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2021 Men's Final Four Talks

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Mie Kajikawa

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Mie Kajikawa is an award-winning social entrepreneur and a social responsibility consultant for sports teams and leagues in Japan. She played college basketball at Nagoya University before attending graduate school at Ohio University and earning a master’s degree from the sports management program. This led to an internship with the NBA’s Detroit Pistons and opportunities with high profile sports charity events like the NBA’s Basketball Without Boarders and Michael Jordan’s Senior Flight School.

When Kajikawa returned to Japan, she worked for the Tokyo 2016 Olympic and Paralympic bid committee. She established Cheer Blossom, Inc. to provide consulting services on social responsibility for pro sports teams and operate Sport For Smile, Japan's first-ever platform to promote sport as a social change. Kajikawa is also the founder of Sports for Smile/Next Big Pivot, a non-profit to promote basketball as a tool to encourage women in the sports industry, social-change activities, and globalizing Japanese basketball.