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Stanford wins the 2023 NC women's water polo championship

Stanford wins 2023 NCAA women's water polo championship
3:20 am, May 15, 2023

🏆 Stanford wins back-to-back national titles

Stanford women's water polo wins 2023 title

Stanford women's water polo completed the repeat, winning the 2023 national championship 11-9 over No. 2 Southern California. Last year, the Cardinal beat the Trojans also. 

The Cardinal never trailed, but Southern Cal came storming back several times including in the last minutes. With 1:11 left, the Trojans cut the once four-goal lead down to one. But just seconds later, Ella Woodhead hit the dragger to give the Cardinal the title. That was Woodhead's first goal and first shot of the night. 

With two points and two goals, Jewel Roemer and Ryann Neushul topped Stanford. Here's a look at how the two teams finished statistically: 

NC water polo stats

While these two teams faced off in back-to-back years in the title game, that's nothing new for the two programs — they've faced eight times in the NCAA finals. The Cardinal matches USC with four championship wins against the conference rival. Stanford won its ninth national title in program history. 

3:06 am, May 15, 2023

Stanford extends lead 8-5

After going goaless in the second period, the Cardinal took control in the third. Stanford notched three four goals, like the first quarter, and the Trojans managed one. 

Jewel Roemer and Celeste Wijnbelt recorded two goals each for the Cardinal. 

Ten minutes left to go to decide the 2023 champion. 

2:34 am, May 15, 2023

Southern Cal comes back to tie 4-4

The Trojans scored three goals to match the Cardinal's first-quarter effort. Southern California is shooting a lesser 25% shot percentage than Stanford's 44%, but USC thrived in the power play 3-8 while Stanford went 0-6 in the first half. 

Paige Hauschild has a game-high three points, two goals and five shots. 


2:21 am, May 15, 2023

Stanford leads 4-1 after period one

No. 1 Stanford jumped on No. 2 Southern California after the first 10 minutes. The Cardinal lead 4-1. Four players scored one goal in a balanced attack. Aria Fischer tops the box score with two points and two assists. 
2:14 am, May 15, 2023

🤽‍♀️ National championship underway

No. 1 Stanford vs. No. 2 Southern California battle for the 2023 NC water polo national championship, live now on ESPNU.

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11:57 pm, May 5, 2023

Championship schedule

NC women's water polo championship

The NCAA Women’s Water Polo Committee announced the nine teams vying for the 2023 National Collegiate Women’s Water Polo Championship on May 1. Seven teams were placed in the bracket; the remaining two teams competed for the last berth in the bracket via an opening-round game.

The opening-round game was on May 10, hosted by Pacific, which will also host the championship to be held May 12-14. The first round, semifinal and championship games will be played at the Chris Kjeldsen Pool at the Douglass M. Eberhardt Aquatics Center in Stockton. The 2023 championship will be an eight-team, single-elimination tournament.

The first round and semifinal games will be streamed on The national championship game will take place at 10 p.m. Eastern time Sunday, May 14 on ESPNU.

Click here to view the interactive bracket.

11:57 pm, May 5, 2023

Championship history

2022 Stanford (25-2) John Tanner  10-7 Southern California Michigan
2021 Southern California (22-1) Marko Pintaric 18-9 UCLA UCLA
2020 Canceled due to Covid-19 -- -- -- --
2019 Stanford (23-2) John Tanner 9-8 Southern California Stanford 
2018 Southern California (26-1) Jovan Vavic 5-4 Stanford Southern California
2017 Stanford (23-3) John Tanner 8-7 UCLA IUPUI
2016 Southern California (26-0) Jovan Vavic 8-7 Stanford UCLA
2015 Stanford (24-2) John Tanner 7-6 UCLA Stanford
2014 Stanford (25-1) John Tanner 9-5 UCLA USC
2013 Southern California (27-1) Jovan Vavic 10-9 Stanford Harvard
2012 Stanford (26-2) John Tanner 6-4 Southern California San Diego State
2011 Stanford (28-1) John Tanner 9-5 California Michigan
2010 Southern California (25-3) Jovan Vavic 10-9 Stanford San Diego State
2009 UCLA (25-6) Adam Krikorian 5-4 Southern California Maryland
2008 UCLA (33-0) Adam Krikorian 6-3 Southern California Stanford
2007 UCLA (28-2) Adam Krikorian 5-4 Stanford Long Beach State
2006 UCLA (29-4) Adam Krikorian 9-8 Southern California UC Davis
2005 UCLA (33-0) Adam Krikorian 3-2 Stanford Michigan
2004 Southern California (29-0) Jovan Vavic 10-8 Loyola Marymount Stanford
2003 UCLA (23-4) Adam Krikorian 4-3 Stanford UC San Diego
2002 Stanford (23-2) John Tanner 8-4 UCLA Southern California
2001 UCLA (19-4) Adam Krikorian 5-4 Stanford Stanford