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N.C. State tops Virginia Tech 21-10 in ranked ACC rivalry dual

Korbin Myers expresses his love for wrestling in a letter to the sport
1:22 am, February 21, 2022

N.C. State tops Virginia Tech 21-10 in ranked ACC rivalry dual

Headlined by N.C. State team captain Hayden Hidlay’s top-five win against NCAA champion Mekhi Lewis, the Wolfpack edged out No. 7 Virginia Tech 21-10 in a rivalry dual in Raleigh. The Pack picked up seven of the ten wins behind stellar performances from Hidlay, his younger brother Trent Hidlay and teammates Thomas Bullard, Tariq Wilson, Ryan Jack and Ed Scott, and the victory marked the end of an undefeated ACC dual season for the head coach Pat Popolizio and his Wolfpack squad. 

Bullard started the dual off with momentum for the Pack with a 3-0 shutout win, setting the stage for Hayden Hidlay’s overtime thriller against Lewis. These two wrestlers held each other to just an escape point in regulation, but Hidlay found a way to take down to the No. 3 Hokie in sudden victory to bring the Wolfpack faithful to their feet. The win marked an important rebound from Hidlay who, just two nights ago, took the first conference loss of his career by fall against Clay Lautt.

In his last dual in Reynolds Coliseum tonight though, Hidlay was back to his winning ways and sent an important message to the country that he’s a title contender at 174 pounds. His brother followed that performance with a win of his own against a conference rival in Hunter Bolen 2-1, and Isaac Trumble kept things rolling for the Pack by way of a 6-0 win against Dakota Howard. Virginia Tech put itself on the board with wins at heavyweight, 125 pounds and 133 pounds from Nathan Traxler, Sam Latona and Korbin Myers, with the last of those three victories coming by bonus points. Myers win kept the Hokies in the battle, but N.C. State then won 141 pounds by way of a decision from Ryan Jack to extend its lead. In a fiery, high-scoring match at 149 pounds between Tariq Wilson of N.C. State and Bryce Andonian, Wilson's win sealed the dual, but Ed Scott added to the Wolfpack total with the final win of the night over Connor Brady. 

These two teams will meet again in the ACC championships in two weeks, but, for now, the Wolfpack finish as the victors and can move forward towards defending their conference tournament crown with confidence. 

Full weight-by-weight results: 

WEIGHT NO. 4 NC State  NO. 7 VIRGINIA TECH result team score
165 No. 21 Thomas Bullard Clayton Ulrey BULLARD 3-0 NCSU 3-0
174 No. 4 Hayden Hidlay No. 3 Mekhi Lewis HIDLAY 3-1 NCSU 6-0
184 No. 3 Trent Hidlay No. 14 Hunter Bolen HIDLAY 2-1 NCSU 9-0
197 No. 15 Isaac Trumble 

No. 30 Dakota Howard OR Andy Smith

285 No. 26 Tyrie Houghton OR Owen Trephan No. 14 Nathan Traxler TRAXLER 3-2 NCSU 12-3
125 No. 14 Jakob Camacho   No. 20 Sam Latona LATONA 9-3 NCSU 12-6
133  No. 14 Kai Orine No. 5 Korbin Myers MYERS 14-6 NCSU 12-10
141 No. 24 Ryan Jack No. 22 Colin Gerardi JACK 4-3 NCSU 15-10
149  No. 3 Tariq Wilson No. 5 Bryce Andonian WILSON 9-3 NCSU 18-10
157 No. 11 Ed Scott No. 28 Connor Brady  SCOTT 4-3  NCSU 21-10
1:04 am, February 21, 2022

157 pounds: No. 11 Ed Scott edges out No. 28 Connor Brady

THIRD PERIOD: Scott chooses down to start the third, and he escapes to take the lead. Brady's not done though, and he goes in for a shot, but Scott holds him off. Back on their feet, Scott positions himself for a potential headlock, but the ref calls a stalemate. Less than 90 seconds to go. Scott with the 4-3 lead. Brady shoots in, trying to draw a stall call against Scott, but with thirty seconds remaining, all the pressure is on Brady. Fifteen seconds. Ten seconds. Five seconds. Scott took a shot in the last seconds for good measure, and he'll end this one with the 4-3 victory to give N.C. State the 21-10 team win. 

SECOND PERIOD: Brady chooses down to start the second period, and Scott goes to work on top. Brady escapes, even looking for the reversal there, but he gets his one point, and he's back on his feet. The Hokie holds a 3-1 lead right now, and riding time is not a factor, as the first period ticks away. Scott looks for action and draws a stall call against Brady. Scott shoots, Brady responds with his own shot, and Scott works his way around on the countershot for two points. He'll tie the match with that takedown and end the period on top, so momentum is on Scott's side as he sets for the third. 

FIRST PERIOD: Ed Scott has been nicknamed “Head Lock Ed Scott,” and while he was aggressive early, it’s Brady with the first takedown to earn a 2-1 lead after Scott escapes. N.C. State has locked up the team win, but a victory from Brady would be huge for team morale. Less than a minute remaining. Thirty seconds remaining. The first period ends with a Brady advantage 2-1, but the last ten seconds brought a frenzy of action that should continue into the second period. 

12:47 am, February 21, 2022

149 pounds: No. 5 Bryce Andonian vs. No. 3 Tariq Wilson

THIRD PERIOD: Andonian chooses bottom to start the third period, and picks up the escape. Wilson has a 6-1 lead with riding time, so he's one takedown away from bonus points. Andonian is on the move, working Wilson around the mat, but Wilson goes for the body lock, and the two wresters go out of bounds. Wilson has risen to the occasion, and he's wrestling in peak form against a really tough, unpredictable foe. Wilson is hit for stalling as he backs up off the the mat, but, on the edge, he goes for another throw, and picks up the takedown. That's an 8-1 lead for Wilson with the riding point secured. If he holds down Andonian for the next 24 seconds, he'll get the bonus. This is big for Wilson and for State, as this would lock up the dual as well. Andonian escapes, and goes for a takedown, but Wilson ends up the victor, without a doubt. N.C. State wins the bout 9-3 and leads the dual 18-10. 

SECOND PERIOD: Wilson chooses bottom to start the second period. Andonian tries to continue riding as Wilson works to his feet, and the Pack All-American picks up the reversal and back points with a savvy move. Andonian, stuck on the bottom, is hit with a stall call as Wilson goes for a turn. This is the kind of dominance from Wilson on top that we saw last year in his third-place match at NCAAs when he majored Sebastian Rivera at 141 pounds, and he's looking every bit like a title contender again this year. Wilson ends the second period ahead 6-0, and Andonian has just three minutes to chip away at this lead. 

FIRST PERIOD: These are two fun and funky wrestlers, so get ready for a show. The action starts quickly as Wilson goes in for a shot before Andonian works the scramble out of bounds for the reset. We're scoreless after the first ninety seconds, but there have been shots. Wilson and Andonian know that the first period to initiate the offensive will ignite a scramble. And there's the first major move! Andonian looked like he was going for a throw, but Wilson stayed solid and picked up the two points. Thirty seconds left. Wilson continues to ride Andonian, driving him out of bounds, continuing the offense after the whistle, and he'll end the period on top. 

12:35 am, February 21, 2022

141 pounds: No. 24 Ryan Jack pushes past No. 22 Colin Gerardi

THIRD PERIOD: Jack starts down to begin the third and picks up a valuable escape point to extend his lead 3-2. He does have riding time, but he's still pushing for more. One minute to go. Gerardi goes in for a shot, but Jack fends him off with ease. He shoots again, and now he's looking for another stall call against N.C. State, and he gets it, so now he's tied the score 3-3, but Jack has riding time. The Pack wrestler works for a takedown in short time, but it doesn't look like he's going to get it. Ryan Jack works past Gerardi 3-2 for the decision win. 

N.C. State leads 15-10. 

SECOND PERIOD: Gerardi chooses down to start the second, but Jack is a monster on top, and pushes the riding time well up over a minute. Gerardi is fighting on bottom, and he's been riden, but it's not for a lack of effort on the Hokie's part. He ultimately escapes, drawing a stall call against Jack, but he gave up significant riding time during the first half of the period. Jack, though, is pushing again for a takedown now that the two wrestlers are neutral. He has Gerardi's leg up, but his opponent is persistent and hops on his leg to prevent the two points. No points...yet, but N.C. State has challenged the call on the edge, looking for the takedown. No takedown. One second remains, and the second period will end 2-2, with Jack having about two minutes of riding time. 

FIRST PERIOD: While so many of these bouts have included a scoreless first period, N.C. State's Ryan Jack made sure 141 pounds didn't start that way. The Pack 141-pounder went in for an early takedown and picked up two points to establish his authority in this match. He fights to hold down Gerardi, but the Hokie escapes within the minute. Ninety seconds left in the first period, and Jack leads 2-1. But he's back on the attack. His speed across the mat has been impressive, and he's aggressive and create the kind of offense we haven't seen much in this dual prior to the last match. Thirty seconds to go. These guys aren't messing around. Jack's takedown is the only one of the period, and we'll go to the second with Jack leading 2-1. 

12:21 am, February 21, 2022

133 pounds: No. 5 Korbin Myers bonuses No. 14 Kai Orine

THIRD PERIOD: Myers elects to start bottom to begin the third, escapes, and extends his lead 5-3. Ninety seconds remaining. If Myers wants bonus, he'll need two more takedowns, and he gets one. That's 7-3 Myer...make that 9-3 Myers after another takedown. Here we go. One minute to go. He lets Orine out, and it's 9-4, but he still needs more for bonus. And there it is! The Hokie notches a fifth takedown to put himself in the bonus category. He leads 11-4 with riding time, and but an escape from Orine makes it 11-5, though Myers isn't done, and he picks up a sixth takedown. Orine escapes, but it's all Myers. He wins 14-6 in a dominant performance to give the Hokies four team points. 

N.C. State leads 12-10. 

SECOND PERIOD: Orine starts down to begin the second period, and Myers go to work on top. Myers has pushed his riding time up over a minute, and he continues to work Orine back to the mat at every opportunity. He's wearing down his N.C. State foe, and now he's working for back points, but he's position wasn't stable enough. Orine escapes to tie the score, and that was a big escape for the Pack 133-pounder. Myers does have 1:38 of riding time, so that could be a factor down the stretch, but Myers isn't going to depend on that. He earns a second takedown on the edge and takes the 4-2 lead going into the third. 

FIRST PERIOD: Myers takes action quickly and earns an escape within the first period to take the lead 2-0. Orine escapes, putting himself on the board and narrowing Myers lead 2-1. Back on their feet, Myers looks confident and calm as he maneuvers his way into position. One minute to go. Tech has taken advantage of the momentum swing at heavyweight and converted that into an important and necessary win for them at 125 pounds. Now it's Myers turn to try and put up some point to chip away at that N.C. State team lead. Thirty seconds to go. The sounds of "Wolf-Pack" are echoing through Reynolds as the N.C. State faithful cheer on their young starter in Orine, and the Pack lightweight has done well keeping this one close through the first period. Myers will go into the second leading 2-1 — let's see what these guys can do next.

12:09 am, February 21, 2022

125 pounds: Sam Latona overtakes Jakob Camacho 9-3

THIRD PERIOD: You can just tell that effort took energy out of both guys, but they have three more minutes to establish their dominance. Camacho starts down to begin the second period, and he escapes. Latona still leads 3-1 with that takedown on the edge at the end of the second period serving as difference here. And there goes Latona again! He's in on the cradle, but he gets the takedown with nearfall points and extends his lead 7-1. That's exactly what the Hokies need. Less than a minute to go. Latona is working up his riding time as well, but Camacho gets the escape. It's 7-2 in favor of Latona, and riding time is not a factor...yet. Ten seconds, and Latona earns a critical takedown there on the edge. Escape Camacho, but the dual ends 9-3 as Latona drives him into the floor as time expires. So no major for the Hokies, but what a performance from Latona! 

N.C. State leads 12-6 after six weights. 

SECOND PERIOD: Latona chooses down to start the second period, and he escapes early to pick up the first point of the dual. Ninety seconds to go in the period, and Camacho is in on a shot. Latona works his way through the back door and looks to avoid the takedown, but Camacho stays smart and focused. Let's scramble. Latona is trying to put himself in position now, but at this point, Camacho might want to push for the stalemate to reset, but Latona forces the takedown with one second left, and he'll have the 3-0 lead going into the third period. 

FIRST PERIOD: These lightweights know how to handfight. They are going after it early, as both Latona and Camacho chase each other around the mat, looking for an early opportunity. We're scoreless after the first period, but the pace is high. Camacho looked for an ankle pick there in the last ten seconds, but Latona swatted him away. The first period ends 0-0. 

11:54 pm, February 20, 2022

285 pounds: No. 14 Nathan Traxler takes down Owen Trephan

THIRD PERIOD: Trephan chooses bottom to start the third and escapes almost immediately. Back on his feet, Trephan aims to go to work offensively. The wrestlers are tied 1-1 but Trephan has 1:53 of riding time, so Traxler needs a takedown. Thirty seconds to go. But Traxler knew exactly what the clock said, and he finds a way, that's a takedown for the Hokie, and they'll take the match. Tech wins 3-2, and the Hokies are on the board. 

N.C. State leads the match 12-3, but Traxler's win is huge for momentum as we head into 125 pounds. 

SECOND PERIOD: Traxler chooses down to start the second period. Trephan is putting on a hard ride here against the Hokie graduate student, and he's racked up almost a minute of riding time. One minute to go, and we're still scoreless, but Trephan is controlling the match with some tough mat returns and fight. Woah. Trephan nearly just rode out Traxler for the ENTIRE second period. The Hokie earned an escape in the final seconds to pick up his point, but man, Trephan just sent a message there. He's someone to take seriously. 

FIRST PERIOD: This is where Virginia Tech will want to pour on the offense and try to rack up some team points, perhaps by bonus, to keep the Hokies in this dual. And if there's a guy that can do that, it's Nathan Traxler. The experienced veteran and Stanford graduate is poised and controlled, and he's likely less impacted by this hostile Raleigh atmosphere than some of his younger peers. Let's see what he can do against N.C. State's Trephan. The Wolfpack big man is 17-5 on the year but hasn't consistently started for the team, so he'll be looking to make a statement in this dual and work to earn that starting spot. We're scoreless after one in this battle of the heavyweights. 

11:41 pm, February 20, 2022

197 pounds: No. 15 Isaac Trumble shuts out No. 30 Dakota Howard

THIRD PERIOD: Howard chooses neutral to start the third period, and he goes in for another shot. Trumble's has the only takedown so far in the match, but his defense is really what's keeping him in the lead. But there's Trumble in on another attack. He wasn't going to settle for a 3-0 victory, he wanted more points, and he got them. Trumble now leads 5-0 with riding time at 1:37. He'll be looking for bonus now! Howard nearly had multiple opportunities there, Trumble's mental toughness kept him in position and in the lead. Trumble may be young, but he has the kind of edge that will help him propel himself to success in both the conference and national tournaments if he wrestles to his potential. With riding time, Trumble wins this one 6-0, making this the second weight class where Virginia Tech has been held scoreless. 

N.C. State leads 12-0 after four. 

SECOND PERIOD: Trumble chooses down to start the second period and earns a quick escape, but Howard is on a shot, and he nearly scores. Fighting to work his way around his N.C. State opponent, Howard shifts his weight, but he can't quite get there, and the ref calls a stalemate, resetting both wrestlers. Another shot from Howard, but Trumble avoids the takedown. Again. Thirty seconds to go. Trumble is going to need to initiate some more offense to avoid being called for stalling, giving the rate of Howard's attacks. The periods ends with Trumble still in the lead 3-0, but this could be a fun third period. 

FIRST PERIOD: Let's see if we can get some more takedowns in this match after three tight, low-scoring matches. These guys are quick and both have the potential to use their length as a strength in an effort to score. Trumble takes a shot and gets under the first, left ankle, but he needs to work for that second leg to score. He's got Howard up on one leg, bouncing around the mat, and there's the trip for two points. N.C. State is on the board, and separating itself from the Hokies in general. Trumble is favored in this match, but Virginia Tech needs some points. Can Howard pull off the upset? So far it's been all Trumble with the lone takedown. Trumble rides out Howard to close the period, and we'll head to the second with the Pack leading at 197 pounds 2-0. 

11:29 pm, February 20, 2022

184 pounds: No. 3 Trent Hidlay beats No. 14 Hunter Bolen 2-1

THIRD PERIOD: Hunter Bolen chooses down to start the third and picks up a quick escape to put himself on the board. Hidlay's comfortable on his feet and has only become better from this position having racked up some freestyle experience over the last two years. This match though, is playing out much like the previous two matches. It's low scoring, tactical and defensive, but Bolen will need to make a move soon to tie things up if he wants to shoot for the win. Fifteen seconds. Hidlay is hit with stalling, but, with ten seconds left, it's going to be tough for Bolen to win off stall calls. Five seconds. Bolen didn't give up, but this one belongs to Hidlay. The Wolfpack wrestler wins 2-1, and N.C. State now leads 9-0 after three. 

SECOND PERIOD: Hidlay is on the board first after Bolen goes for a shot and make an illegal move. Hidlay starts down to begin the second period, and Bolen works to hold him down, but the wrestlers go out of bounds. Hidlay escapes with a little less than 90 seconds to go in the second to extend his lead 2-0. The score, though, doesn't quite reflect just how incredibly even this bout has been. Hidlay has been aggressive and confident all season, but Bolen clearly knows how to slow down the Wolfpack upperweight. The escape and penalty point were the only points of the period, so we'll go into the third with Hilday ahead, just slightly. 

FIRST PERIOD: And now it's the younger Hidlay brother's turn to look for a victory of his own as he takes on a familiar opponent in Hunter Bolen. Tech's Bolen has won three of the last four bouts, but Hidlay has the last win at the 2021 ACC tournament. We're scoreless tonight after the first minute. Hidlay looks aggressive though. Much like Hayden Hidlay, Trent has really filled into his frame and is a powerful force at 184 pounds, as we saw at the end of last year when he pushed NCAA champion Aaron Brooks before ultimately falling 3-2 in the NCAA finals. He's a mission this year to win a national title of his own, but this match against Bolen is an important test to see where he's at against a popular rival before the postseason starts. 

Scoreless after the second minute. Hidlay takes a shot, but you can see Bolen's comfort in wrestling against the Pack fourth-year sophomore. The first period ends 0-0. 

11:14 pm, February 20, 2022

174 pounds: No. 4 Hayden Hidlay beats No. 3 Mekhi Lewis in sudden victory

SUDDEN VICTORY: There hasn't been much action so far, but Hidlay is looking to make something happen here, but, wow, Lewis is tough. The Wolfpack graduate student looks a little more fearless here in overtime. One minute to go. Still tied 1-1. Hidlay has a leg! He's driving in, thirty seconds to go, and he gets it. Wow, that was quite the effort. You can see the relief on Hidlay's face, but this won't be the last time you see these two wrestlers compete. He'll have to face Lewis again in the ACC tournament, and if this match is any indication, it's going to be close again. Credit to both of these men for taking the mat and putting up a fight. That was some high-level defensive wrestling. 

N.C. State now leads 6-0

THIRD PERIOD: Hidlay chooses bottom to start the third. He needs to get out to stay in this, and he does. It's 1-1 with 1:45 to go. Riding time is not a factor. One minute to go. Will we go to sudden victory? Thirty seconds to go. Hidlay goes in for a shot, and Lewis counters to almost initiate a point-scoring sequence, but the defense from both wresters proves to be too much. All tied tup. Let's go to overtime. 

SECOND PERIOD: Lewis chooses bottom to start the second and picks up a quick escape. He's on the scoreboard first, and now we'll see what these guys can do back on their feet. This will be Hidlay's last match in Reynolds, and you know he wants to go out with a bang, but he'll need to make a move for that to happen. He's working for a shot, as is Lewis, but neither guy has committed to anything yet. Lewis' escape will be the only point of the period. And we're on to the third. 

FIRST PERIOD: These wrestlers know what is on the line here. We're scoreless after the first minute, but that isn't for a lack of effort. You can feel the intensity from the N.C. State fans in Reynolds Coliseum. These two guys are SO strong, and they're feeling each other out right now, waiting to take the first move. 

You can see the size of Hidlay — his growth from 157 pounds is so evident, and he's a full 174 pounder right now, competing against one of the best athletes in the country. Still scoreless after one. 

10:59 pm, February 20, 2022

165 pounds: No. 21 Thomas Bullard tops Clayton Ulrey

If you're watching the TV coverage, you may have missed the first few minutes of action at 165 pounds, but we've got you covered. N.C. State's Bullard jumps to an early lead with riding time, and he's looking to set a tone here. The Pack need this win and need the momentum going into 174 pounds, so he'll be looking to put up some big points here in the next few minutes. 

He adds to this lead in the third and takes the first bout by a decision win of 3-0. N.C. State now leads the team score by the same numbers, 3-0. Up next: Hayden Hidlay vs. Mekhi Lewis. 

10:43 pm, February 20, 2022

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5. N.C. State wins third consecutive ACC wrestling team title with five champs

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10:32 pm, February 20, 2022

30 minutes to go

It's about that time! No. 4 N.C. State takes on No. 7 Virginia Tech in a little less than 30 minutes. The dual will, interestingly, start at 165 pounds, which means the biggest dual of the night — 174 pounds between No. 3 Mekhi Lewis and No. 4 Hayden Hidlay — will be the second match of the night. This event is going to start quick and deliver fireworks all night. Head over to Reynolds Coliseum if you're in the Raleigh area or get your TVs set to the ACC Network because you won't want to miss this! 

3:12 pm, February 18, 2022

How to watch No. 4 NC State vs. No. 7 Virginia Tech

The No. 4 NC State Wolfpack battle in-state rival North Carolina on Friday before meeting the Hokies on Sunday, but they come into the weekend duals with an undefeated conference record and 10 ranked wrestlers. Tech brings a solid team as well, as the Hokies will have nine ranked wrestlers take the mat on Sunday. Here's everything you need to know about match time, weight previews and athletes to watch. 

Date: Sunday, Feb. 20
Time: 6 p.m. ET
TV channel: ACC Network

3:05 pm, February 18, 2022

Sunday's probable lineups

125 No. 14 Jakob Camacho   No. 20 Sam Latona 
133 No. 14 Kai Orine  No. 5 Korbin Myers
141 No. 24 Ryan Jack No. 22 Collin Gerardi
149 No. 3 Tariq Wilson No. 5 Bryce Andonian
157 No. 11 Ed Scott No. 28 Connor Brady
165 No. 21 Thomas Bullard Clayton Ulrey
174 No. 4 Hayden Hidlay No. 3 Mekhi Lewis
184 No. 3 Trent Hidlay No. 14 Hunter Bolen
197 No. 15 Isaac Trumble 

No. 30 Dakota Howard OR Andy Smith

285 No. 26 Tyrie Houghton OR Owen Trephan No. 14 Nathan Traxler