Lee Corso has been many things — a college football coach, Bert Reynolds' college roommate and America’s favorite college football lovin’ crazy grandfather on ESPN GameDay where he makes his 'headgear picks' each week on location during College Football Saturday.

Here's the picks Coach has made this year:

CFP National Championship: Alabama vs. Clemson

Fiesta Bowl: Clemson vs. Ohio State

Week 15: Army vs. Navy

Week 14: Wisconsin vs. Penn State

Week 13: Ohio State vs. Michigan

Week 12: Buffalo vs. Western Michigan

Week 11: USC vs. Washington

Week 10: Alabama vs. LSU

Video was removed. Corso picked Alabama.

Week 9: Washington vs. Utah

Week 8: Texas A&M vs. Alabama

Video was removed. Lee Corso picked Alabama.

Week 7: Ohio State vs. Wisconsin

Week 6: Texas A&M vs. Tennessee

Week 5: Louisville vs. Clemson

Week 4: Florida vs. Tennessee

Week 3: Louisville vs. Florida State

Week 2: Tennessee vs. Virginia Tech

Week 1: Wisconsin vs. LSU