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Live coverage of the 2021 beach volleyball championship

LSU survives Florida State women's beach volleyball in the elimination bracket
12:44 pm, May 8, 2021

Here's what the final two matches of NC beach volleyball championship look like

UCLA Volleyball moves on

The 2021 NC beach volleyball championship continues tomorrow at 10 a.m. ET with a semifinal showdown between No. 1 UCLA and No. 5 LMU. The winner will advance to the title game against No. 2 Southern Cal at 1:30 p.m. ET.

Yesterday's action started in the elimination bracket as LSU sent Florida State home winning 3-1. The Tigers were anchored by their No. 1 pair of Kristen Nuss and Taryn Kloth — a pair who hasn't lost all season. Nuss and Kloth gave LSU the win after knocking off FSU's Morgan Chacon and Maddie Anderson 2-1. 

No. 1 UCLA then bounced back from their upset loss against No. 5 LMU on Friday, sweeping No. 7 Cal Poly 3-0. The No. 5 pair of Rileigh Powers and Jaden Whitmarsh solidified the Bruins win. 

In the third match of the day, No. 2 Southern Cal booked the first spot in the national championship dual, after defeating No. 5 Loyola Marymount 3-1. LMU will now face No. 1 UCLA for a spot in the title match. 

The final match of the day was a thriller between No. 1 UCLA and No. 4 LSU. The Bruins prevailed over the Tigers thanks to the No. 5 pairing of Jaden Whitmarsh and Rileigh Powers winning 2-1.

Here are all of the results from Day 2 of the NC beach volleyball championship:

You can click or tap here for a look at the interactive bracket.

This is the schedule for the final day of the championship:

11:32 pm, May 8, 2021

No. 1 UCLA knocks out No. 4 LSU in a thriller

After UCLA and LSU went back in forth in pairings 1-4, UCLA's No. 5 pairing of Jaden Whitmarsh and Rileigh Powers beat LSU's duo of Kahlee York and Olivia Ordonez in five sets to advance the Bruins into the next round. 

UCLA will face No. 5 LMU — a team that beat the Bruins lost to earlier in the tournament. The winner of that match will face No. 2 Southern Cal in the national championship match. 

Here's how UCLA beat LSU: 

  • LSU: Kloth/Nuss def. Simo Denaburg; 2-0
  • UCLA: Monkhouse/Newberry def. Coppola/Green-Agnew; 2-0
  • UCLA: Sparks/Van Winkle def. Rodriquez/Rasnick-Pope; 2-0
  • LSU: Lansman/Moore def. Muret/Quade; 2-0
  • Powers/Whitmarsh def. Ordonez/York; 2-1
9:49 pm, May 8, 2021

No. 2 Southern Cal is heading to the national championhip

No. 2 Southern Cal cruised past No. 5 Loyola Marymount to be the first team to book a spot in the NC beach volleyball national title match. The Trojans knocked off LMU behind wins from No. 1 pair Tina Graudina and Megan Kraft, No. 2 pair Sammy Slater and Julia Scoles and No. 5 pair Audrey Nourse and Nicole Nourse. All three pairs won 2-0. The Lions didn't go down without a fight though, taking home the victory between the No. 3 pairs, 2-0. 

LMU will move to the elimination bracket to await the winner of tonight's match between No. 1 UCLA and No. 4 LSU. That match will take place at 10 a.m. ET on May 9. USC will then await the winner of that match. 

Here's how Southern Cal beat Loyola Marymount: 

  • USC: Scoles/Slater def. Orsi Toth/Marolf; 2-0
  • LMU: Prichard/Slattery def. Hallgren/Hawward; 2-0
  • USC: Graudina/Kraft def. Lindahl/Rice; 2-0
  • USC: A. Nourse/N. Nourse def. Doud/Firnett; 2-0
8:26 pm, May 8, 2021

No. 1 UCLA sweeps No. 7 Cal Poly

After being upset in the second round yesterday, No. 1 UCLA bounced back nicely and pulled off the 3-0 sweep against No. 7 Cal Poly. The Bruins were anchored by their No. 5 pair of Rileigh Powers and Jaden Whitmarsh who gave Cal Poly its final loss of the tournament. Powers and Whitmarsh won 2-0 (21-19, 21-18).

UCLA will take on No. 4 LSU tonight at 6:30 p.m. ET. The Tigers are fresh off of a 3-1 victory over No. 3 Florida State. The loser of this match will be eliminated from the tournament. 

Here's how UCLA beat Cal Poly: 

  • UCLA: Monkhouse/Newberry def. Ozee/Lombard; 2-0
  • UCLA: Muret/Quade def. Strah/Johansen; 2-0
  • UCLA:  Powers/Whitmarsh def. Roscoe/Ulrich; 2-0
7:09 pm, May 8, 2021

No. 4 LSU eliminates No. 3 Florida State 3-1

LSU has eliminated Florida State from the NC beach volleyball championship after winning 3-1. The Tigers were anchored by their No. 1 pair Taryn Kloth and Kristen Nuss, who knocked off FSU's NO. 1 pair 2-1. Nuss and Kloth remain undefeated, as they haven't lost a match all season. 

The Tigers will move on to face the winner of No. 7 Cal Poly and No. 1 UCLA later today at 6:30 p.m. ET. LSU is still in the Elimination Bracket, so every match counts as the Tigers move through the tournament. 

Here's how it happened:

  • LSU: Kloth/Nuss def. Chacon/Anderson; 2-1
  • FSU: Van Winden/Rutz def. Coppola/Greene-Agnew; 2-0
  • LSU:  Lansman/Moore def. Putt/White; 2-0
  • LSU: Ordonez/York def. Johnson/Waters-Leiga; 2-0
10:45 pm, May 7, 2021

Where the bracket stands after USC beats Florida State to end Day 1

The first day of the 2021 NC beach volleyball tournament is complete, with No. 2 USC and No. 5 LMU both going 2-0 to set up a semifinal showdown on Saturday. In the Elimination Bracket, Saturday will open with Florida State vs. LSU and UCLA vs. Cal Poly.

LMU is the surprise of the tournament, as the No. 5 Lions beat No. 4 LSU and then upset No. 1 UCLA. No. 2 USC's path came down to wins against No. 7 Cal Poly and No. 3 Florida State.

You can click or tap here for a look at the interactive bracket.

Here's a rundown of the Friday scores, and when teams became eliminated:

Here's what's ahead for Saturday. All times ET:

9:22 pm, May 7, 2021

LMU shocks No. 1 UCLA, advances to semifinals

LMU, seeded No. 5, stunned No. 1 UCLA 3-2 to advance to the semifinals. The win drops the Bruins to the Elimination Bracket.

The Lions picked up wins at No. 2, No. 4 and No. 5 pairs, with the last pairing clinching the win. It was the only one to come down to a third set.

Here's how it happened:

  • UCLA: Savvy Simo/Lexy Denaburg def. Rice/Lindahl; 2-0
  • LMU: Orsi Toth/Marolf def. Lea Monkhouse/Devon Newberry; 2-0
  • UCLA: Abby Van Winkle/Lindsey Sparks def. Prichard/Slattery; 2-0
  • LMU: Dunn/Ramirez def. Megan Muret/Jacqueline Quade; 2-0
  • LMU: Doud/Firnett def. Rileigh Powers/Jaden Whitmarsh; 2-1
8:12 pm, May 7, 2021

Cal Poly wins first NCAA tournament dual, eliminates Stanford

A thrilling win in the No. 5 pairs lifted No. 7 Cal Poly to its first dual victory in NCAA tournament history, as the Mustangs beat No. 6 Stanford 3-2. The Cardinal are eliminated.

Moments after Sanford won the third set in the No. 1 pairs, Cal Poly's Josie Ulrich and Vanessa Roscoe won the decisive third set in the No. 5 pairs to clinch the dual on their sixth dual point.

Cal Poly next plays Saturday at 3:30 p.m.

7:25 pm, May 7, 2021

No. 6 Stanford leads No. 7 Cal Poly after first sets

Stanford beach volleyball

Stanford took three of the five first sets in this elimination match against Cal Poly. Three of the matches came down to a close finish, with the No. 5 pairs lasting until Stanford escaped, 27-25. The Cardinal fought off multiple set points to win the set.

Here are the match scores after the opening sets:

  • Stanford – Hodel/Villapando def. Emily Sonny/Macy Gordon, 21-16
  • Stanford – Ekstrom/Reilly def. Jayelin Lombard/Amy Ozee, 21-14
  • Cal Poly – Tia Miric/Mariah Whalen def. Kriz/Harvey, 21-18
  • Cal Poly – Sam Strah/Eleonore Johansen def. Sharp/Smith, 21-19
  • Stanford – Dailey/McKinney def. Josie Ulrich/Vanessa Roscoe, 27-25
6:34 pm, May 7, 2021

No. 4 LSU survives, No. 8 TCU eliminated

LSU Athletics LSU beach volleyball

No. 4 seed LSU advanced 3-1 over No. 8 TCU in the elimination bracket at the 2021 NC beach volleyball championship. The Tigers got their first point from their top pairing of Taryn Kloth and Kristen Nuss, who are still perfect on court 1 this season. No. 4 pairing of Jess Lansman and Sydney Moore picked up the second point with a 21-14, 21-16 win. TCU won its first-ever duals point on court 2, where Olivia Blackburn and Hailey Brockett claimed a victory. But Toni Rodriguez and Ashlyn Rasnick-Pope sealed the win for LSU on court 3.

The Tigers are done playing for the day and return tomorrow to face the loser of Florida State vs. USC in the elimination bracket. TCU's season is over.

6:12 pm, May 7, 2021

LSU pushes TCU to brink of elimination

No. 4 LSU has No. 8 TCU on the brink of elimination at the NC beach volleyball championship. The Tigers took the opening set on the first four courts before TCU picked up a critical set on court 2. LSU won its opening sets by an average of 7.25 points.

Here are the match scores after the first set:

  • LSU – Kloth/Nuss def. Alvarez/Moreno 21-17
  • TCU – Blackburn/Brockett def. Coppola/Greene-Agnew 21-19
  • LSU – Rodriguez/Rasnick-Pope def. Gonzalez/Scott 21-12
  • LSU – Lansman/Moore def. Jacobson/Cavanaugh 21-14
  • LSU – Ordonez/York def. White/Miller 21-9
5:31 pm, May 7, 2021

No. 3 Florida State rolls No. 6 Stanford

No. 3 Florida State capped the opening round of the 2021 NC beach volleyball championship with a 3-0 dual victory over No. 6 Stanford. The Seminoles are the third team today to advance without conceding a match. Torrey Van Winden and Keara Rutz dominated on court 2 with 21-13, 21-9 win for the first point. Payton Caffrey and Molly McBain followed that up with an equally impressive result on court 3, sweeping the match 21-13, 21-14. Sara Putt and Raelyn White closed it out for the Seminoles on court 4 with a 21-15, 21-13 victory.

The Seminoles move on to face No. 2 USC at 5 p.m. Stanford will meet Cal Poly in the elimination bracket at 3 p.m.

5:16 pm, May 7, 2021

Florida State leads Stanford after first sets

Florida State leads Stanford on all five courts through one set of the final opening-round dual at the NC beach volleyball championships. The Seminoles cruised on courts 2-4 while winning a close on court 5 and capping a thrilling 27-25 decision with an ace on court 1. 

Here are the scores through one set:

  • FSU – Chacon/Anderson def. Hodel/Villapando 27-25
  • FSU – Van Winden/Rutz def. Ekstrom/Reilly 21-13
  • FSU – Caffery/McBain def. Kriz/Harvey 21-13
  • FSU Putt/White def. Sharp/Smith 21-15
  • FSU – Johnson/Waters-Leiga def. McKinney/Dailey 21-18
4:35 pm, May 7, 2021

No. 2 USC holds off No. 7 Cal Poly

Cal Poly was able to force a third set on court 3, but the comeback wasn't enough as No. 2 USC defeated the No. 7 Mustangs 3-0 in their dual match. Julia Scoles and Sammy Slater had a strong finish to their second set, picking up the first point on court 2. Audrey and Nicole Nourse were right behind them on court 5, earning a 21-15, 21-14 decision for USC to double the lead before Tina Graudina and Megan Kraft finished the job on court 1 in a 21-13, 21-17 straight-set win. 

The Mustangs were more competitive in second sets and will look to build off that momentum in the elimination bracket. They'll play the loser of Florida State and Stanford at 3 p.m. while USC will get the winner of those two at 5 p.m.

4:23 pm, May 7, 2021

USC in control over Cal Poly through first sets

No. 2 seed USC is firmly in control over No. 7 seed Cal Poly through the first set of their dual match. The Trojans won the opening frame on all five courts. Cal Poly played USC close on courts 3 and 4 while courts 1,2 and 5 belonged to the Trojans all set long.

  • Graudina/Kraft def. Sonny/Gordon 21-13
  • Scoles/Slater def. Ozee/Lombard 21-12
  • Hallgren/Harward def. Miric/Whalen 21-17
  • Dennis/Maple def. Strah/Johansen 21-19
  • A. Nourse/N. Nourse def. Roscoe/Ulrich 21-15
3:40 pm, May 7, 2021

No. 5 Loyola Marymount edges No. 4 LSU

LMU beach volleyball

Loyola Marymount won in its NCAA beach volleyball championship debut with a 3-2 win over LSU in the opening round. The Lions' No. 2 pairing of Reka Orsi Toth and Selina Marolf cruised in straight sets to earn the program's first-ever tournament dual point. You can watch that here. No. 4 pairing Jacinda Ramirez and Darby Dunn added to the lead before LSU pulled level with wins on Courts 1 and 5. LMU's No. 3 duo of Savannah Slattery and Jessie Prichard clinched the win in straight sets, holding off LSU 22-20 to avoid a third set.

LSU's top pairing of Taryn Kloth and Kristen Nuss remain unbeaten as a pairing this season. LMU will face No. 1 UCLA at 4 p.m. today. LSU will play TCU in the elimination bracket at 2 p.m.

3:25 pm, May 7, 2021

Loyola Marymount in front of LSU after set 1

LSU beach VB

Loyola Marymount took three of five opening sets from LSU in the second dual of the 2021 beach volleyball championship. The Lions picked up early leads in the No. 2, 3 and 4 pairings with wins of six, seven and four points. LSU's top pair won to get one back, but it appeared LMU would take four of five sets before LSU's No. 5 duo of Olivia Ordonez and Kahlee York rallied for the final four points of the set to keep the match in reach.

Here are the scores through one set:

  • LMU – Orsi Toth/Marolf def. Coppola/Greene-Agnew 21-15
  • LMU – Ramirez/Dunn def. Lansman/Moore 21-17
  • LMU – Prichard/Slattery def Rodriguez/Rasnick-Pope 21-14
  • LSU – Kloth/Nuss def. Lindahl/Rice 21-16
  • LSU – Ordonez/York def. Doud/Firnett 21-18
2:51 pm, May 7, 2021

No. 1 UCLA blanks No. 8 TCU to open 2021 beach volleyball championship

Top-seeded UCLA made quick work of No. 8 seed TCU with a 3-0 win in the first dual match of the 2021 NC beach volleyball championship. The Bruins took 1-0 leads in all five pairings before their No. 3 duo of pairing of Lindsey Sparks and Abby Van Winkle secured the first point with a 21-12, 21-17 win. UCLA's No. 4 pairing of Megan Muret and Jacqueline Quade picked up the second in 21-13, 21-16 victory before the No. 1 pairing of Savvy Simo and Lexy Denaburg clinched their match 21-19, 21-12 in straight sets.

The Bruins held leads in the remaining two pairings when the match was won. They'll face the winner of Loyola Marymount vs. LSU later today.

2:33 pm, May 7, 2021

UCLA takes commanding early lead over TCU

No. 1 seed UCLA has won the first set in all five matches of its dual against No. 8 seed TCU at the 2021 NC beach volleyball championship. The Bruins rolled in the No. 3 and No. 4 pairs with wins of 21-12 and 21-13 in the opening frame while the Horned Frogs lost by two points in the No. 1 and 5 pairings and and by three in the No. 2 pair.

Here are the scores from Set 1. Second sets are underway on ESPNU.

  • Simo/Denaburg def. Alvarez Moreno 21-19
  • Monkhouse/Newberry def. Blackburn/Brockett 21-18
  • Sparks/Van Winkle def. Gonzalez/Scott 21-12
  • Muret/Quade def. Jacobsen/Cavanaugh 21-13
  • Powers/Whitmarsh def. White/Miller 21-19
2:25 pm, May 7, 2021

TCU makes history with first beach volleyball championship appearance

No. 8 seed TCU is one of three teams in the NC beach volleyball championship making its first-ever appearance in 2021. The Horned Frogs are currently battling top seed UCLA in the first dual of the 2021 tournament. Here's a look at the Horned Frogs ahead of their match.

1:19 pm, May 7, 2021

Day 1 schedule for the 2021 NC beach volleyball championship

UCLA Athletics UCLA beach volleyball

Welcome to the NC beach volleyball championship. The 2021 tournament is finally here and today is the first day of competition. All eight teams in the bracket are in action today, starting with No. 1 seed UCLA. The Bruins have won back-to-back title and will begin the quest for a three-peat against No. 8 seed TCU. The Horned Frogs are the only team in the 2021 championship field the Bruins have not yet played this season.

This year's championship will run from May 7-9 in Gulf Shores, Ala. Click or tap here to view the interactive bracket.

Here is the full match schedule for today. Click or tap here for live stats.

All matches are on ESPNU. Times listed below are in ET.

11:07 pm, May 2, 2021

2021 National Collegiate Beach Volleyball Championship field announced

UCLA Athletics The 2021 National Collegiate Beach Volleyball Championship field was announced Sunday.

The NCAA Women's Beach Volleyball Committee announced today the eight-team field for the 2021 National Collegiate Beach Volleyball Championship. The seeds in order are as follows:

  1. UCLA
  2. Southern California
  3. Florida State
  4. LSU
  5. Loyola Marymount
  6. Stanford
  7. Cal Poly
  8. TCU

The championship will be held Friday through Sunday, May 7-9, in Gulf Shores, Ala., hosted by the City of Gulf Shores, University of Alabama at Birmingham and Orange Beach Sports Commission. The event will be televised live by ESPN networks, with ESPNU providing live coverage on Friday, May 7 starting at 10 a.m. ET. Live coverage will continue Saturday, May 8 on ESPN2, starting at 2 p.m. ET and Sunday, May 9 at 10 a.m. ET on ESPN2. The championship dual will air on ESPN2 Sunday, May 9, at 1:30 p.m. ET.

Additionally, live streaming coverage of every court throughout the tournament will be available on ESPN3. For all championship site match times and more information about the championship, log on to

The 2021 college beach volleyball bracket.
7:46 pm, April 26, 2021

The beach volleyball selection show is May 2 on

Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images UCLA celebrates its 2019 national championship. UCLA celebrates its 2019 national championship.

The selections for the 2021 beach volleyball championship will be announced during the selection show here on at 7 p.m. on Sunday, May 2. The championship is in Gulf Beach Place in Gulf Shores, Alabama, from May 7-9.

7:44 pm, April 26, 2021

College beach volleyball champions

Jamie Schwaberow | NCAA Photos USC's Sara Hughes (left) and Zoe Nightingale run to a celebratory swim after USC won the 2016 beach volleyball championship. USC's Sara Hughes (left) and Zoe Nightingale run to a celebratory swim after USC won the 2016 championship.

Here are programs which have won the NC college beach volleyball championships. UCLA is the defending champion.

Year Champion Coach Score Runner-Up Site
2019 UCLA Stein Metzger 3-0 Southern California Gulf Shores, Ala.
2018 UCLA Stein Metzger 3-1 Florida State Gulf Shores, Ala.
2017 Southern California Anna Collier 3-2 Pepperdine Gulf Shores, Ala.
2016 Southern California Anna Collier 3-0 Florida State Gulf Shores, Ala.