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Northern Arizona men, BYU women win 2020 cross country championships

The final six minutes of the 2020 NCAA women's cross country championship
4:20 pm, June 17, 2021

Northern Arizona's men, BYU's women win 2020 championships

Mercy Chelangat won the women's race

BYU's women and Northern Arizona's men won the 2020 NCAA DI cross country national championships, while Alabama's Mercy Chelangat won the women's individual title with a time of 20:01.1 and BYU's Conner Mantz took home the men's title with a time of 29:26.1. He was the first American man to win the race since 2008. Watch the full men's race here and the women's race here.

6:11 pm, March 15, 2021

Conner Mantz wins men's individual, Northern Arizona wins team

Conner Mantz wins the men's race

Through most of the men's race, it looked like Wesley Kiptoo of Iowa State, gloves and all, would cruise to a win in the 10K. 

But towards the end of the race, BYU's Conner Mantz pushed past Kiptoo to take the lead and he never looked back, winning with a time of 29:26.1. Mantz is the first American man to win the race since 2008. 

Watch the full race here

Florida State's Adriaan Wildschutt placed second at 29:48.2, while Kiptoo came in third at 29:54.9. 

Even though BYU was ranked No. 1 entering the day and had Mantz as the winner, the Cougars placed seventh as a team. 

Instead, it was Northern Arizona placing first as a team with 60 points. The squad had four runners finish in the top 10. 

Notre Dame came in second with 87 points, while Oklahoma State placed third with 142. 

Click here for the full results

5:27 pm, March 15, 2021

Previewing the men's race at 1:40 p.m. ET

The men's race begins at 1:40 p.m. ET

The men's race begins at 1:40 p.m. ET from Stillwater, OK. You can watch the race here.

Follow the live results here

Here are the full lists of teams and players participating: 

Men's Qualifying Teams

Air Force Ole Miss
Arkansas Portland
Butler Purdue
BYU Southern Utah
Charlotte Stanford
Colorado Syracuse
Duke Tulsa
Furman Utah State
Georgetown Villanova
Gonzaga Virginia
Indiana Wake Forest
Iona Washington
Iowa State Wisconsin
Michigan State  
NC State  
Northern Arizona  
Notre Dame  
Oklahoma State  

Men's Individual Qualifiers 

Name School    
Victor Ortiz-Rivera Arizona    
Bennett Pascoe Arkansas State    
Marshall Beatty Army West Point    
Ben Naeger Belmont    
Trevor Dominy Charleston Southern    
Aaron Bienenfeld Cincinnati    
Alec Sandusky Cincinnati    
Eric Van Der Els Connecticut    
Ahmen Jaziri Eastern Kentucky    
Andy Payne Eastern Michigan    
Adriaan Wildschutt Florida State    
Ahmed Muhumed Florida State    
Alex Masai Hofstra    
Jonathan Davis Illinois    
Kevin Koski Illinois State    
Ben Butler Kansas    
Luke Jaciw-Zurakowsky La Salle    
Devin Meyrer Michigan    
Kieran Wood Missouri    
Duncan Hamilton Montana State    
George Kusche Nebraska    
Abdirizak Ibrahhim New Mexico    
John Tatter North Carolina    
Patrick Kipkemboi North Dakota    
Nathan Jubran North Florida  
Josh Park Ohio  
Jackson Mestler Oregon  
Hociel Landa Rice  
Jack Davidson Santa Clara    
Shea Foster SE Louisiana  
Brandon Olden Siena  
Kyle Cloutier UMass Lowell
Christopher Alfond UMass Lowell  
Britan Reynolds Utah Valley  
Jahanzib Shahbaz VMI  
Trausti Thorsteins Wagner  
Taylor Dillon Weber State
Chase Easterling Youngstown State

5:13 pm, March 15, 2021

Alabama's Mercy Chelangat wins women's individual, BYU wins team

Mercy Chelangat won the women's race

Alabama's Mercy Chelangat came in first place in the women's race with a time of 20:01.1. It's the first individual National Champion for Alabama in its history. 

Watch the full race here

Oklahoma State's Taylor Roe came in second place at 20:06.7, while Alabama's Amaris Tyynismaa finished third at 20:10.2. Even though Alabama placed two in the top 3, the Crimson Tide finished eighth overall as a team. 

Chelangat moved into first place around the 5000M mark, erasing Whittni Orton of BYU's lead. Orton finished in 17th after falling behind, but that wasn't a big deal for her team because BYU took the team title, finishing in first place with five players in the top 50. The Cougars scored 96 points. 

Click here for the full results from the women's race


4:31 pm, March 15, 2021

Previewing the women's race at 12:50 p.m. ET

The women's race begins at 12:50 p.m. ET

The women's race begins at 12:50 p.m. ET from Stillwater, OK. You can watch the race here.

Follow the live results here

Here are the full lists of teams and players participating: 

Women's Qualifying Teams

Alabama Minnesota
Arkansas NC State
Boise State New Mexico
BYU North Carolina
Colorado Northern Arizona
Colorado State Oklahoma State
Duke Ole Miss
Florida State Oregon State
Furman Portland
Georgetown San Francisco
Georgia Tech Stanford
Illinois Tulsa
Indiana Washington
Iowa State West Virginia
Michigan State  

Women's Individual Qualifiers

Name School    
Irene Rono Abilene Christian    
Mahala Norris Air Force    
Emily Mackay Binghamton    
Lauren White Boston College    
Andrea Claeson Boston University    
Kailee Perry Bowling Green    
Ashlyn Ramos Bucknell    
Ashley Dana Central Connecticut    
Lindsey Stallworth East Tenn. State    
Laura Taborda Eastern Kentucky    
Maria Ahm Elon    
Annabelle Eastman George Mason    
Kristen Garcia Gonzaga    
Famke Heinst High Point    
Gemma Nuttall Iona    
Jaybe Shufelberger Kansas State    
Courtney Brenner Lipscomb    
Anneka Murrin Loyola-Chicago    
Meg Swietlik Milwaukee    
Sarah Chapman Missouri    
Erika Freyhof Nebraska    
Ashley Tutt Northern Illinois    
Maria Coffin Providence    
Lotte Black Rhode Island  
Grace Forbes Rice  
Gianna Sbarbaro San Diego  
Carolien Millenaar South Alabama  
Leah Hansen South Dakota St    
Alison Pray Southern Utah    
Amanda Vestri Syracuse    
Sydney Seymour Tennessee    
Kaley Richards UMass Lowell  
Poppy Tank Utah  
Katie Struthers Utah State
Maddie Empey Utah Valley  
Lydia Olivere Villanova    
Erin Mullins Washington St.  
Summer Allen Weber State
Winny Koskei Wichita State
3:21 pm, March 15, 2021

How to watch the 2020 men's and women's cross country championship

The 2021 DI men's and women's cross country championship begins Monday, March 15

The 2020 DI cross country championship begins today in Stillwater, Oklahoma. With the first race slated to begin about an hour from now, here's the schedule for today: 

  • Live coverage begins on ESPNU at 12:30 p.m. ET 
  • Women's race begins at 12:50 p.m. ET 
  • Men's race begins at 1:40 p.m. ET

Here are the important links and streams to watch all the action: 

12:08 pm, March 15, 2021

Cross country championship: Keep up with the latest from Stillwater, OK today

Duke men's XC

The 2020 NCAA DI cross country championship takes place today in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Oklahoma State serves as host to the races.

Thirty-one teams and 38 individuals will race for a title at the OSU cross country course. See the full list of participants here

The women's race begins begins at 12:50 p.m. ET, while the men's race starts at 1:40 p.m. ET. 

We'll have live updates here. 

Men's championship history | Women's championship history


6:13 pm, March 7, 2021

2020 DI men's and women's cross country championship selections announced

The NCAA Division I Men's and Women's Track and Field and Cross Country Committee announced Sunday the team and individual qualifiers for the 2020 NCAA Division I Men's and Women's Cross Country Championships. 

The championships are scheduled for March 15. In the announcement, 31 teams were selected to participate in each championship, while 38 individuals were selected to participate in each championship through an automatic qualifier and at-large selection process. 

Here's the full list of teams and participants selected

Oklahoma State University will host the championships. The women's race will begin at 12:50 p.m. ET, while the men's race will start at 1:40 p.m. ET. 

1:37 am, March 1, 2021

Men's and women's championship history

BYU (109 points) defeated Northern Arizona (163) in the men's cross country team national championship last season. It was the Cougars' first men's team national title.

On the women's side, Arkansas (96) edged BYU (102) for the Razorbacks' first women's team national title in 2019.

Men's championship history:

2019 BYU Ed Eyestone 109 Northern Arizona 163 Terre Haute, IN
2018 Northern Arizona Michael Smith 83 BYU 116 Madison, Wisc.
2017 Northern Arizona Michael Smith 74 Portland 127 Louisville, Ky.
2016 Northern Arizona Eric Heins 125 Stanford 158 Terre Haute, Ind.
2015 Syracuse Chris Fox 82 Colorado 91 Louisville, Ky.
2014 Colorado Mark Wetmore 65 Stanford 98 Terre Haute, Ind.
2013 Colorado Mark Wetmore 149 Northern Arizona 169 Indiana State
2012 Oklahoma State Dave Smith 72 Wisconsin 135 Louisville, Ky.
2011 Wisconsin Mick Byrne 97 Oklahoma State 139 Indiana State
2010 Oklahoma State Dave Smith 73 Florida state 193 Indiana State
2009 Oklahoma State Dave Smith 127 Oregon 143 Indiana State
2008 Oregon Vin Lananna 93 Iona 147 Indiana State
2007 Oregon Vin Lananna 85 Iona 113 Indiana State
2006 Colorado Mark Wetmore 94 Wisconsin 142 Indiana State
2005 Wisconsin Jerry Schumacher 37 Arkansas 105 Indiana State
2004 Colorado Mark Wetmore 90 Wisconsin 94 Indiana State
2003 Stanford Andrew Gerard 24 Wisconsin 174 UNI
2002 Stanford Vin Lananna 47 Wisconsin 107 Indiana State
2001 Colorado Mark Wetmore 90 Stanford 91 Furman
2000 Arkansas John Mcdonnell 83 Colorado 94 Iowa State
1999 Arkansas John Mcdonnell 58 Wisconsin 185 Indiana
1998 Arkansas John Mcdonnell 97 Stanford 114 Kansas
1997 Stanford Vin Lananna 53 Arkansas 56 Furman
1996 Stanford Vin Lananna 46 Arkansas 74 Arizona
1995 Arkansas John Mcdonnell 100 Northern Arizona 142 Iowa State
1994 Iowa State Bill Bergan 65 Colorado 88 Arkansas
1993 Arkansas John Mcdonnell 31 BYU 153 Lehigh
1992 Arkansas John Mcdonnell 46 Wisconsin 87 Indiana
1991 Arkansas John Mcdonnell 52 Iowa State 114 Arizona
1990 Arkansas John Mcdonnell 68 Iowa State 96 Tennessee
1989 Iowa State Bill Bergan 54 Oregon 72 Navy
1988 Wisconsin Martin Smith 105 Northern Arizona 160 Iowa State
1987 Arkansas John Mcdonnell 87 Dartmouth 119 Virginia
1986 Arkansas John Mcdonnell 69 Dartmouth 141 Arizona
1985 Wisconsin Martin Smith 67 Arkansas 104 Marquette
1984 Arkansas John Mcdonnell 101 Arizona 111 Penn State
1983 *UTEP Larry Heiderbrecht 108 Wisconsin 164 Lehigh
1982 Wisconsin Dan McClimon 59 Providence 138 Indiana
1981 UTEP Ted Banks 17 Providence 109 Wichita State
1980 UTEP Ted Banks 58 Arkansas 152 Wichita State
1979 UTEP Ted Banks 86 Oregon 93 Lehigh
1978 UTEP Ted Banks 56 Oregon 72 Wisconsin
1977 Oregon Bill Dellinger 100 UTEP 105 Washington state
1976 UTEP Ted Banks 62 Oregon 117 North Texas
1975 UTEP Ted Banks 88 Washington State 92 Penn State
1974 Oregon Bill Dellinger 77 Western Kentucky 110 Indiana
1973 Oregon Bill Dellinger 89 UTEP 157 Washington state
1972 Tennessee Stan Huntsman 134 East Tennessee State 148 Houston
1971 Oregon Bill Dellinger 83 Washington State 122 Tennessee
1970 Villanova James Elliott 85 Oregon 86 William & Mary
1969 UTEP Wayne Vandenburg 74 Villanova 88 Manhattan
1968 Villanova James Elliott 78 Stanford 100 Manhattan
1967 Villanova James Elliott 91 Air Force 96 Wyoming
1966 Villanova James Elliott 79 Kansas State 155 Kansas
1965 Western Michigan George Dales 81 Northwestern 114 Kansas
1964 Western Michigan George Dales 86 Oregon 116 Michigan State
1963 San Jose State Dean Miller 53 Oregon 68 Michigan State
1962 San Jose State Dean Miller 58 Villanova 69 Michigan State
1961 Oregon State Sam Bell 68 San Jose State 82 Michigan State
1960 Houston John Morriss 54 Michigan State 80 Michigan State
1959 Michigan State Francis Dittrich 44 Houston 120 Michigan State
1958 Michigan State Francis Dittrich 79 Western Michigan 104 Michigan State
1957 Notre dame Alex Wilson 121 Michigan State 127 Michigan State
1956 Michigan State Karl Schlademan 28 Kansas 88 Michigan State
1955 Michigan State Karl Schlademan 46 Kansas 68 Michigan State
1954 Oklahoma State Ralph Higgins 61 Syracuse 118 Michigan State
1953 Kansas Bill Easton 70 Indiana 82 Michigan State
1952 Michigan State Karl Schlademan 65 Indiana 68 Michigan State
1951 Syracuse Robert Grieve 80 Kansas 118 Michigan State
1950 Penn State Charles Werner 53 Michigan State 55 Michigan State
1949 Michigan State Karl Schlademan 59 Syracuse 81 Michigan State
1948 Michigan State Karl Schlademan 41 Wisconsin 69 Michigan State
1947 Penn State Charles Werner 60 Syracuse 72 Michigan State
1946 Drake Bill Easton 42 New York University 98 Michigan State
1945 Drake Bill Easton 50 Notre Dame 65 Michigan State
1944 Drake Bill Easton 25 Notre Dame 64 Michigan State
1942 Indiana/Penn State Earle Hayes/Charles Werner 57     Michigan State
1941 Rhode Island Fred Tootell 83 Penn State 110 Michigan State
1940 Indiana Earle Hayes 65 Eastern Michigan 68 Michigan State
1939 Michigan State Lauren Brown 54 Wisconsin 57 Michigan State
1938 Indiana Earle Hayes 51 Notre Dame 61 Michigan State

*Participation in the championships vacated by the NCAA Committee on Infractions

Women's championship history:

2019 Arkansas Lance Harter 96 BYU 102 Terre Haute, IN
2018 Colorado Mark Wetmore 65 New Mexico  103 Madison, Wis.
2017 New Mexico Joe Franklin 90 San Francisco 105 Louisville, Ky.
2016 Oregon Robert Johnson 125 Michigan 126 Terre Haute, Ind.
2015 New Mexico Joe Franklin 49 Colorado 129 Louisville, Ky.
2014 Michigan State Walt Drenth 85 Iowa State 147 Terre Haute, Ind.
2013 Providence Ray Treacy 141 Arizona 197 Indiana State
2012 Oregon Robert Johnson 114 Providence 183 Louisville, Ky.
2011 Georgetown Chris Miltenburg 162 Washington 170 Indiana State
2010 Villanova Gina Procaccio 120 Florida State 154 Indiana State
2009 Villanova Gina Procaccio 86 Florida State 133 Indiana State
2008 Washington Greg Metcalf 79 Oregon 131 Indiana State
2007 Stanford Peter Tegen 145 Oregon 177 Indiana State
2006 Stanford Peter Tegen 195 Colorado 223 Indiana State
2005 Stanford Peter Tegen 146 Colorado 181 Indiana State
2004 Colorado Mark Wetmore 63 Duke 144 Indiana State
2003 Stanford Dena Evans 120 BYU 128 UNI
2002 BYU Patrick Shane 85 Stanford 113 Indiana State
2001 BYU Patrick Shane 62 North Carolina State 148 Furman
2000 Colorado Mark Wetmore 117 BYU 167 Iowa State
1999 BYU Patrick Shane 72 Arkansas 125 Indiana
1998 Villanova Marcus O'Sullivan 106 BYU 110 Kansas
1997 BYU Patrick Shane 100 Stanford 102 Furman
1996 Stanford Beth Alford-Sullivan 101 Villanova 106 Arizona
1995 Providence Ray Treacy 88 Colorado 123 Iowa State
1994 Villanova Marty Stern 75 Michigan 108 Arkansas
1993 Villanova Marty Stern 66 Arkansas 71 Lehigh
1992 Villanova Marty Stern 123 Arkansas 130 Indiana
1991 Villanova Marty Stern 85 Arkansas 168 Arizona
1990 Villanova Marty Stern 82 Providence 172 Tennessee
1989 Villanova Marty Stern 99 Kentucky 168 Navy
1988 Kentucky Don Weber 75 Oregon 128 Iowa State
1987 Oregon Tom Heinonen 97 North Carolina State 99 Virginia
1986 Texas Terry Crawford 62 Wisconsin 64 Arizona
1985 Wisconsin Peter Tegen 58 Iowa State 98 Marquette
1984 Wisconsin Peter Tegen 63 Stanford 89 Penn State
1983 Oregon Tom Heinonen 95 Stanford 98 Lehigh
1982 Virginia Martin Smith 48 Stanford 91 Indiana
1981 Virginia John Varasy 36 Oregon 83 Witchita State
1:29 am, March 1, 2021

Everything you need to know for Sunday's selection show

When: The 2020 DI cross country championship selection show will be at 1 p.m. ET on Sunday, March 7.
How to watch: The selection show will stream here on

The 2020 individual and team championships will be decided on March 15 and will air on ESPNU with coverage beginning at 12:30 p.m. ET. Oklahoma State University will play host at the OSU Cross Country Course in Stillwater, Oklahoma.