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Live coverage of the 2021 DI men's lacrosse championship

2021 NCAA DI men's lacrosse championship selection show
1:46 pm, May 16, 2021

First round continues Sunday: Schedule and scores

Duke Athletics Duke MLAX

The first round of the 2021 DI men's lacrosse championship concludes today with four more matchups, after four games kicked off the tournament on Saturday. No. 1 North Carolina, No. 5 Georgetown, No. 6 Notre Dame and Rutgers are already through to the national quarterfinals.

Here are the remaining first round games that will be played Sunday:

The four quarterfinal games will air on ESPNU next weekend, May 22-23. 

1:40 am, May 16, 2021

Here's the schedule (and bracket) for the first round

North Carolina Athletics North Carolina men's lacrosse

The 2021 DI men's lacrosse championship begins today with four first round games. No. 1 seed North Carolina began the tournament with a 16-4 victory over Monmouth. Rutgers followed that up with a 12-5 win over No. 8 Lehigh, making the Mountain Hawks the first seeded team to fall.

No. 6 Notre Dame kicked off the second pair of games with a thrilling 10-8 victory against Drexel. The Fighting Irish saw their four-goal lead evaporate in the second half before Wheaton Jackoboice and Morrison Mirer scored in the final 1:19 to push Notre Dame across the finish line. No. 5 Georgetown capped the opening night of play with a 18-8 win over Syracuse, fueled by a 10-2 scoring differential between the second and third quarters.

The four remaining first round games will be played on Sunday, May 16. Here are five things to know before the opening round of the tournament.

You can find the entire first round schedule below. All times Eastern.

Saturday, May 15

Sunday, May 16

Here is the bracket for the 2021 tournament: 

2021 DI men's lacrosse bracket
1:30 am, May 10, 2021

2021 DI men's lacrosse championship selections announced

Maryland Athletics Maryland men's lacrosse

The NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse Committee announced the teams that will compete in the 2021 DI men's lacrosse tournament. Click or tap here to view the interactive bracket (link opens in a new window).

All Division I first round games will be televised on ESPNU. The quarterfinal games will all be televised on ESPNU on May 22 at James M. Shuart Stadium in Hempstead, New York and May 23 at Arlotta Family Lacrosse Stadium in South Bend, Ind.

The Division I semifinal and championship games will be held at Pratt and Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Conn., May 29-31 and hosted by Fairfield University. The Division I semifinals will be televised live on ESPN2 starting at Noon Eastern time, May 29. The championship game will be televised live on ESPN2 starting at 1 p.m. Eastern time, May 31.

1:59 pm, April 29, 2021

The 2021 DI selection show is May 9 on ESPNU

Photo by Larry French/NCAA Photos via Getty Images Virginia celebrates its 2019 DI lacrosse championship.

The 2021 NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Championship selections will be announced on ESPNU at 9 p.m. ET on Sunday, May 9. The championship will conclude with the semifinals and finals on May 29-31 at Pratt and Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Connecticut. Virginia (above) is the reigning national champion.

1:58 pm, April 29, 2021

Every winner of the DI men's lacrosse championship

Virginia Athletics Virginia has won six national championships.

Here are the past DI men's lacrosse champions:

Year Champion Coach Score Runner-Up Host or Site
2019 Virginia (17-3) Lars Tiffany 13-9 Yale Philadelphia, Pa.
2018 Yale (17-3) Andy Shay 13-11 Duke Foxborough, Mass.
2017 Maryland (16-3) John Tillman 9-6 Ohio State Foxborough, Mass.
2016 North Carolina (12-6) Joe Breschi 14-13 (ot) Maryland Philadelphia
2015 Denver (17-2) Bill Tierney 10-5 Maryland Philadelphia
2014 Duke (17-3) John Danowski 11-9 Notre Dame Baltimore
2013 Duke (16-5) John Danowski 16-10 Syracuse Philadelphia
2012 Loyola (Md.) (18-1) Charley Toomey 9-3 Maryland Foxborough, Mass.
2011 Virginia (13-5) Dom Starsia 9-7 Maryland Baltimore
2010 Duke (16-4) John Danowski 6-5 (ot) Notre Dame Baltimore
2009 Syracuse (16-2) John Desko 10-9 (ot) Cornell Boston
2008 Syracuse (16-2) John Desko 13-10 Johns Hopkins Boston
2007 Johns Hopkins (13-4) Dave Pietramala 12-11 Duke Baltimore
2006 Virginia (17-0) Dom Starsia 15-7 Massachusetts Philadelphia
2005 Johns Hopkins (16-0) Dave Pietramala 9-8 Duke Philadelphia
2004 Syracuse (15-2) John Desko 14-13 Navy Baltimore
2003 Virginia (15-2) Dom Starsia 9-7 Johns Hopkins Baltimore
2002 Syracuse (15-2) John Desko 13-12 Princeton Rutgers
2001 Princeton (14-1) Bill Tierney 10-9 (ot) Syracuse Rutgers
2000 Syracuse (15-1) John Desko 13-7 Princeton Maryland
1999 Virginia (13-3) Dom Starsia 12-10 Syracuse Maryland
1998 Princeton (14-1) Bill Tierney 15-5 Maryland Rutgers
1997 Princeton (16-0) Bill Tierney 19-7 Maryland Maryland
1996 Princeton (14-1) Bill Tierney 13-12 (ot) Virginia Maryland
1995 Syracuse (13-2) Roy Simmons Jr. 13-9 Maryland Maryland
1994 Princeton (14-1) Bill Tierney 9-8 (ot) Virginia Maryland
1993 Syracuse (12-2) Roy Simmons Jr. 13-12 North Carolina Maryland
1992 Princeton (13-2) Bill Tierney 10-9 (2ot) Syracuse Penn
1991 North Carolina (16-0) Dave Klarmann 18-13 Towson Syracuse
1990 Syracuse* (13-0) Roy Simmons Jr. 21-9 Loyola Maryland Rutgers
1989 Syracuse (14-1) Roy Simmons Jr. 13-12 Johns Hopkins Maryland
1988 Syracuse (15-0) Roy Simmons Jr. 13-8 Cornell Syracuse
1987 Johns Hopkins (10-3) Don Zimmerman 11-10 Cornell Rutgers
1986 North Carolina (11-3) Willie Scroggs 10-9 (ot) Virginia Delaware
1985 Johns Hopkins (13-1) Don Zimmerman 11-4 Syracuse Brown
1984 Johns Hopkins (14-0) Don Zimmerman 13-10 Syracuse Delaware
1983 Syracuse (14-1) Roy Simmons Jr. 17-16 Johns Hopkins Rutgers
1982 North Carolina (14-0) Willie Scroggs 7-5 Johns Hopkins Virginia
1981 North Carolina (12-0) Willie Scroggs 14-13 Johns Hopkins Princeton
1980 Johns Hopkins (14-1) Henry Ciccarone 9-8 (2ot) Virginia Cornell
1979 Johns Hopkins (13-0) Henry Ciccarone 15-9 Maryland Maryland
1978 Johns Hopkins (13-1) Henry Ciccarone 13-8 Cornell Rutgers
1977 Cornell (13-0) Richie Moran 16-8 Johns Hopkins Virginia
1976 Cornell (16-0) Richie Moran 16-13 (ot) Maryland Brown
1975 Maryland (11-3) Bud Beardmore 20-13 Navy Johns Hopkins
1974 Johns Hopkins (12-2) Bob Scott 17-12 Maryland Rutgers
1973 Maryland (14-1) Bud Beardmore 10-9 (2ot) Johns Hopkins Penn
1972 Virginia (11-4) Glenn Thiel 13-12 Johns Hopkins Maryland
1971 Cornell (13-1) Richie Moran 12-6 Maryland Hofstra

*After the 1990 championship, the NCAA Committee on Infractions determined that Paul Gait had played in the 1990 championship while ineligible. Under NCAA rules, Syracuse and Paul Gait's records for that championship were vacated. The NCAA does not recognize Syracuse and coach Roy Simmons Jr.'s 3-0 record, and Paul Gait's 7 goals, 7 assists and his participation in that championship.