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Indiana college basketball championships: Complete history

Watch full game: Indiana wins 1987 National Championship over Syracuse
7:25 pm, June 22, 2020

Indiana's college basketball championships

Indiana has won five NCAA men's Division I college basketball championships:

  • 1987 (defeated Syracuse, 74-73)
  • 1981 (defeated North Carolina, 63-50)
  • 1976 (defeated Michigan, 86-68)
  • 1953 (defeated Kansas, 69-68)
  • 1940 (defeated Kansas, 60-42)

The following is a season-by-season look at each of these championships, including stats, rosters, full-game replays and a game-by-game recap of each season.

We begin with the 1939-40 season, just the second year of the NCAA tournament. It was also the second year of coach Branch McCracken's tenure after succeeding Everett Dean, who coached Indiana from the 1924-25 season through 1937-38.

Here's everything you need to know about Indiana's first national championship team.

Coach: Branch McCracken
Conference: Big Ten
Record: 20-3 (9-3)
Conference Finish: 2nd

7:31 pm, June 22, 2020

Indiana's roster turnover before the 1939-40 season

In Branch McCracken's first season as the head coach at Indiana, the Hoosiers went 17-3 (9-3 Big Ten) — a seven-win improvement from the year prior.

After the 1938-39 season, Indiana lost the following players from its roster:

  • Gordon McLaughlin
  • Edgar Mansfield
  • Richard McGaughey
  • Bill Tipmore
  • Robert Hansen
  • Russell Clifton
  • Jim Lettellier
  • Dale Gentil
  • William Johnson
  • Ernie Andres

The Hoosiers then added the following players for the 1939-40 season:

  • Andy Zimmer
  • Harold Zimmer
  • Everett Hoffman
  • James Clifton
  • Cliff Wiethoff
  • Ed Newby
  • Max Hasler
  • Jay McCreary
  • Don Huckleberry
  • Jon Torphy
  • Bill Frey
  • William Torphy
7:43 pm, June 22, 2020

Indiana's roster from the 1939-40 season

player class position height
Andy Zimmer So. Center 6-4
Chet Francis Jr. Guard 6-1
Harold Zimmer Jr. Forward 5-8
Everett Hoffman Jr. Center 6-3
Jim Gridley Jr. Guard 6-1
Jim Ooley Sr. Guard 6-2
James Clifton Jr. Center 6-3
Cliff Wiethoff So. Forward 6-1
Ed Newby So. Guard 5-11
Jack Stevenson Sr. Forward 6-1
Max Hasler So. Guard 5-10
Jay McCreary Jr. Guard 5-10
Don Huckleberry So. Guard 5-9
John Torphy So. Forward 5-11
Bill Frey So. Forward 6-1
Tom Motter Jr. Forward 6-1
William Torphy So. Guard 6-1
Robert Menke Jr. Forward 6-3
Ralph Dorsey Sr. Forward 5-10
Herm Schaefer Jr. Forward 6-1
Curly Armstrong Jr. Forward 5-11
Marv Huffman Sr. Guard 6-2
William Menke Jr. Center 6-3
Bob Dro Sr. Guard 5-11
7:55 pm, June 22, 2020

The 1940 NCAA tournament bracket

Indiana won its first NCAA national championship in 1940, becoming the first team from the East Regional to win the tournament. The Hoosiers beat Kansas 60-42 in the title game, led by 12 points from Most Outstanding Player Marvin Huffman. This was the first of three consecutive years Kansas City's Municipal Auditorium would host the championship game.

Duquesne and Southern California also participated in the national semifinals in 1940.

Kansas' Howard Engleman was the tournament's leading scorer with 39 points.

1940 NCAA tournament: Bracket

Click or tap here for a printable bracket.

8:00 pm, June 22, 2020

Indiana's complete 1939-40 schedule breakdown

December 9, 1939 – Indiana 37, Wabash 24

"The Hoosiers were unable to find their scoring punch in the first half and clung to a slender 12 to 9 lead at the intermission," reported the U.P. "Herman Schaeffer, a forward, dropped in four quick baskets after the second half started, however, and the Hoosiers were off." Seventeen Indiana players saw the floor in the win.

December 11, 1939 – Indiana 58, Xavier 24

"The winners started peppering the hoop from the opening whistle and scored almost at will, gaining a 28-to-15 margin at the half," reported the AP. "The contest was fast and rough." Herman Schaeffer scored a game-high 14 points.

December 15, 1939 – Indiana 49, Nebraska 39

"Wilting under pressure in the waning moments of one of the most torrid cage battles ever waged on the coliseum maples, Nebraska fell before a desperate but clever Indiana U., quintet Friday night, 49 to 39," wrote the Lincoln Journal Star's Walter E. Dobbins. "But Nebraska, fighting desperately, did not dip its colors until the final gun. Nebraska surprisingly led 19-15 at halftime and held the advantage five minutes into the second half.

December 18, 1939 – Indiana 51, Pittsburgh 35

"It was Indiana's fourth win this season and its third in a row over a foreign team," reported the AP. "Bill Menke, Indiana center, scored thirteen points. The Hoosiers led, 28 to 22, at the half."

December 23, 1939 – Indiana 40, Butler 33

"Jay McCreary, a native-born Hoosier led Indiana university to a 40-to-33 victory over Butler here Saturday night in a game that had 10,000 fans screaming from start to finish," reported the AP. "Butler hopped into a 14-to-5 lead at the start, but Herman Schaeffer of Fort Wayne and Bob Dro of Berne staged a rally which gave Indiana a 17-to-16 lead at the half."

December 27, 1939 – Indiana 51, Duquesne 49

"A courageous comeback in the dying moments of play Wednesday night brought Indiana's Hoosiers a 51-to-49 triumph over the previously unbeaten Duquesne university basketball team," reported the AP. "To win their sixth straight victory the visitors had to overcome a margin that once reached 12 points in the first half, which closed with Duquesne leading, 29 to 22."

December 28, 1939 – Indiana 45, Villanova 33

"A prairie fire, which originated somewhere on the plains of Indiana, roared unchecked past the backfire that Villanova had prepared for it tonight, leaving the gutted remains of the Wildcats' six-game winning streak in its wake," reported The Indianapolis Star.

January 6, 1940 – Indiana 38, Illinois 36

"Branch McCracken's Indiana University net snipers won their opening game of the Big Ten championship race here tonight when they shaded Illinois in a thrill-packed melee that was not decided until the closing second of play," wrote Indianapolis Star sports editor W. Blaine Patton. "...This was at 37-36, with the ball rolling around the rim of the basket on several occasions and the leadership depending which way the leather dropped."

January 8, 1940 – Indiana 45, Iowa 30

"The Hoosiers were in front at the half 36-15 and used reserves most of the second period," reported the AP. "Paced by Bill Menke and Bob Dro, Indiana's high scorers with 11 and 10 points, Indiana rushed into a 23-9 advantage before the regulars were replaced after 12 minutes of play."

January 13, 1940 – Minnesota 46, Indiana 44

"Minnesota's crippled basketball team got up off the floor to belt Indiana off the Big Ten pinnacle last night," wrote the Star Tribune's Bob Beebe. "A long shot that was loosed from the deft hands of Willie Warhol, the silent man from nort'east, cut cleanly through the Indiana hoop to give the battling Gophers a 46 to 44 victory over the highly favored Hoosiers in the most sensational game played here in several seasons." Indiana's undefeated start ended in its 10th game.

January 15, 1940 – Indiana 40, Wisconsin 34

"Indiana hopped back into winning stride by outdistancing Wisconsin, 40 to 34," reported the AP. "Paul Armstrong accounted for 13 points as the Hoosiers put on a spirited second half rally to go ahead."

February 3, 1940 – Indiana 51, DePaul 30

"A red hot Indiana university basketball team, using a lightning like attack and a tight defense, rode rough shod over a surprised DePaul Blue Demon team at the Coliseum tonight, 51 to 30," reported the AP. "...DePaul scored the first point on a free throw soon after the game opened, but Indiana took over and had 13 points before the Demons counted again. The score at the half was Indiana 34, DePaul 11."

February 10, 1940 – Indiana 46, Purdue 39

"Indiana moved into a first place tie in the Big Ten basketball race tonight by defeating their traditional rival, Purdue university, 46 to 39, before an overflow crowd of 6,500," reported the U.P. "The game was packed with action. Purdue jumped into a five-point lead on baskets by Bob Igney and Don Blanken and a free throw by Dan Fisher before Captain Marvin Huffman of Indiana connected from the field."

February 12, 1940 – Indiana 57, Michigan 30

"The Big Ten title hopes of the University of Michigan were virtually buried here last night, crushed beneath a 57 to 30 avalanche set off by Indiana university," reported the AP. "On even terms through the first five minutes, the game swung rapidly in Indiana's direction when Curly Armstrong, Indiana forward, broke an 11-11 tie and sent his team into a lead which was never relinquished."

February 17, 1940 – Northwestern 40, Indiana 36

"Northwestern knocked Indiana out of a share of the Big Ten basketball lead here tonight by handing the Hoosiers a 40-to-36 setback in a rough-and-tumble game in which 44 fouls were called, 24 on Indiana and 20 on the Wildcats," reported the Indianapolis Star.

February 19, 1940 – Indiana 46, Iowa 42

"Two sharp-shooting Hoosiers, Paul Armstrong and Herman Shaeffer, netted 30 points between them to set a torrid pace for Indiana Monday night, as they nosed out a hard-fighting Iowa team, 46-42 before 7,000 fans, in a rough game," reported The Des Moines Register. "The Hoosiers were pressed to down Tommy Lind and his Hawkeye teammates."

February 24, 1940 – Indiana 38, Chicago 34

"It was the seventh Conference triumph for the Hoosiers in nine starts, and the 18th consecutive home victory, while Chicago retained its undisputed cellar berth with eight defeats," reported the Indianapolis Star. "A crowd of 3,500, one of the smallest of the season, saw the Hoosiers take the situation well in hand after overcoming a 2-to-0 Chicago advantage in the first two minutes of play. With five minutes left and leading, 37 to 32, the Hoosiers went into a deliberate stall."

February 26, 1940 – Ohio State 44, Indiana 26

"A rip-roaring Ohio State basketball team, rising to the heights, dealt Indiana's Big Ten title hopes a severe blow here tonight when it trounced the Hoosiers, 44 to 26," reported the Indianapolis Star. "The victory enabled the Buckeyes to tie Indiana and Illinois for second position in the Western Conference standing."

March 2, 1940 – Indiana 51, Purdue 45

"Purdue's hopes of adding another undisputed Big Ten title to its string was halted, at least temporarily, as a brilliant Indiana basketball team Saturday night romped over the Boilermakers, 51 to 45," reported the I.N.S. "The victory enabled the Hoosiers to sweep a home and home series for the first time in history."

March 4, 1940 – Indiana 52, Ohio State 31

"Monday night's triumph before 5,500 fans avenged a 44-to-26 licking the Buckeyes handed the Hoosiers a week ago and was Indiana's nineteenth straight on its own floor," reported the AP. "Ohio State, which missed a chance for a share of second place, wound up with eight victories and four losses in the loop."

March 22, 1940 (NCAA tournament) – Indiana 48, Springfield 24

"In the last tilt it was a case of the team from the state which made basketball famous showing the team from the school where the sport originated how to play the game," reported the AP. "Springfield was ahead only once at 5 to 4."

March 23, 1940 (NCAA tournament) – Indiana 39, Duquesne 30

"Indiana University's team tonight put on a whirlwind display of some of the finest basketball ever seen here and dashed to a 39-30 victory over Duquesne University to win Eastern Regional honors in the second annual National Collegiate Athletic Association championship tourney," wrote The Pittsburgh Press' Eddie Beachler. "...(The Dukes) simply lacked the manpower to cope with Indiana's wealth of playing talent which gave the Hoosiers a team capable of traveling at top speed the full route."

March 30, 1940 (NCAA tournament) – Indiana 60, Kansas 42

"Kansas ran out of whirlwind finishes, Indiana finished in a howling gale and today the streamlined Hoosiers of the Big Ten conference are national collegiate champions," reported The Kansas City Star. "...To call the Hoosiers fast is a gross understatement. The Big Ten conference team left a suction in its wake on the offensive and shattered the K.U. defense with a spectacular show of ball handling and cleverness or ripped the netting with long-range heaves from beyond the 3-mile limit."

8:03 pm, June 22, 2020

Individual player awards, honors

Marv Huffman

  • 1940 consensus Second Team All-American
  • 1940 NCAA tournament Most Outstanding Player

Bill Menke

  • 1940 Converse Third Team All-American
8:32 pm, June 22, 2020

1952-53 Indiana Hoosiers Quick Facts

Thirteen years after Branch McCracken led Indiana to its first national championship, the Hoosiers nearly went undefeated in conference play, going 17-1 in conference play, before winning four games in the NCAA tournament to take home their second title.

Here's everything you need to know about Indiana's 1953 national championship team.

Coach: Branch McCracken
Conference: Big Ten
Record: 23-3 (17-1)
Conference Finish: 1st

12:40 pm, June 23, 2020

Indiana's roster turnover before the 1952-53 season

In the 1951-52 season, Indiana went 16-6 (9-5 Big Ten), finishing fourth in the conference. The Hoosiers peaked at No. 4  in the AP Poll and they finished the season unranked. After the season, Indiana lost the following players:

  • Bob Masters, 6-3, guard
  • Sam Esposito, 5-9, guard
  • Sam Miranda, 5-10, guard
  • John Wood, 5-7, guard
  • Dale Vieau, 5-10, forward
  • Tony Hill, 6-1, forward

The Hoosiers then added the following players to its 1952-53 roster:

  • Burke Scott, 6-1, guard
  • Dick White, 6-1, forward
  • Phil Byers, 5-11, guard
  • Paul Poff, 6-0, guard
  • Jack Wright, 5-10, forward
  • Goethe Chambers, 6-2, forward
  • Ron Taylor, 6-3, forward
  • Don Henry, 6-2, forward
1:03 pm, June 23, 2020

Indiana's roster from the 1952-53 season

player class position height
Don Schlundt So. Center 6-10
Bobby Leonard Jr. Guard 6-3
Dick Farley Jr. Forward 6-3
Burke Scott So. Guard 6-1
Charley Kraak Jr. Forward 6-5
Dick White So. Forward 6-1
Phil Byers So. Guard 5-11
Jim DeaKyne Jr. Forward 6-3
Paul Poff So. Guard 6-0
Jim Schooley Sr. Forward 6-5
Jack Wright Jr. Forward 5-10
Goethe Chambers So. Forward 6-2
Ron Taylor Jr. Forward 6-3
Don Henry So. Forward 6-2
Lou Scott Jr. Center 6-11
1:07 pm, June 23, 2020

Indiana's player stats from the 1952-53 season

player games FG FGA FG% points rebounds
Don Schlundt 26 7.9 18.3 .432 25.4 8.5
Bobby Leonard 26 6.3 19.3 .326 16.3 3.6
Dick Farley 26 3.6 8.2 .443 10.1 5.7
Burke Scott 26 2.9 7.9 .369 8.0 3.0
Charley Kraak 26 2.4 6.8 .356 7.2 9.0
Dick White 22 1.8 5.8 .313 5.6 3.5
Paul Poff 13 1.1 3.5 .311 3.1 1.2
Phil Byers 23 1.1 3.1 .347 2.7 0.9
Jack Wright 3 0.7 3.7 .182 2.7 0.7
Jim DeaKyne 20 1.0 4.4 .230 2.3 1.5
Goethe Chambers 2 0.5 0.5 1.000 1.0 0.0
Ron Taylor 2 0.5 1.0 .500 1.0 1.0
Jim Schooley 16 0.2 0.9 .214 0.8 1.9
Don Henry ––– ––– ––– ––– ––– –––
Lou Scott ––– ––– ––– ––– ––– –––


1:16 pm, June 23, 2020

Indiana's AP Top 25 poll rankings from 1952-53

1:18 pm, June 23, 2020

The 1953 NCAA tournament bracket

Indiana won its second national championship at the 1953 NCAA tournament. The Hoosiers beat Kansas in the final, 69-68.

LSU and Washington also reached the Final Four in Kansas City, Missouri. Washington's Bob Houbregs scored 139 total points to lead all players, including 45 against Seattle. Kansas' B.H. Born was named Most Outstanding Player.

1953 NCAA tournament: Bracket

Click or tap here for a closer look at the 1953 NCAA tournament bracket

3:13 pm, June 23, 2020

Indiana's complete 1952-53 schedule breakdown

Dec. 1, 1952 – Indiana 95, Valparaiso 56

"Coach Branch McCracken's veteran Indiana outfit used a speedy, balanced attack in crushing Valpo," reported the United Press. "All 10 Hoosiers who saw action broke into the scoring column and six of them connected for 10 or more points. Guards Burke Scott and Bob Leonard were the Hoosier hot shots with 16 points each, but Valpo's Jim Howard took scoring honors with 17 points."

Dec. 6, 1952 – Notre Dame 71, Indiana 70

"Jack Stephens, Notre Dame's sofomore [sic] forward from Chicago, dribbled the length of floor and his layup shot with two seconds to go beat Indiana 71 to 70 tonight in the Irish fieldhouse," reported the Chicago Tribune. "With 1 minute 45 seconds remaining, Indiana led, 69 to 65. A hook shot by Dick Wise, Notre Dame reserve center, made it 69 to 67. Then Indiana's Bob Leonard made a free throw and Indiana had a three point advantage with 38 seconds left."

Dec. 13, 1952 – Kansas State 82, Indiana 80

"A long desperation shot from about thirty-five feet out by Jack Carby, who had been demoted from the first string before tonight's game, gave Kansas State a thrilling 82 to 80 basketball victory over Indiana," reported The Kansas City Star. "For the Manhattan Wildcats it was their twenty-third straight victory on the home court since they bowed 52-58 to this same Indiana team two years ago."

Dec. 20, 1952 – Indiana 88, Michigan 60

"Paced by six-foot-nine sophomore Center Don Schlundt, they peppered the net for 41 points in the first period, while Michigan collected just 18," reported the United Press. "Schlundt sat out the second and fourth stanzas. But Coach Branch McCracken sent him in again in the third and he chalked up 11 more to give him 24 for the night and scoring honors for the entire ball game."

Dec. 22, 1952 – Indiana 91, Iowa 72

"Led by big Bob Leonard, who riddled Iowa with long shots, the Hoosiers never were headed as they raced to their second conference victory," reported the AP. "Don Schlundt, Indiana's 6 foot, 9 inch center, put his team ahead with a tip-in after 30 seconds of play, and Iowa never could take the lead, though they tried the count a few seconds later on Deacon Davis' 15-footer."

Jan. 3, 1953 – Indiana 91, Michigan 88

"Indiana, paced by Center Don Schlundt's 39 points, remained undefeated in Big Ten play with a 91 to 88 victory over an aroused Michigan team tonight," reported the Chicago Tribune. "Schlundt, 6 feet 10 inches, hit 11 baskets in 22 shots and made 17 free throws in 20 attempts before fouling out with 1 minute 50 seconds to go."

Jan. 5, 1953 – Indiana 69, Michigan State 62

"That Michigan State's 1953 basketball team is to be a pushover for nobody in the Big Ten was a known fact today," wrote the Lansing State Journal's George Alderton. "The Spartans proved it last night, giving Indiana a hard time of it before yielding, 69 to 62. Fighting the rangy, capable and well-manned Indiana university squad every step of the route, State's squad succumbed to a third period drive by the Hoosiers but out-scored them the rest of the route."

Jan. 10, 1953 – Indiana 66, Minnesota 63

"Minnesota came within 28 seconds of winning its first basketball game over Indiana here in eight years Saturday night before 10,000 rabid Hoosier fans," wrote the Star Tribune's Sid Hartman. "...Before guard Burke Scott hit two field goals in the last 28 seconds, however, it looked like Minnesota was going to hand Indiana its first conference loss in five games."

Jan. 12, 1953 – Indiana 88, Ohio State 68

"Ohio State's Paul Ebert scored 22 points to emerge victorious in his scoring duel with Indiana's son Don Schlundt, but the Buckeye's [sic] were dumped by league-leading Indiana, 88-68, in a Big Ten basketball game here last night," reported the AP. "Schlundt was removed late in the third period after his fourth personal foul and ended up with a 15-point total."

Jan. 17, 1953 – Indiana 74, Illinois 70 (2OT)

"In a basketball classic here tonight that twice afforded a gripping study in still life, Indiana's field house turned from a copy of Madame Toussand's Waxworks into a bedlam of jumping jacks as the Hoosiers finally won in two overtime periods from Illinois 74-70," wrote The Courier-Journal's Tommy Fitzgerald. "Six free throws brought Indiana's victory in the second overtime to keep its Big Ten leadership against the challenge of second-place Illinois. The Hoosiers now lead by two games."

Jan. 19, 1953 – Indiana 88, Purdue 75

"Don Schlundt hit five field goals and 16 of 20 free throws Monday night for almost one-third of Indiana's points in an 88-75 victory over Purdue," reported the AP. "It was the eighth straight league victory for Indiana's Big Ten leaders, rated No. 2 nationally in The Associated Press poll. Indiana hit 42 of 54 free throws, breaking the Big Ten record of 40 made by Wisconsin at Minnesota two weeks ago."

Feb. 2, 1953 – Indiana 105, Butler 70

"A two-week recess apparently did not rust the effectiveness of Indiana, the Big 10 basketball leader, or its top contender, Illinois," reported the AP. "Returning to the floor Monday night for the first time since January 19, the Hoosiers — atop the Big 10 with eight victories in eight games — stomped Butler 105-70."

Feb. 7, 1953 – Indiana 88, Northwestern 84

"Indiana's Hoosiers continued atop the Big Ten Conference basketball race last night, fighting off a desperate fourth-quarter Northwestern comeback for an 88-84 victory," reported the AP. "The Hoosiers, rated No. 2 in the nation in the AP poll, narrowly escaped humiliation by the seventh-place Wildcats. Leading 44-30 at the half and 69-54 at the end of the third period, Indiana cooled suddenly at the offset of the final quarter."

Feb. 9, 1953 – Indiana 66, Wisconsin 48

"Indiana, hindered by Wisconsin's tight zone defense and its own mediocre shooting, still had enough Monday night to fashion an easy 66-48 victory to remain undefeated in ten Big Ten basketball games," reported the AP. "The Hoosiers ... now have the longest winning streak they ever have compiled in league competition."

Feb. 14, 1953 – Indiana 65, Michigan State 50

"Indiana University's basketball team, sparked by the 30-point firing of Don Schlundt, raced to a 65-50 conquest of Michigan State here last night for the Hoosiers' 11th straight Big Ten triumph," wrote The Indianapolis Star's Bob Stranahan. "Only during the first half were the Spartans really in the ball game against Branch McCracken's smooth-working outfit. That was largely due to Indiana's streak of coldness more than Spartan proficiency."

Feb. 16, 1953 – Indiana 72, Wisconsin 70

"Wisconsin gave Indiana a scare in the closing minutes," reported the AP. "Without the services of starting Forwards Tony Stracka and Dick Cable, who had fouled out, the Badgers broke through Hoosier stalling tactics to cut six points from the visitors' comfortable advantage."

Feb. 21, 1953 – Indiana 81, Ohio State 67

"There was no stopping the red-hot Hoosiers as they claked up their 13th straight league victory and 17th in a row over two seasons to stay in front of defending champion Illinois by at least two games," reported the AP. "The Buckeyes, losing their eighth league test against six wins, led only once — shortly before the first period ended when Merrill Hatfield sank a one-hander and hit a free throw. But Dick Farley hit a basket for the Hoosiers for a 21-all first-period tie."

Feb. 23, 1953 – Indiana 113, Purdue 78

"Records fell like rain in this highest-scoring of all the traditional battles between the Hoosiers and Boilermakers," wrote The Indianapolis Star's Bob Stranahan. "Don Schlundt accounted for three of them. His 31 points brought his total to 367 for 14 games and that broke the record of Chuck Darling of Iowa for a similar number of contests. Darling had 364."

Feb. 28, 1953 – Indiana 91, Illinois 79

"Indiana's Hoosiers wrapped up the Big Ten basketball championship with ease Saturday night, beating the only remaining hopeful, Illinois, 91-79 as the brilliant Don Schlundt paced the victory with 33 points," reported the AP. "The win was Indiana's 15th straight in Big Ten play and assured it of sole claim to the title even though the Hoosiers have three games remaining."

March 2, 1953 – Indiana 90, Northwestern 88 (OT)

"Just as a chain is no stronger than its weakest link, there comes a time when a basketball team is no stronger than its reserve strength," wrote The Indianapolis News' Ray Marquette. "This theory was proved here last night, as the Indiana University bench strength rose up to claw over a seemingly insurmountable closing flurry by Northwestern that had the Hoosiers clawing for purchase on the brink of losing their first of 16 Western Conference contests."

March 7, 1953 – Minnesota 65, Indiana 63

"A jump shot with three seconds to go gave Minnesota 65-63 upset victory over Indiana Saturday night, the first loss for the Hoosiers in Big Ten competition this year," reported the AP. "It was the first defeat in 18 games for the conference champions. A record crowd of 18,114 watched as forward Dick Farley gave Indiana a 63-63 tie with three minutes of play left."

March 9, 1953 – Indiana 68, Iowa 61

"Don Schlundt, Indiana's big sophomore scoring ace, dropped in 22 points in the less than three quarters he played to increase his Big Ten scoring record for one season to 459 points," reported the AP.

March 13, 1953 (NCAA tournament) – Indiana 82, DePaul 80

"The nation's top-ranked Indiana Hoosiers, saved by the bell in a preliminary battle with DePaul Friday night, take on confident Notre Dame tonight in the finals of the NCAA eastern regional basketball playoffs," reported the AP. "Branch McCracken, Indiana coach, was a worried man despite the victory. 'We made a lot of mistakes — too many mistakes,' he said, shaking his head sadly. 'It's fortunate you can make that many mistakes and still win in this kind of tournament.'"

March 14, 1953 (NCAA tournament) – Indiana 79, Notre Dame 66

"(Don) Schlundt's 41 points broke the former Chicago Stadium mark of 37 points by George Mikan of DePaul in 1945, 90 to 70," reported the AP. "Schlundt was a first-half terror to the Irish, counting 18 points in the opening quarter and 12 in the second period. His first half bag included 10 field goals and 10 free throws."

March 17, 1953 (NCAA tournament) – Indiana 80, LSU 67

"Burning up the nets with a .555 shooting percentage, Indiana's Hoosiers moved to within a game of the NCAA basketball title here Tuesday night with a 80 to 67 victory over Louisiana State," reported The Republic. "In downing the Tigers, IU took only 45 shots, the lowest number they have tried all season. They hit 25 of them."

March 18, 1953 (NCAA tournament) – Indiana 69, Kansas 68

"The Indiana Hoosiers, who matched Kansas in drive and hustle, sneaked by the Jayhawks last night, 69 to 68, to win the National Collegiate Athletic association's basketball championship," reported The Kansas City Times. "Bob Leonard's free throw with twenty-seven seconds to go was the clincher. This was one of the most hectic struggles in the 15-year history of the event and it took place before a capacity crowd of 10,500 in the Municipal Auditorium."

4:36 pm, June 23, 2020

1952-53 individual player awards, honors

Don Schlundt

  • 1953 consensus Second Team All-American
  • 1953 First Team All-Big Ten

Bobby Leonard

  • 1953 AP Third Team All-American

Indiana players drafted into the NBA

1954 NBA Draft

  • No. 10 – Bobby "Slick" Leonard, Baltimore Bullets
  • No. 15 – Dick Farley, Syracuse Nationals
  • No. 37 – Lou Scott, Baltimore Bullets
  • No. 49 – Charles Kraak, Fort Wayne Pistons

1955 NBA Draft

  • No. 16 – Don Schlundt, Syracuse Nationals