March 20, 2009

Head Coach Robin Selvig

General Statement: “Once again we are excited to be back in Seattle, we were here in 2005 I believe. Looking forward to the challenge of a great Pitt team and we have three senior Lady Griz who have had fabulous careers here with me and we’re excited to try and make a charge in the NCAA this year.”

On Pitt: “I think number one they’re going to be the best rebounding team we have played this year and that’s going to be a focus for us in practice. They’re an athletic team with really good overall size so rebounding is key. We will need to do a good job defensively and not give up second shots so that’s been a major focus for us this week. They’re a team that doesn’t really have a weakness, that’s how you become a number 4 seed. They do everything pretty well but I think they’re underrated defensively but if I was going to single out one thing that’s it.”

On Pitt’s style: “They’re different from anybody we’ve played in some ways. First off all there’s nobody in our league as athletic. We’ve played some pretty good teams in the non-conference so it’s been awhile since we faced that athleticism… probably since the Maryland game. So that’s an adjustment for us a bit but we played a pretty good non-conference schedule so I don’t think it’s going to take us time to adjust to that athleticism. I don’t think either of us are probably going to face anything new, you play thirty games you pretty much run into every type of defense that can be played. It’s just a matter of going out. I look at this as us doing what we do well, we’re not looking at trying to do anything special or change. I think we won 28 games because I’ve got a very good basketball team so we’re going to try and do what we do well this game.”

On the Size Disadvantage: “That’s one thing our league probably had less post play than in past years so that’s going to be an adjustment. The only team I can compare to is Maryland, they had a 6’6” center we actually did a really good job on her. We’ll get some help there, but even though they have some size I don’t think that’s their main strength. I’m worried about [Pepper] Wilson hurting us of course and they can come off with two big kids but it’s a question of the fundamentals. I’m a little concerned about blocking out if we play a zone. I do feel we have a strong defensive team and we’ve been able to, whatever the level of competition, a decent job defensively.”

On Winning the Big Sky Coaching Award: “This is a team award so I thank them for that. I share it with my assistants and team, that’s generally how you win a Coach of the Year award is your team does very well so that’s been a nice thing. I thank everyone in our program for helping us win that.”
On the Guard Match-up: “I view all of the matchups as a key to the game. Our defense is a team defense so we don’t put responsibility on one kid. Zellous is a kid that’s not going to get defended one-on-one by anyone. From the video that we’ve watched the people who have done a good job on her, it wasn’t because one kid went out and shut her down. Their team’s too good to worry about that. I think we can control their offense to a degree with good defense. My concern is the second shot. She’s a tremendous player and Agnus is a tremendous coach in what she did in such a short time. We look forward to playing someone of their caliber and as Mandy eluded to last year was a disappointment for us. I don’t think we showed what we’re capable of and hopefully we do this year.”

On Defense: “We have a little bit of a zone reputation even though we probably played more man this year than we have zone. We’re a very fundamental defensive team, our philosophy is that we don’t give up anything easy. We don’t give up transition, we take great pride in not giving up transition baskets. We try to keep people in front of us and make them make shots, thus we won’t be out pressuring Pitt but we can get after them a bit. We try and guard the basket and make you earn every basket. I think we’re third in the nation in field goal percentage defense this year and we were there going into the league, that’s after playing Big-10, the Pac-10, Maryland, and the rest of them. We’re not going to surprise Pitt, there are teams that go after them and there are teams that don’t. It’s going to be, can we physically matchup and guard them.”

Forward, Britney Lohman

On playing a bigger team: “Being only 6’1” it is kind of an issue I think but like Robin said the main focus for me is going to be rebounding such as getting that initial blockout so as to have a better position.”
On leadership this year: “We’ve already had the opportunity to have the experience of a NCAA tournament so this year’s less about the experience of the NCAA’s itself than get down and play some basketball and show everyone what we can do. So I think that’s definitely fallen on us as leadership, it’s that kind of focus.”
On Sightseeing: “Thus far we have been pretty focused on practice and the game. I think being out on the west coast, a lot of us have done the Seattle thing. I think for us it’s mainly focus on basketball and keeping a tight schedule, relaxing at the hotel, and getting ready for tomorrow.”
Guard, Sonya Rogers
On having a Crowd: “It is definitely to our advantage. We get a great following back at home and I know a lot of the fans are very excited that Seattle was so close to us. I think that it’s definitely to our advantage to get a lot more of our crowd here because they’re a lot further away.”
Guard, Mandy Morales
On What was learned last year: “For all of us it was our first time going to the NCAA’s, we were just really excited to be there. This time we’re more focused and we’ve been part of that so now this year is business.”
On the matchup with Pitt’s guards: “She’s a really good athlete, [Shavonte] Zellous is her name, we’re just going to have to really focus on her, the whole team actually. She has a good dribble jumper and we’re just going to have to focus on boxing out and playing really good defense.”