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Live updates: 2023 NCAA women's gymnastics championship

Previewing the 2023 NCAA gymnastics regionals, post-selections
4:19 pm, March 20, 2023

NCAA announces regional selections

The 2023 NCAA women's gymnastics bracket

The 2023 National Collegiate Women’s Gymnastics Championships regional selections were announced March 20 by the NCAA.

You can click or tap here see the complete 2023 bracket here.

Click or tap the following links to see PDFs of the rotation orders (each is three pages)

The top 36 teams based on the national qualifying score were selected for regional competition. The committee named the top 16 teams and seeded them in the bracket. Seeding determined at the time of selections will be maintained through the championship. Teams 17-36 were placed geographically at one of the four regional sites. Nine teams will compete at each of the four regional sites. 

The committee also selected the top 12 all-around competitors and top 16 event specialists based on NQS and placed them geographically into one of the four regional sites, keeping individuals from the same team together. The list of all-arounders and individual event specialists included individual-qualifying scores from the teams competing in the first round to ensure those individuals will compete in the individual competition if their team does not advance from the first round.

In the event of a tie for the last berth into regional competition and for seeding purposes, the team, all-around competitor or individual event specialist with the highest score, not including the six used to calculate the NQS, qualified. If a tie still existed, the process was continued until the tie was broken.

The qualifying teams and individuals are listed below. The Los Angeles and Norman regionals will be conducted Wednesday through Saturday, March 29 to April 1.  The Denver and Pittsburgh regionals will be conducted Thursday through Saturday, March 30 to April 2. 

Denver Regional (University of Denver, host)


North Carolina
Oregon State  

All-Around Competitors

Deja Chambliss, George Washington
Julia Knower, North Carolina

Individual Event Specialists

Vault – Malia Hargrove, Arizona
Vault – Lali Dekanoidze, North Carolina
Uneven Bars – Alysen Fears, Arizona
Uneven Bars – Lali Dekanoidze, North Carolina 
Uneven Bars – Alyssa Al-Ashari, Northern Illinois
Uneven Bars – Natalie Hamp, Northern Illinois 
Balance Beam – Jessica Castles, Arizona
Balance Beam – Malia Hargrove, Arizona
Balance Beam – Sirena Linton, Arizona
Balance Beam – Alyssa Al-Ashari, Northern Illinois
Floor Exercise – Malia Hargrove, Arizona
Floor Exercise – Kendall Whitman, George Washington
Floor Exercise – Maddie Diab, Iowa State
Floor Exercise – Emmalise Nock, Northern Illinois

Norman Regional (University of Oklahoma, host)


Ball State
NC State
Ohio State

All-Around Competitors

Hannah Ruthberg, Ball State
Rachel Decavitch, Kent State
Emily Shepard, NC State
Hannah Joyner, Rutgers

Individual Event Specialists

Vault – Victoria Henry, Ball State
Vault – Suki Pfister, Ball State
Vault – Alana Laster, Illinois State
Vault – Chloe Negrete, NC State
Vault – Emily Leese, Rutgers
Uneven Bars – Megan Teter, Ball State
Uneven Bars – Kylie Gorgenyi, New Hampshire
Balance Beam – Grace Sumner, Ball State
Balance Beam – Alyssa Worthington, New Hampshire
Balance Beam – Chloe Negrete, NC State
Balance Beam – Robyn Kelley, New Hampshire
Balance Beam – Stephanie Zannella, Rutgers
Floor Exercise – Megan Teter, Ball State
Floor Exercise – Jaye Mack, Illinois State
Floor Exercise – Karlie Franz, Kent State
Floor Exercise – Alyssa Guns, Kent State
Floor Exercise – Chloe Negrete, NC State

Los Angeles Regional (UCLA, host)


Boise State
Brigham Young
Southern Utah

All-Around Competitors

Hannah Demers, Central Michigan
Syd Morris, Long Island University
Lauren Macpherson, San Jose State

Individual Event Specialists

Vault – Emily Lopez, Boise State
Vault – Sydney Benson, Brigham Young
Vault – Kylie Eaquinto, Brigham Young
Vault – Jaudai Lopes, San Jose State  
Vault – Courtney Blackson, Boise State
Uneven Bars – Courtney Blackson, Boise State
Uneven Bars – Emily Lopez, Boise State
Uneven Bars –Anyssa Alvarado, Brigham Young
Uneven Bars – Mara Titarsolej, Long Island University 
Uneven Bars – Emma Milne, San Jose State 
Balance Beam – Elease Rollins Brigham Young
Balance Beam – Ilka Juk, Long Island University 
Balance Beam – Amber Koeth, Sacramento State
Balance Beam – Emma Milne – San Jose State
Floor Exercise – Courtney Blackson, Boise State
Floor Exercise – Taylor Pitchell, Central Michigan
Floor Exercise – Jada Mazury, San Jose State

Pittsburgh Regional (University of Pittsburgh, host)


Arizona State
Michigan State
Penn State
West Virginia
Western Michigan 

All-Around Competitors

Ava Piedrahita, Penn State
Maddie Johnston, Penn State
Hallie Copperwheat, Pittsburgh

Individual Event Specialists

Vault – Katrina Mendez Abolnik, Bowling Green
Vault – Polina Belanovski, Towson
Vault – Keanna Abraham, UC Davis
Vault – Megan Ray, UC Davis
Uneven Bars – Cassidy Rushlow, Penn State
Uneven Bars – Natalia Pawlak, Pittsburgh
Uneven Bars – Isabella Minervini, Towson
Uneven Bars – Grace Vaillancourt, Towson
Uneven Bars – Brianna Brooks, Utah State
Balance Beam – Ella Chemotti, Eastern Michigan
Balance Beam – Reyna Garvey, Pittsburgh
Balance Beam – Sofi Sullivan, Utah State
Floor Exercise – Brooke Donabedian, Temple
Floor Exercise – Renee Schugman, Temple
Floor Exercise – Keanna Abraham, UC Davis
Floor Exercise – Megan Ray, UC Davis

* Denotes regional host

The top two teams from each regional will receive an automatic berth to the national championships. In addition, the top all-around competitor and top event specialist from round two at each regional (who is not on a team advancing to nationals) will advance to the national championships. Event specialist qualifiers will only compete in the events they qualified. 

1:29 pm, March 18, 2023

How to watch the women's gymnastics selection show

2021 NC Women’s Gymnastics Championships

The 2023 NCAA women's gymnastics selection show is at noon ET on Monday, March 20. The show will stream here on

Following the selection show, the full list of regional qualifiers will be published on Regional competitors will face-off March 29-April 2 at campus sites. Following the regional competitions, eight teams and four all-around competitors and 16 event specialists will advance to the 2023 NC Women’s Gymnastics Championships.

The 2023 NC Women’s Gymnastics Championships will be held April 13-15 at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas.

1:25 pm, March 18, 2023

NCAA women's gymnastics championship history

Below is the year-by-year team championship history in NCAA women's gymnastics. The tournament began in 1982 with Utah winning the inaugural title.

Oklahoma claimed the most recent championship in 2022, scoring 198.2000 points ato finish ahead of runner-up Florida.

2022 Oklahoma K.J. Kindler 198.2000 Florida 198.0875 Fort Worth, Texas
2021 Michigan Beverly Plocki  198.25 Oklahoma 198.1625 Fort Worth, Texas
2020 Canceled due to Covid-19 -- -- -- -- --
2019 Oklahoma K.J. Kindler 198.3375 LSU 197.8250 Fort Worth, Texas
2018 UCLA Valorie Kondos Field 198.0750 Oklahoma 198.0375 St. Louis
2017 Oklahoma K.J. Kindler 198.3875 LSU 197.7375 St. Louis
2016 Oklahoma K.J. Kindler 197.675 LSU 197.450 Fort Worth, Texas
2015 Florida Rhonda Faehn 197.850 Utah 197.800 Fort Worth, Texas
2014 Florida, Oklahoma Rhonda Faehn, K.J. Kindler 198.175 LSU 197.600 Birmingham, Ala.
2013 Florida Rhonda Faehn 197.575 Oklahoma 197.375 UCLA
2012 Alabama Sarah Patterson 197.850 Florida 197.775 Georgia Tech
2011 Alabama Sarah Patterson 197.65 UCLA 197.375 Cleveland
2010 UCLA Valorie Kondos Field 197.725 Oklahoma 197.25 Florida
2009 Georgia Suzanne Yoculan 197.825 Alabama 197.575 Nebraska
2008 Georgia Suzanne Yoculan 197.45 Utah 197.125 Georgia
2007 Georgia Suzanne Yoculan 197.85 Utah 197.25 Utah
2006 Georgia Suzanne Yoculan 197.75 Utah 196.8 Oregon State
2005 Georgia Suzanne Yoculan 197.825 Alabama 197.4 Auburn
2004 UCLA Valorie Kondos Field 198.125 Georgia 197.2 UCLA
2003 UCLA Valorie Kondos Field 197.825 Alabama 197.275 Nebraska
2002 Alabama Sarah Patterson 197.575 Georgia 197.25 Alabama
2001 UCLA Valorie Kondos Field 197.575 Georgia 197.4 Georgia
2000 UCLA Valorie Kondos Field 197.3 Utah 196.875 Boise State
1999 Georgia Suzanne Yoculan 196.85 Michigan 196.55 Utah
1998 Georgia Suzanne Yoculan 197.725 Florida 196.35 UCLA
1997 UCLA Valorie Kondos Field 197.15 Arizona State 196.85 Florida
1996 Alabama Sarah Patterson 198.025 UCLA 197.475 Alabama
1995 Utah Greg Marsden 196.65 Alabama, Michigan 196.425, 196.425 Georgia
1994 Utah Greg Marsden 196.4 Alabama 196.35 Utah
1993 Georgia Suzanne Yoculan 198 Alabama 196.825 Oregon State
1992 Utah Greg Marsden 195.65 Georgia 194.6 Minnesota
1991 Alabama Sarah Patterson 195.125 Utah 194.375 Alabama
1990 Utah Greg Marsden 194.9 Alabama 194.575 Oregon State
1989 Georgia Suzanne Yoculan 192.65 UCLA 192.6 Georgia
1988 Alabama Sarah Patterson 190.05 Utah 189.5 Utah
1987 Georgia Suzanne Yoculan 187.9 Utah 187.55 Utah
1986 Utah Greg Marsden 186.95 Arizona State 186.7 Florida
1985 Utah Greg Marsden 188.35 Arizona State 186.6 Utah
1984 Utah Greg Marsden 186.05 UCLA 185.55 UCLA
1983 Utah Greg Marsden 184.65 Arizona State 183.3 Utah
1982 Utah Greg Marsden 148.6 Cal State Fullerton 144.1 Utah