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2021 DII women's golf championships: Selections, schedule, live updates

DII women's golf championship
6:00 pm, April 26, 2021

NCAA announces selections for the 2021 DII women's golf championships

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On Monday, the NCAA announced the teams and individuals that will compete in the 2021 DII women's golf championships. 

The regional competition will be conducted May 3-5. The top three teams and the top three individuals not with a team from each super regional will advance to the finals.

In total, 72 participants will advance the finals, which will be held May 11-15 at TPC Michigan in Dearborn, Mich.

6:24 pm, April 7, 2021

Everything you need to know for the selections

When: The 2021 DII women's golf championship selections will be announced on Monday, April 26.
Where: The release will be published in full right here on
The 2021 DII women's golf championship will take place from May 11-15 at TPC Michigan in Dearborn, Mich. 
Below is the full championship event schedule: 
  • Tuesday, May 11
  • Wednesday, May 12
  • Thursday, May 13
  • Friday, May 14
  • Saturday, May 15

Start times are TBD

6:28 pm, April 7, 2021

DII women's golf championship history

Florida Tech won the most recent championship in DII women's golf. Watch the Panthers capture the 2019 title right here.

Below is the complete championship history for DII women's golf.

2019 Florida Tech Chris Saltmarsh 4** Cal State San Marco 1** West Palm Beach, Fla.
2018 Indianapolis Brent Nicoson 1,157 California Baptist 1,195 Houston, Tx.
2017 Barry Shannon Sykora 1,222 Dallas Baptist University 1,223 Findlay, Ohio
2016 Rollins Julie Garner 1,173 Indianapolis 1,182 Denver, Colo.
2015 Indianapolis Brent Nicoson 1,212 Rollins 1,217 Allendale, Mich.
2014 Lynn Danny Randolph 1,164 Barry 1,193 Conover, N.C.
2013 Lynn Danny Randolph 1,187 Nova Southeastern 1,190 Daytona Beach, Fla.
2012 Nova Southeastern Amanda Brown 1,234 Florida Southern 1,254 Shelbyville, Ky.
2011 Nova Southeastern Kevin Marsh 1,157 Rollins 1,185 Allendale, Mich.
2010 Nova Southeastern Kevin Marsh 1,180 Rollins 1,180 Mesa, Ariz.
2009 Nova Southeastern Kevin Marsh 1,230 Grand Valley State 1,230 Findlay, Ohio
2008 Rollins Julie Garner 1,181 Nova Southeastern 1,181 Houston
2007 Florida Southern Robbie Davis 1,188 Rollins 1,188 West Florida
2006 *Rollins Julie Garner 919 Ferris State 919 Grand Valley State
2005 Rollins Julie Garner 1,185 Grand Valley State 1,185 Western New Mexico
2004 Rollins Julie Garner 1,196 Ferris State/Florida Southern 1,196 Orlando, Fla.
2003 Rollins Julie Garner 1,237 Florida Southern 1,237 Howey-in-the Hills, Fla.
2002 Florida Southern Robbie Davis 1,234 Barry 1,234 Grand Valley State
2001 Florida Southern Robbie Davis 1,250 Rollins 1,250 Rock Hill, S.C.
2000 Florida Southern Robbie Davis 1,259 Rollins 1,259 Lone Star Conference

**Tournament format changed to head-to-head medal play 

* Tournament shortened to three rounds due to weather

* From 1996-99, Divisions II and III competed in a combined championship.