FCS Jan. 7 Frisco, Texas Credential Application
Football DII Dec. 17 Kansas City, Kan. Credential Application
Football DIII Dec. 16 Salem, Va. Credential Application
M Soccer DI Dec. 9 & 11 Houston, Texas Credential Application
W Soccer DI Dec. 2 & 4 San Jose, Calif. Credential Application
MW Soccer DII Dec. 3 Kansas City, Mo. Credential Application
MW Soccer DIII Dec. 2 & 3 Salem, Va. Credential Application
W Volleyball DI Dec. 15 & 17 Columbus, Ohio Credential Application
W Volleyball DII Dec. 10 Sioux Falls, S.D. Credential Application
W Volleyball DIII Nov. 19 Oshkosh, Wisc. Credential Application
M Water Polo NC Dec. 2 & 4 Barkeley, Calif. Credential Application
W Volleyball DI Regional -- Austin Dec. 9 & 10 Austin, Texas Credential Application
W Volleyball DI Regional -- Minneapolis Dec. 9 & 10 Minneapolis, Minn. Credential Application
W Volleyball DI Regional -- Lincoln Dec. 9 & 10 Lincoln, Neb. Credential Application
W Volleyball DI Regional -- Madison Dec. 9 & 10 Madison, Wis. Credential Application