April 17, 2009

Illinois head coach Yoshi Hayasaki
"I think we had a lot of highlights tonight, pommel horse was a big event for us. The important thing is that we did well on the high bar, it's a tough event to get through. There was tough judging, but we got through that event, and after that, we were coasting."

"Today was a tune up for tomorrow. We're going to go all out tomorrow, we're going to do better than we did today. It's going to be a great challenge, I think these guys are ready for it."

Oklahoma head coach Mark Williams
"It feels good to advance, we're happy with it."

"Most of our guys have been to the team finals before, today was kind of a warm up. We have to get on a roll tomorrow, wherever we start. We need to hit our routines, I know we're a capable team, and we can compete with any of the other ones that are here. It's going to come down to who has the better night.

We started on vault, that's our best event, and we were great there. High bar was good for us, I like to see the guys come out strong, that's always a big plus. I switched the line up a little bit on pommel horse, just to get an emotional boost from the guys, and our guy hit, so that was fun.

Ohio State head coach Miles Avery

"Coming down to horse, we knew it was between us and Minnesota. I thought Minnesota had a tremendous competition, and I thought we did too. What a fight, and what an exciting competition for sports fans! It was a tremendous fight right down to the last guys competing.

On the meet coming down to the very end:
"That's what we prepared for, we knew it was going to come down to that. We knew we had to focus on Ohio State gymnastics, and hit on the pommel horse right then and there. The guys had their best score all year long, and it was great that they did it in this kind of atmosphere. I'm very happy for our guys, they did a great job."

Minnesota head coach Mike Burns
"Right up until the end, going into parallel bars, we knew we had a chance. If you go back in the competition, we had great pommel horse and great rings, which we had six-for-six on sticks for the first time all year. We only had one fall on vault, and we had our best score of the year. The three middle events were great, so going into the last event, we knew we had picked up quite a bit on Ohio State. We knew we could do it, but we also knew Ohio State was going to have to help us out. They helped themselves out more than we helped ourselves out."

"You have to give Ohio State credit, they got to the end, and they needed to do their job, and they got the job done. We didn't get the job done on parallel bars. That's why you go out there and raise your hand and do all the routines. We came up a little bit short, but overall, it was a pretty darn good performance. At this level, darn good isn't good enough, you have to be really darn good."

On how the team feels after not qualifying for team finals:
"They are very disappointed. They trained all year for this moment, to make it to the next day, and then you don't make it. If they weren't a little disappointed, I'd be upset. They should be disappointed, and now they have to use that emotion as fuel for what they want to do."