Mother Nature had her way with the late-afternoon portion of the college football schedule.

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Fans were asked to evacuate Notre Dame Stadium at halftime of Saturday's game against South Florida as lightning flashed near the facility. One storm passed through the area but another was approaching, which delayed the start of the second half.

South Florida held a 16-0 lead against No. 16 Notre Dame after the second quarter.

Fans were told they could go to buildings near the stadium to seek refuge. Some of them remained in their seats before they were chased out minutes later by a hard rain.

The half ended at 5:12 p.m. ET and an official said the teams would remain in their locker rooms until it was determined that it was safe for play to continue.

After the rain stopped, some student managers at Notre Dame went to the bench area to collect and cart off some gear. Shortly thereafter, officials announced that a second storm with high winds was approaching and it would take at least another half an hour to determine if play could continue.

Two lightning delays at 'The Big House'

Michigan's game against Western Michigan was delayed twice by lightning and ultimately called with 1:27 left in the third quarter and the Wolverines leading 34-10.

Both schools agreed to call the game during the second weather delay, which included evacuating Michigan Stadium that had 110,056 fans in it before the inclement weather moved into the area.

The Wolverines were driving for another score when the game was suspended. Nearly an hour later, the game was called with the result and statistics standing in what school officials said is the first weather-shortened game in the 132-year history of college football's winningest team.

Vols' home opener also delayed

Tennessee's opening game of the season also was delayed by weather delay. The Vols' 6 p.m. ET kick off against Montana State was held up until 7:45 p.m.

Howard-Eastern Michigan postponed

Saturday night's scheduled game between Howard and Eastern Michigan was postponed due to severe weather.

The game was rescheduled for noon ET Sunday.