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Live coverage of the 2021 DIII men's lacrosse championship

DIII men's lacrosse: 2021 selection show
10:00 pm, May 16, 2021

Quarterfinals set after Sunday's second round

York (Pa.) Athletics York (PA) men's lacrosse

The DIII men's lacrosse championship continued Sunday with second round action. Seven Sunday winners advanced to the quarterfinals, joining Illinois Wesleyan, which won its second round matchup on Saturday.

Here's what happened in the seven Sunday games: 

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The quarterfinals are scheduled for Saturday, May 22:

3:17 am, May 16, 2021

View all of the second-round matchups

Illinois Wesleyan lacrosse

The second round of the 2021 DII men's lacrosse championship is set. The first round of the championship concluded on May 15. Winners of the second round will advance to the championship quarterfinals. The first team to book its spot in the quarters was Illinois Wesleyan after it beat Hope 18-14 on Saturday

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Here is the full schedule for Sunday's second round: 

Here are Saturday's first-round results:

3:01 pm, May 14, 2021
8:11 pm, May 13, 2021

Christopher Newport vs. Endicott ruled no-contest due to COVID-19 protocols

The NCAA Division III Men’s Lacrosse Committee has declared the Christopher Newport-Endicott first-round NCAA tournament game scheduled for Saturday afternoon at Stevenson a no-contest because of COVID-19 protocols. Endicott withdrew due to positive COVID-19 tests and contact tracing.

As a result, Christopher Newport will advance to the second round of the Division III Men’s Lacrosse Championship on Sunday, where it will play the winner of the Stevenson-Kean first-round matchup.

The committee regrets that Endicott’s student-athletes and coaching staff will not be able to compete in a national tournament in which they earned the right to participate. Because of privacy issues, no further details will be provided.

1:00 am, May 10, 2021

2021 DIII men's lacrosse championship selections announced

RIT Athletics RIT men's lacrosse

The NCAA Division III Men’s Lacrosse Committee has selected the teams that will compete in the 2021 DIII men’s lacrosse championship.

The championship provides for a 31-team tournament. First round competition will be held on Saturday, May 15 with the winners advancing to play in the second round on Sunday, May 16. The eight remaining teams will play in the quarterfinals on Saturday, May 22 with the winners advancing to play in the semifinals on Sunday, May 23.

This year’s finalists will advance to Hartford, Connecticut for the championship game at Rentschler Field, which will be played at 4 p.m. Eastern time, Sunday, May 26. 

1:33 am, May 3, 2021

The DIII men's lacrosse selections are on May 9

Larry French | NCAA Photos Cabrini men's lacrosse
When: The 2021 DIII men's lacrosse selection show is scheduled for 9 p.m. EDT on Sunday, May 9.
Where: The show will stream here on

The 2021 DIII men's lacrosse championship is Sunday, May 30, at Pratt and Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Connecticut. Cabrini (above) is the defending champion.

Below is the full championship event schedule

  • Saturday, May 15 | First Round 
  • Sunday, May 16 | Second Round 
  • Saturday, May 22 | Quarterfinals
  • Sunday, May 23 | Semifinals
  • Sunday, May 30 | Championship | Will stream live on

Start times will be added once finalized. 

1:49 am, May 3, 2021

DIII men's lacrosse championship history

2019 DIII Men's Lacrosse Championship Full Replay: Amherst vs. Cabrini

Cabrini is the defending national champion in DIII men's lacrosse.

Here is the complete championship history for DIII men's lacrosse:

2019 Cabrini (22-2) Steve Colfer 16-12 Amherst Philadelphia
2018 Wesleyan (CT) (19-3) John Raba 8-6 Salisbury Foxborough, Mass.
2017 Salisbury (22-1) Jim Berkman 15-7 RIT Foxborough, Mass.
2016 Salisbury (23-1) Jim Berkman 14-13 Tufts Philadelphia
2015 Tufts (21-2) Mike Daly 19-11 Lynchburg Philadelphia
2014 Tufts (21-2) Mike Daly 12-9 Salisbury Baltimore
2013 Stevenson (22-2) Paul Cantabene 16-14 RIT Philadelphia
2012 Salisbury (23-0) Jim Berkman 14-10 SUNY Cortland Foxborough, Mass.
2011 Salisbury (18-3) Jim Berkman 19-7 Tufts Baltimore
2010 Tufts (20-1) Mike Daly 9-6 Salisbury Baltimore
2009 SUNY Cortland (19-2) Steve Beville 9-7 Gettysburg Boston
2008 Salisbury (22-0) Jim Berkman 19-13 SUNY Cortland Boston
2007 Salisbury (23-0) Jim Berkman 15-9 SUNY Cortland Baltimore
2006 SUNY Cortland (18-3) Rich Barnes 13-12 (ot) Salisbury Philadelphia
2005 Salisbury (20-0) Jim Berkman 11-10 Middlebury Philadelphia
2004 Salisbury (20-0) Jim Berkman 13-9 Nazareth Baltimore
2003 Salisbury (19-1) Jim Berkman 14-13 (ot) Middlebury Baltimore
2002 Middlebury (18-1) Erin Quinn 14-9 Gettysburg Rutgers
2001 Middlebury (17-1) Erin Quinn 15-10 Gettysburg Rutgers
2000 Middlebury (15-1) Erin Quinn 16-12 Salisbury Maryland
1999 Salisbury (18-1) Jim Berkman 13-6 Middlebury Maryland
1998 Washington College (14-4) John Haus 16-10 Nazareth Rutgers
1997 Nazareth (13-3) Scott Nelson 15-14 (ot) Washington College Maryland
1996 Nazareth (15-0) Scott Nelson 11-10 (ot) Washington College Maryland
1995 Salisbury (17-0) Jim Berkman 22-13 Nazareth Maryland
1994 Salisbury (16-0) Jim Berkman 15-9 Hobart Maryland
1993 Hobart (11-3) B.J. O'Hara 16-10 Ohio Wesleyan Maryland
1992 Nazareth (14-1) Scott Nelson 22-11 Roanoke Penn
1991 Hobart (8-6) B.J. O'Hara 12-11 Salisbury Salisbury
1990 Hobart (15-1) B.J. O'Hara 18-6 Washington College Hobart
1989 Hobart (15-4) Dave Urick 11-8 Ohio Wesleyan Hobart
1988 Hobart (14-4) Dave Urick 18-9 Ohio Wesleyan Ohio Wesleyan
1987 Hobart (10-4) Dave Urick 9-5 Ohio Wesleyan Hobart
1986 Hobart (15-1) Dave Urick 13-10 Washington College Hobart
1985 Hobart (11-3) Dave Urick 15-8 Washington College Washington College
1984 Hobart (9-4) Dave Urick 12-5 Washington College Hobart
1983 Hobart (13-2) Dave Urick 13-9 Roanoke Hobart
1982 Hobart (11-3) Dave Urick 9-8 (ot) Washington College Hobart
1981 Hobart (12-3) Dave Urick 10-8 SUNY Cortland Hobart
1980 Hobart (12-2) Dave Urick 11-8 SUNY Cortland Hobart