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Kentucky wins the 2021 college rifle championship

2021 air rifle finals: championship recap
8:52 pm, March 13, 2021

Kentucky wins the 2021 NCAA rifle team championship

As the 2021 college rifle championships come to a close, Kentucky has won the 2021 NCAA rifle championship. The Wildcats edged 2019 champion TCU 4,731 to 4,722 in this year's overall team scoring.

The Horned Frogs won the air rifle team competition with 2,380 points in addition to a second place finish overall. Kentucky won the smallbore team competition on Day 1 of this year's championships.

In the final event of the 2021 championships, Kentucky's Mary Tucker topped teammate Will Shaner for the individual air rifle championship. Tucker scored 249.4 points to Shaner's 248.7. Mississippi's Lea Horvath placed third with 228 points. 

Tucker won this year's individual competitions in both smallbore and air rifle. She was later named the championship's most outstanding performer.

Click or tap here to watch the full replay of the 2021 air rifle finals.

1:38 pm, March 13, 2021

Day 2: What to watch for today from Converse Hall

2021 NC Rifle Championship

It's the second day of the 2021 college rifle championships. Kentucky is in the lead for team scoring (2352 points) after the first day of competition at Converse Hall on the campus of Ohio State University.  Individual and team competitions in air rifle (60 shots) are today. You can follow live scoring here.

  • On day 1, University of Kentucky's Mary Tucker scored 463.3 points to win the individual smallbore competition. TCU's Stephanie Grundsoe placed second with a 459.1 final score
10:25 pm, March 12, 2021

Results from day 1 of the 2021 NC rifle championships

Kentucky currently leads in the team standings (2352 points), following the first day of the 2021 NC rifle championship at Converse Hall on the campus of Ohio State University.

Day 1

2:50 pm, March 12, 2021

Day 1: What to watch today from Ohio State

The 2021 NCAA men's and women's rifle championships are underway from Converse Hall on the campus of Ohio State University. Here's how you can keep up with the championship:

  • The event streams live on the top of this page. You can also watch the live stream here. The last round of competition is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. Eastern today.
  • Follow live scoring here (that link will open in a new tab).

Individual and team competitions in smallbore three-position (60 shots) are today, March 12. Individual and team competitions in air rifle (60 shots) are from 9:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. on Saturday.

The overall team champion will be determined by combining the smallbore and air rifle team total scores into one aggregate score for each institution. 

NC rifle championships are underway from Ohio State.
8:23 pm, February 23, 2021

Here are the 2021 college rifle championship selections

The NCAA Men's and Women's Rifle Committee announced the teams and individual qualifiers for the 2021 NC Men's and Women's Rifle Championships. The events are scheduled for March 12-13 and will be hosted by Ohio State University.

Below you will find the team and individual qualifiers for the Smallbore Three-Position and Air Rifle, as well as the individual alternates for each event. For more on what the committee based their selections on, review the official press release here.

Team Qualifiers (Smallbore Three-Position and Air Rifle)

  • Air Force
  • Alaska Fairbanks
  • Kentucky
  • Memphis
  • Nebraska
  • Ole Miss
  • TCU
  • West Virginia

Individual Qualifiers (Smallbore Three-Position)

  • Allison Henry, Murray State
  • Matias Kiuru, Murray State
  • Kyle Kutz, Army West Point
  • Makenzie Sheffield, NC State
  • Michael Zanti, Navy

Individual Qualifiers (Air Rifle)

  • Kayla Andreoli, Akron
  • Ariel Hall, Ohio State
  • Matias Kiuru, Murray State
  • Kimberlee Nettles, North Georgia

Alternates (Smallbore Three-Position)

  • Wyatt Openshaw, Akron
  • Bryce Ward, Morehead State

Alternates (Air Rifle)

  • Michael Dietz, Jacksonville State
  • Ashley Judson, Georgia Southern
9:14 pm, February 18, 2021

Championship history

TCU (4,699 points) edged West Virginia (4,692) to take home the rifle team national championship last season. It was the Horned Frogs' third national title. All three came in the past 11 years.

Click or tap here for the full final scores, team and individual, from the 2019 championships. The 2020 championships was canceled amid COVID-19 concerns. Below is the year-by-year national championship history since 1980.

2019 TCU Karen Monez 4,699 West Virginia 4,692 West Virginia
2018 Kentucky Harry Mullins 4,717 West Virginia 4,708 The Citadel
2017 West Virginia Jon Hammond 4,723 TCU 4,706 Ohio State
2016 West Virginia Jon Hammond 4,703 TCU 4,694 Akron
2015 West Virginia Jon Hammond 4,702 Alaska-Fairbanks 4,700 Alaska-Fairbanks
2014 West Virginia Jon Hammond 4,705 Alaska-Fairbanks 4,677 Murray State
2013 West Virginia Jon Hammond 4,679 Kentucky 4,670 Ohio State
2012 TCU Karen Monez 4,676 Kentucky 4,661 Ohio State
2011 Kentucky Harry Mullins 4,700 West Virginia 4,697 Columbus State
2010 TCU Karen Monez 4,675 Alaska-Fairbanks 4,653 TCU
2009 West Virginia Jon Hammond 4,643 Kentucky 4,638 TCU
2008 Alaska-Fairbanks Dan Jordan 4,662 Army 4,652 Army
2007 Alaska-Fairbanks Dan Jordan 4,662 Army 4,644 Alaska-Fairbanks
2006 Alaska-Fairbanks Dan Jordan 4,682 Nebraska 4,666 Air Force
2005 Army Ron Wigger 4,659 Jacksonville State 4,658 Nevada
2004 Alaska-Fairbanks Glen Dubis 6,273 Nevada 6,185 Murray State
2003 Alaska-Fairbanks Dave Johnson 6,287 Xavier 6,197 Army
2002 Alaska-Fairbanks Dave Johnson 6,241 Kentucky 6,209 Murray State
2001 Alaska-Fairbanks Dave Johnson 6,283 Kentucky 6,175 Ohio State
2000 Alaska-Fairbanks Randy Pitney 6,285 Xavier 6,156 VMI
1999 Alaska-Fairbanks Randy Pitney 6,276 Navy 6,168 Norwich
1998 West Virginia Marsha Beasley 6,214 Alaska-Fairbanks 6,211 Murray State
1997 West Virginia Marsha Beasley 6,223 Kentucky 6,175 Murray State
1996 West Virginia Marsha Beasley 6,179 Air Force 6,168 Air Force
1995 West Virginia Marsha Beasley 6,241 Air Force 6,187 Navy
1994 Alaska-Fairbanks Randy Pitney 6,194 West Virginia 6,187 Murray State
1993 West Virginia Marsha Beasley 6,179 Alaska-Fairbanks 6,169 VMI
1992 West Virginia Marsha Beasley 6,214 Alaska-Fairbanks 6,166 Murray State
1991 West Virginia Marsha Beasley 6,171 Alaska-Fairbanks 6,110 Army
1990 West Virginia Marsha Beasley 6,205 Navy 6,101 Navy
1989 West Virginia Edward Etzel 6,234 South Florida 6,180 Murray State
1988 West Virginia Greg Perrine 6,192 Murray State 6,183 VMI
1987 Murray State Elvis Green 6,205 West Virginia 6,203 Xavier
1986 West Virginia Edward Etzel 6,229 Murray State 6,163 Navy
1985 Murray State Elvis Green 6,150 West Virginia 6,149 Army
1984 West Virginia Edward Etzel 6,206 East Tennessee State 6,142 Murray State
1983 West Virginia Edward Etzel 6,166 Tennessee Tech 6,148 Xavier
1982 Tennessee Tech James Newkirk 6,138 West Virginia 6,136 VMI
1981 Tennessee Tech James Newkirk 6,139 West Virginia 6,136 Army
1980 Tennessee Tech James Newkirk 6,201 West Virginia 6,150 East Tennessee State
7:33 pm, February 18, 2021

Everything you need to know for Tuesday's selection show

When: The 2021 NC rifle championship selection show will be at 3 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Feb. 23.
How to watch: The selection show will stream here on

The 2021 individual and team championship will be decided over two days — Friday and Saturday, March 12-13. The Ohio State University will play host at the Converse Hall in Columbus, Ohio. 

Below is the full championship event schedule:

  • Friday, March 12 — 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET
  • Saturday, March 13 — 9:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. ET