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Michigan wins the 2022 Big Ten wrestling tournament

What motivates Myles Amine in his 7th year with Michigan wrestling
12:19 am, March 7, 2022

Michigan wins the 2022 Big Ten wrestling tournament

In an epic team race that came down to the final matches, the Michigan Wolverines claimed the 2022 Big Ten title behind championship performances from 125-pounder Nick Suriano and 184-pounder Myles Amine. 

Suriano set the tone early in the final session, majoring Eric Barnett of Wisconsin to put up big team points and become the first wrestler in Big Ten history to win two titles at two different weights for two different schools. Myles Amine then stole the show at 184 pounds, topping 2021 NCAA champion Aaron Brooks in sudden victory to claim his second Big Ten title in two years. Amine's effort earned him the Most Outstanding Wrestler honors, and his leadership has been critical to the teams' success this year. 

"I pride myself on my heart," Amine said, reflecting with the Big Ten Network on his individual win and his team win. "We preach that you've got to be gritty, you've got to dig deep, and you live for moments like that." 

In addition to the individual champions, Michigan's Cam Amine, Logan Massa and Will Lewan all added second-place finishes, while Dylan Ragusin and Patrick Brucki earned bronze. Olympian Stevan Micic battled back for a hard-fought fourth-place finish at 141 pounds, and Mason Parris also added a fourth-place finish to the team's total at 285 pounds. Kanen Storr rounded out the podium finishers with his eighth-place finish at 149 pounds, and the program will look to continue this momentum as the Wolverines chase an NCAA crown in Detroit. 

12:03 am, March 7, 2022

285 pounds: No. 1 Gable Steveson wins by forfeit against No. 2 Tony Cassioppi

Gable Steveson wins his third Big Ten title by forfeit against Iowa's Tony Cassioppi. The Golden Gopher soaks up the moment on the mat and expresses his appreciation for the crowd. He'll move on to the NCAA tournament and chase another national title. 

11:51 pm, March 6, 2022

197 pounds: No. 2 Max Dean fends off No. 1 Eric Schultz

THIRD PERIOD: Dean will start the third period on bottom. Schultz lets Dean up, and the Nittany Lion is back in the lead 3-2 with 1:55 of riding time. There's just 90 seconds left in the match, and Schultz needs a takedown to tie it. One minute. Schultz takes a shot, but Dean is too strong and fends him off. Another shot! Dean's defense is top notch. The Husker could draw another stall call against Dean if he keeps shooting, but he'll need more than that. Fifteen seconds. Ten seconds. Dean holds on for the win, and he's a Big Ten champion for the first time in his career. 

SECOND PERIOD: Schultz chooses down to begin the second period, but Dean stays tough and pushes his riding time up over a minute. This has been an impressive period for Dean on top, and he works Schultz out of boards but is hit with stalling in the process. Dean has two minutes of riding time, but Schultz earns the escape, and he's back on his feet with the match tied 2-2. 

FIRST PERIOD: Max Dean is looking to reset the Penn State momentum after Aaron Brooks' loss to Myles Amine at 184 pounds, and the No. 2 Nittany Lion is working early for points. Dean, who was an NCAA finalist at 184 pounds in 2019, has filled out completely and looks like a powerful 197-pounder as he faces a 2021and 2022 Big Ten finalist in Schultz. The Huskers have wrestled well this tournament, but they don't have a champ yet. Can Schultz change that? Dean takes him down in the final minute of the first period, and the Nittany Lion will now look to ride him out for the rest of the period, but Schultz picks up a last-second escape. Dean will lead 2-1 heading into the second period. 

11:33 pm, March 6, 2022

184 pounds: No. 2 Myles Amine upsets No. 1 Aaron Brooks

OVERTIME: Amine is refreshed, and he does it — Myles Amine tops the NCAA champ. The Wolverine is a 2022 Big Ten champion! 

THIRD PERIOD: Amine chooses bottom to start the third and earns a quick escape before shooting in on a shot. You have to love the effort here if you're a Michigan fan. The Wolverine lineup showed up for this tournament, and they are battling for every point. Brooks draws a stalemate, and the wrestlers are back in the center with Brooks leading 3-2. One minute to go. Amine takes another shot, but Brooks draws another stalemate. The Wolverine has 52 seconds left to find his spot for a takedown and finish. Thirty seconds. Short time. Amine is on an attack, and he gets the last-second points. Myles Amine sends this into sudden victory. 

SECOND PERIOD: Brooks chooses bottom to start the period, and he's out for a quick escape to take a 3-1 lead. One minute to go in the period. Amine is warned for stalling. The second period brought less action, but Brooks will hold on to his 3-1 lead, the lone first-period takedown separating these two athletes. 

FIRST PERIOD: We're rolling already here at 184 pounds with speed and early action. Myles Amine goes in for a throw, but Brooks him off. Thirty seconds in, and this match is living up to the hype. Two Big champs here from last year are now facing off for 184-pound glory, and the energy is evident. Brooks goes in for a shot, and we're scrambling! Brooks ends up on top with the takedown on the edge to take the lead, and the Penn State faithful erupts with cheers. They know this match matters for the team race. Amine escapes, but Brooks has the momentum now, and he's pushing Amine towards the edge of the mat, initiating movement. That'll do it for the first period. Brooks leads 2-1. 

11:11 pm, March 6, 2022

174 pounds: No. 1 Carter Starocci overpowers No. 2 Logan Massa for the title

THIRD PERIOD: Massa will start in the down position to begin the third period, and he needs an escape and more to take the lead. Starocci, however, with a 3-1 lead, works on top again. He's winning and a rideout would seal the deal. The Nittany Lion is hit for stalling on top, but his riding time is at 44 seconds right now, and he knows what it would mean to push that time up over a minute, so he keeps working. He's wrestling smart right now. He stays on top as the wrestlers work out of bounds. Less than thirty seconds. Massa is hit with his third caution on the reset, shaking his head in frustration as Starocci picks up the penalty point. What a rideout for Starocci as he finishes the period on top and takes the 5-1 decision win over Massa! 

SECOND PERIOD: Starocci will choose down to start the second period, and now it's Massa's turn to ride. He runs down Starocci's riding time and racks up control of his own. Starocci escapes to take a 3-1 lead, but Massa's ride showed that he's absolutely in this match. The period will enter with Starocci in control 3-1. Two minutes to go in the match. Let's go!

FIRST PERIOD: Michigan's Logan Massa comes into this bout fresh off a huge win against Mikey Labriola in the semifinals, and this is his shot for redemption against the 2021 NCAA champion Carter Starocci. The Nittany Lion is on the board first though with a smart takedown on the edge. One minute to go in the period, and Starocci is still on top. He's trying to keep Massa down on the mat, but the Wolverine is actively resisting as Starocci pushes him out of bounds. Good effort from both of these guys right now, as Massa finally earns the escape. Penn State head coach Cael Sanderson challenges the escape and wins. Massa will go down in the center of the mat as Starocci continues to ride. Massa is out again. The first period will end with Starocci in the lead 2-1. 

10:58 pm, March 6, 2022

165 pounds: No. 2 Alex Marinelli holds off No. 4 Cameron Amine

THIRD PERIOD: Amine chooses bottom to start the third period, and Marinelli hits him with a quick mat return as they go out of bounds. Again. Iowa's leader has 33 seconds of riding time so far but pushing this over a minute will give him more comfort with his lead. Amine escapes. Marinelli leads 2-1, the stall call being the only difference between the two athletes. Thirty seconds to go. Still no shots. This hasn't been the most exciting match, but Amine takes a short time shot in an effort to take a move, but Marinelli holds on. He's a four-time Big Ten Champion after a 2-1 win!

SECOND PERIOD: Marinelli chooses down to start the second period, and he picks up a quick escape to earn the first point of the match. Marinelli continues to drive forward, pushing Amine out of bounds and drawing the first stall call against the Wolverine. The Hawkeye has looked stronger, but Amine hasn't given up any offensive points yet. Thirty seconds left. Amine is hit for stalling again, and Marinelli extends his lead 2-0. Five seconds. No shots in this period, but The Bull has the 2-0 lead. 

FIRST PERIOD: Alex Marinelli and Cam Amine are both aggressive early. The Hawkeye defending champion isn't giving Amine any room on the mat, forcing him to back up and stay defensive. Scoreless first period, but both guys have been putting up a fight with lots of force. 

10:41 pm, March 6, 2022

157 pounds: No. 1 Ryan Deakin beats No. 3 Will Lewan to claim his third title

THIRD PERIOD: Lewan chooses down to begin the third period, and Deakin holds him on the mat with a tough ride early. The Wildcat looks dominant in this position, and he's driving Lewan into the floor. One minute to go, and Deakin's riding time is already up over two minutes. Lewan is called for stalling again, giving Deakin another point, and the Wildcat will ride out the period to win 7-2 and become a three-time Big Ten champ. 

SECOND PERIOD: Deakin chooses bottom to begin the second and escapes quickly. He goes for another attack, but Lewan defends on the edge to draw a stalemate. Deakin nearly puts Lewan on his back but instead secures the two-point takedown and extends his lead. He's looking like peak Ryan Deakin as he racks up the score. Lewan has been tough so far in this match, but Deakin is a veteran and champion, and he's wrestling with that experience and poise. Deakin leads 5-1 with 20 seconds left in the second. The Wildcat nearly ends the period on top with his riding time just over a minute, but Lewan earns a last second escape to make the score 5-2 heading into the third period. 

FIRST PERIOD: Ryan Deakin will take the mat looking for his third Big Ten title, and he'll be facing off against a first-time finalist in Will Lewan. Lewan keeps Deakin scoreless through the first minute, and the Wolverine is really here to fight. Lewan is initiating offense and forcing Deakin to wrestle his pace early. Deakin goes in for a shot, and he finishes to take a quick two-point lead, but Lewan escapes, and it's 2-1 with a minute to go in the first period. Ten seconds. Five seconds. Let's go to the second period with Deakin ahead 2-1. 

10:21 pm, March 6, 2022

149 pounds: No. 2 Austin Gomez overpowers No. 1 Sammy Sasso

THIRD PERIOD: Sasso escapes to start the period, and the match was briefly tied 4-4 before Gomez went in for another attack. What a key takedown for the Badger. He leads 6-4 with just over 90 seconds to go. Sasso escapes, and the scores sits at 6-5 with 75 seconds to go. A shot comes from Sasso, but Gomez fends him off. Gomez’ power is evident as he works his way around the mat. Thirty seconds to go. Twenty seconds. Late action, and we’re scrambling! Sasso didn’t quit, but Gomez comes out on top with another takedown, and he takes the title. 

Austin Gomez is a 2022 Big Ten champion! 

SECOND PERIOD: Gomez starts the second period on bottom and earns an escape, followed quickly by a takedown to take a 4-3 lead after Sasso works out of his hold. This has been a battle of takedowns so far, and the period will end with Gomez holding on to his one-point lead. 

FIRST PERIOD: This is such an interesting matchup between the defending Big Ten champion Sammy Sasso and the Wisconsin transfer Austin Gomez. Let's get things rolling!

Sasso looks quick on his feet tonight and more aggressive and confident than he did in his decision win against Max Murin the semifinals. The Buckeye is on the board first with an early takedown, but he lets Gomez up after just a 25 second ride. There's so much intensity on the mat right now between these two. They are focused and dialed in. Austin Gomez wants a throw, and he's look for a upper-body move, but Sasso defends the effort. 

Sasso will end the period with the 2-1 lead. 

10:07 pm, March 6, 2022

141 pounds: No. 1 Nick Lee wins by forfeit against No. 2 Jaydin Eierman

2021 NCAA champion Nick Lee captures the Big Ten title this year by way of medical forfeit. These are big points for the Nittany Lions. 

9:48 pm, March 6, 2022

133 pounds: No. 1 Roman Bravo-Young takes down No. 2 Austin DeSanto

THIRD PERIOD: Bravo-Young escapes himself and ties the score 1-1, as DeSanto goes in for another shot. Let's scramble! Bravo-Young comes out of the sequence on top, but Iowa challenges. Takedown confirmed. Bravo-Young leads 3-1 with twenty seconds to go. Riding time is not a factor. He rides DeSanto and throws him down for two mat returns. Short time. Bravo-Young finishes on top, and he's a Big Ten champion again with a 3-1 decision! 

SECOND PERIOD: DeSanto chooses bottom to start the second. Bravo-Young is putting on a tough ride, but DeSanto is out after 30 seconds. He's on the board first with the escape and initiates his attack again. The ref calls stalemate, so we're back to the center. Bravo-Young just looks like he's in his element. No fear, no anxiety, just looseness. DeSanto's next attack draws a stall call against Bravo-Young, and the Hawkeye is still working for this takedown. Impressive defense from Bravo-Young prevents the points, and they'll end the period with DeSanto leading 1-0 due to his early escape. 

FIRST PERIOD: DeSanto is in on an early shot, but the sequence is stopped because of a potentially dangerous call. The first minute ends scoreless, but DeSanto is attacking. He led the offensive attempts in the dual as well but struggled to finish his shots, ultimately giving up a decision loss. Can he reverse the result tonight? One minute to go in the first period. Bravo-Young is so calm. He just looks relaxed as the Hawkeye continues to lunge towards him. DeSanto is trying to bait the Nittany Lion into attacking, he's motioning for action, and he wants to wrestle his pace, but the first period ends scoreless. 

9:30 pm, March 6, 2022

125 pound finals: No. 1 Nick Suriano bonuses No. 3 Eric Barnett

THIRD PERIOD: Barnett starts on bottom to begin the third, and Suriano goes to work on top. Escape Barnett after about 30 seconds, but Suriano responds immediately with another takedown. He's racked up the score and now leads 9-2, but Barnett is initiating a scramble. Boom. It's a reversal for the Badger, but Surinao reverses for two of his own. Love to see this kind of action. Suriano leads 11-4 after the flurry and still has riding time locked up. Forty-five seconds to go. Suriano's on top, and he doesn't look like he intends to let Barnett go. Ten seconds. The Wolverine wins 12-4. 

Nick Suriano is a Big Ten champion again! 

SECOND PERIOD: Suriano chooses down to start the second, but Barnett is tough on top. The Wolverine is out after less than 20 seconds, and he's back on the attack. Barnett looks physically a little bigger than Suriano, but the Wolverine's strength is evident as he moves Barnett around the edges of the mat, establishing control. One minute left in the period, and Suriano leads 5-1 with still over 90 seconds of riding time. His escape is the only point in the period so far. Barnett is fighting, credit to him. Suriano, though, is too quick, and he racks up another takedown before the end of the period. Ten seconds left. Suriano will end the period on top with a 7-1 lead with riding time. Now he'll look for bonus. 

FIRST PERIOD: Nick Suriano earns the first two takedowns of the match early, racking up a 4-1 lead after Barnett escaped from the first takedown. This is early dominance from the Wolverine. He'll end the first period with that 4-1 score steady along with 1:54 of riding time. Wow. 

9:29 pm, March 6, 2022

Championship matches

Third-place matches: 

125 pounds: No. 8 Pat McKee does Pat McKee things and wins the consolation finals to finish third. He beat Northwestern's No. 7 Michael DeAugustino by a 3-1 decision. That's huge for McKee's NCAA seed potential. What a fight from the Gopher. 
133 pounds: No. 5 Dylan Ragusin builds off of Suriano's championship momentum and takes down No. 3 Lucas Byrd 3-1 in overtime to claim third place. The Wolverines came here to compete. 

141 pounds: What a tournament from No. 5 Jakob Bergeland as he takes out No. 6 Stevan Micic 4-0 to earn bronze. Micic has also qualified for the tournament, and he'll look to earn his fourth All-American honor at NCAAs while Bergeland will chase a national podium finish for the first time in his career. 
149 pounds: No. 4 Max Murin takes the bronze after a medical forfeit from Ridge Lovett. Those points are good for Iowa as the Hawkeyes chase a team title. 

157 pounds: No. 10 Brady Berge puts the team on his back and takes down Iowa's No. 2 Kaleb Young in sudden victory to claim bronze. The Nittany Lion has had an exceptional tournament, and he'll aim to carry this momentum into NCAAs on a quest for his first podium finish. 

165 pounds: Wisconsin's No. 3 Dean Hamiti continues to impress, as he takes down No. 1 Carson Kharchla in sudden victory, earning bronze. What a big performance from the Badger that sets him up well for a run in the national tournament. 
174 pounds: No. 5 Ethan Smith picks up a win via medical forfeit from No. 7 Troy Fisher of Northwestern. Smith will look to add another All-American honor to his resume in two weeks in Detriot, and a third-place Big Ten finish is a good start towards that goal for the Buckeye. 
184 pounds: No. 12 Zach Braunagel far outperforms his seed and takes home bronze after a sudden victory against No. 3 Kaleb Romero. What a win for the Illini! 

197 pounds: No. 5 Patrick Brucki picks up a huge win for the Wolverines over No. 4 Jacob Warner 3-1. The 197-pound weight class is so fun, and Brucki's tournament this weekend could put him in a more favorable position to chase an NCAA finals run in two weeks in Detroit. 
285 pounds: No. 3 Greg Kerkvliet beats NCAA finalist No. 4 Mason Parris again 5-3 to earn a bronze in his second Big Ten tournament appearance. Kerkvliet's power and improvement this year has been evident, and he has his eyes on an NCAA finals spot next. 

Fifth-place matches: 

125 pounds: No. 4 Malik Heinselman wins by medical forfeit against Purdue's Devin Schroder. The Buckeye will end on the podium this year and look ahead to Detroit. He's trending upwards. 

133 pounds: No. 7 Chris Cannon takes the victory over No. 4 RayVon Foley by way of another medical forfeit. The Wildcat will take fifth and turn his focus to NCAAs. 

141 pounds: No. 7 Dylan D'Emilio takes the fifth-place win after former Big Ten champion No. 3 Sebastian Rivera medically forfeits out of the tournament. 

149 pounds: No. 10 Michael Blockhus gets the win, again by medical forfeit. He's take home fifth, while Rutgers' No. 6 Mike Van Brill settles for sixth. 

157 pounds: Nebraska's No. 5 Peyton Robb has wrestled with grit and intensity all tournament, and he ends the night with an 8-0 major decision against Purdue's No. 4 Kendall Coleman for fifth place. 
165 pounds: No. 11 David Ferrante of Northwestern takes fifth after a medical forfeit from No. 8 Clayton Wilson of Nebraska. There's a trend of these forfeits in the wrestlebacks this years as the athletes lock up their spots for nationals and opt to rest ahead of the upcoming tournament. 
174 pounds: Speaking of medical forfeits, No. 3 Michael Labriola takes the fifth-place spot at 174 pounds after an expected opt-out from Iowa's No. 4 Michael Kemerer. The Hawkeye graduate student suffered a shoulder scare earlier in the tournament and forfeited out ahead of his semifinals match. 
184 pounds: No. 4 Taylor Venz battled for his fifth-place spot, outscoring Maryland's Kyle Cochran 6-3 to end his tournament with a win. Both Cochran and Venz will look to end up on the podium in Detroit in a few weeks, and both wrestled with heart and determination all tournament. 
197 pounds: No. 6 Thomas Penola finished his tournament on top as he navigated past a tough No. 3 Cameron Caffey in the fifth-place match to claim a 3-2 win over the former Big Ten finalist. Penola outperformed his seed, and such a result should be useful to him both from a confidence standpoint and a seeding standpoint heading into NCAAs. 
285 pounds: No. 5 Lucas Davison worked his way through the consolation bracket to finish fifth after a 3-1 decision against a fiery No. 9 Luke Luffman. The heavyweights wrap up the consolation matches in intense fashion. 

4:53 pm, March 6, 2022

Medal round & consolation bracket results

Seventh-place matches: 

125 pounds: No. 9 Dylan Shawver of Rutgers earns a medical forfeit win over Iowa's No. 6 Drake Ayala
133 pounds: No. 9 Matt Ramos beats No. 12 Jake Gliva 3-2
141 pounds: No. 10 Frankie Tal Shahar tops No. 11 Parker Filius 11-6
149 pounds: No. 7 Beau Bartlett works past No. 11 Kanen Storr 3-1
157 pounds: No. 7 Garrett Model shuts out No. 6 Chase Saldante 7-0
165 pounds: No. 9 Cael Carlson pins No. 5 Caleb Fish 2:41
174 pounds: No. 9 Dominic Solis over No. 13 Connor ONeill 10-4
184 pounds: No. 5 Abe Assad earns a medical forfeit win against No. 10 Isaiah Salazer
197 pounds: No. 7 Greg Bulsak tops No. 9 Gavin Hoffman 6-1
285 pounds: No. 6 Christian Lance beats No. 8 Tate Orndorff 3-2

Consolation semifinals: 

125 pounds: Minnesota's No. 8 Pat McKee wins by medical forfeit over No. 5 Devin Schroder to advance to the third-place match. Pat McKee has been Mr. Wrestlebacks so far in this tournament, beating No. 2 Drew Hildebrandt, No. 6 Drake Ayala and now earning the win by default against Schroder. McKee produced a similar result at the NCAA Tournament last year when he came back to finish third, and he's someone you can never count out of a bracket. 

No. 7 Michael DeAugustino's gritty third-period takedown proved to be the difference in his 3-2 match against No. 4 Malik Heinselman, and the Wildcat will advance to the third-place match against McKee next.

Malik Heinselman and Devin Schroder will wrestle for fifth while Drake Ayala and Dylan Shawver will compete for seventh. 

133 pounds: Illinois' No. 3 Lucas Byrd continues to look impressive and tops All-American No. 4 Rayvon Foley 5-2 to move on to the third-place match. Good recovery from Byrd after that chippy match with Austin DeSanto last night. No. 5 Dylan Ragusin beats No. 7 Chris Cannon 7-2 to advance to the third-place match against Byrd. 

No. 7 Chris Cannon will battle No. 4 RayVon Foley in the fifth-place match while No. 12 Jake Gliva will take on No. 9 Matt Ramos for seventh. 

141 pounds: Michigan's No. 6 Stevan Micic earns a win by medical forfeit over No. 3 Sebastian Rivera. This puts Micic, a No. 6 seed who lost his first match in upset fashion against Parker Filius, in the third-place match. No. 5 Jakob Bergeland takes the win in his match over No. 7 Dylan D'Emilio by way of riding time 4-3, and he'll see Micic in the third-place match. 

D'Emilio will have Rivera next in the fifth-place match while Parker Filius of Purdue will wrestle Frankie Tal Shahar of Northwestern for seventh. 

149 pounds: No. 4 Max Murin continues to look strong in this tournament, earning the first takedown against No. 6 Mike Van Brill and keeping the attack going to the win. He added a second takedown in the third, an escape and a riding time point to earn the 6-1 win victory an escape from Van Brill. Iowa has to feel good after having Murin in the third-place match. No. 3 Ridge Lovett holds on despite late attack efforts from No. 10 Michael Blockhus, and Lovett's third-period takedown secured the 9-5 win. The Husker is moving on to the third-place match where he'll meet Murin. 

No. 6 Mike Van Brill will wrestle for fifth against No. 10 Michael Blockhus while No. 7 Beau Bartlett and No. 11 Kanen Storr will compete for seventh. 

157 pounds: The dualing fanbases of Iowa and Nebraska went wild for the match between No. 5 Peyton Robb and No. 2 Kaleb Young, and while Robb went on the attack late in the third, Young came up big with short-time backpoints to take the 8-1 win. He moves on, and Iowa earns critical team points. Young will have a rematch against Penn State's No. 10 Brady Berge who earns a major pin in his consolation match against No. 4 Kendall Coleman. The team race is heating up! 

Peyton Robb and Kendall Coleman will battle for fifth, while Chase Saldante and Garrett Model will wrestle in the seventh-place matches. 

165 pounds: No. 1 Carson Kharchla leaves no doubt about his abilities and talents after his strong 11-5 win over No. 11 David Ferrante. The Buckeye will advance to the third-place match. 

No. 8 Clayton Wilson, feeding off of the cheers from his Husker fanbase, earned the first takedown, but No. 3 Dean Hamiti responded with points of his own and ultimately pulled away for the win 10-4 with riding time. This young Badger is dangerous, and he'll have the top seed in the conference in the third-place match. 

Wilson will move to the fifth-place match where he'll meet No. 11 David Ferrante of Northwestern. No. 9 Cael Carlson of Minnesota and No. 5 Caleb Fish of Michigan State will wrestle for seventh. 

174 pounds: After great deliberation from the refs in the third period and a lot of disagreement about points and sequences late, the battle between No. 3 Mikey Labriola and No. 5 Ethan Smith ultimately moved into sudden victory and finished in favor of the Buckeye. Smith will move on and wrestle No. 7 Troy Fisher of Northwestern next. Fisher advanced to the consolation finals after a medical default win over Iowa's No. 4 Michael Kemerer.

Labriola will drop down and is set to face Kemerer in the fifth-place match while No. 9 Dominic Solis and No. 13 Connor ONeill will compete for seventh. 

184 pounds: Maryland's Kyle Cochran put up quite the fight, but, in the end, No. 3 Kaleb Romero finished the match as the victor by way of a 5-2 decision. That's three winners in a row for the Bucks! Cochran will continue to be a threat for the podium at the national tournament, as will Romero, but this time it's the Buckeye who prevailed and will wrestle for bronze. 

No. 12 Zach Braunagel battled tough against Venz, and, as a result of strong, powerful third-period offense, pulled off the upset in this hostile environment 6-5. He'll wrestle Romero next while No. 4 Taylor Venz will drop down and compete for fifth against Cochran. No. 10 Isaiah Salazer and Iowa's No. 5 Abe Assad will battle for seventh. 

197 pounds: No. 5 Patrick Brucki tops No. 6 Thomas Penola narrowly to move on to the third-place match 4-2. 

Iowa's No. 4 Jacob Warner wrestled a classic Warner match, winning 5-3 against No. 3 Cameron Caffey of Michigan State to put himself in the third-place match as well. The pace started quick and slowed down a little in the third period. Caffey staged a late comeback, but his efforts weren't enough. Warner moves on and joins a number of his teammates in the fight for individual bronze. 

Penola and Caffey will challenge each other for fifth while No. 7 Greg Bulsak of Rutgers and No. 9 Gavin Hoffman of Ohio State will wrestle for seventh. 

285 pounds: No. 4 Mason Parris secures a decision win against Illinois' No. 9 Luke Luffman 8-2, and he'll have a rematch against No. 3 Greg Kerkvliet of Penn State who beat Northwestern's Lucas Davison to advance to the consolation finals as well. 

Luffman will wrestle Davison for fifth while No. 6 Christian Lance of Nebraska and No. 8 Tate Orndorff of Ohio State will compete for seventh. 

Additional Consolation results: 

125 pounds: Hildebrandt holds on for a 4-0 win against No. 12 Jacob Moran to officially book his ticket to Detroit. No. 10 Justin Cardani also picks up a win over No. 11 Tristian Lujan this morning. 

133 pounds: Brock Hudkins tops Kyle Burwick of Wisconsin 5-1 to advance to the ninth-place match later this morning. He'll face No. 8 Joe Olivieri, the Rutgers lightweight who beat No. 10 Dominic Serrano earlier this morning 6-3. The win qualified Olivieri for the NCAA tournament, and he's helping to make history for the Scarlet Knights at this tournament with his victory. 

174 pounds: No. 11 Andrew McNally tops No. 10 DJ Shannon, giving the Badgers their first win of the morning session. No. 8 Gerrit Nijenhuis also beat No. 12 Nick South 5-3 in the semifinal of the ninth-place bracket, so he'll move on and face McNally next. 

184 pounds: No. 6 Layne Malczewski outscores No. 14 Jack Jesesn 10-1 to advance to the ninth-place match. He'll take on All-American John Poznanski from Rutgers who won by way of medical forfeit against Wisconsin's Chris Weiler in his bout this morning. Malczewski qualified for the tournament last night after his consolation round bye, and he's the third Spartan to book a ticket to Detroit so far in this tournament. 

197 pounds:  Braxton Amos beats Michial Foy 5-3 to advance to the ninth-place match. He'll take on Northwestern's Andrew Davison, who beat Maryland's Jaron Smith earlier this morning. These two athletes have not previously met in collegiate competition. 

285 pounds: Trent Hillger and No. 11 Michael Woulfe advance with wins over Zach Schrader and No. 10 Jacob Bullock, respectively. 

1:40 am, March 6, 2022

Semifinal results

285 pounds: Gable Steveson, Tony Cassioppi advance to Big Ten finals 

No. 1 Gable Steveson majors No. 4 Mason Parris

Gable Steveson earns a early takedown to propel himself into the lead 2-1 after Parris escapes. It's like clockwork for Steveson as the Gopher earns another takedown to extend his lead. Parris escapes. This could be a pattern we see for the next several minutes from these two athletes. Steveson leads 5-2, and Parris chooses bottom to start the second period. An escape from Parris makes the score 5-3, and, credit to Parris, the Wolverine does seem to be slowly down Steveson ever so slightly. But, just when things are looking close, Steveson notches another two-point takedown. The Gopher leads 7-3 with 30 seconds left the second period. An escape from Parris makes that 7-4, and the period ends that way. 

Steveson chooses neutral to start the third period, and he finishes off the major 14-6. Steveson will meet Tony Cassioppi in the finals tomorrow night to defend his crown. 

No. 2 Tony Cassioppi holds off No. 3 Greg Kerkvliet

Scoreless after the first two minutes for these big guys. Kerkvliet will start the second period on bottom, a move he didn't embrace in the dual, but he hits the reversal for the quick two points. He's on the board and in the lead against All-American Tony Cassioppi. The Hawkeye escapes to make the score 2-1, but he'll need another escape to start the third period here to tie the score. And he gets it! This match is all tied up with 60 seconds to go. Kerkvliet picks up a takedown, potentially the dual-winning takedown, to earn a 4-2 lead. Ten seconds, but Cassioppi pulls off the reversal. We're all tied up. Kerkvliet has 59 seconds of riding time, but that won't be enough for the point. Bring on sudden victory! Cassioppi finishes the match almost immediately with a quick takedown at the start of extra time 6-4. He's a Big Ten finalist! 

197 pounds: Eric Schultz and Max Dean set to meet in a battle between No. 1 and No. 2

No. 1 Eric Schultz moves on after a win against No. 5 Patrick Brucki

Scoreless after one for these two. Good effort on the attacks from both guys, but we'll start the second with Brucki on bottom, as the Wolverine looks to put the first point on the board. Brucki escapes, but Schultz responds with an attack. No points yet for the Husker, as Brucki fends off his efforts. Ultimately, Schultz finishes an attack late in the second period and takes the 2-1 lead with 15 seconds to go in the second. Brucki notches a point, and it's 2-2 heading into the third. Schultz chooses down to start the period, and this is his moment to take the lead. He earns the escape and the lead with less than a minute to go. Riding time is not a factor as Schultz leads 3-2 with 15 seconds to go. Stalling call against Schultz, but the Husker will advance. 

No. 2 Max Dean beats No. 3 Cam Caffey 5-2

Max Dean isn't wasting any time putting points up on the board for the Nittany Lions with an early takedown an effort at backpoints. He moves out of boards, but he made quite the statement there with that opening sequence. Dean is putting on a punishing ride right now against Caffey, and while he hasn't picked up a turn, he's sending a message about his physicality. Dean will earn over two minutes of riding time and end the period on top. What a way to start for the Penn State transfer. 

Dean chooses bottom to start the second period, but Caffey doesn't want to let him up. He's chipping away at Dean's riding time, slowly, but the Nittany Lion escapes after about 30 seconds. We're neutral. Dean goes in for an attack, but Caffey wrestles smart on the edge to hold him off.  Caffey chooses neutral to start the third, which is smart, but puts him in a tough position, as he now needs a takedown and more to win, but he's working for it. He scores two, but Dean picks up a point on the exchange, and Dean leads 4-2 with riding time. Ten seconds. Caffey goes for a short time takedown, but it's not quite enough. Dean takes the win 5-2 with riding time to advance to the finals. 

184 pounds: Aaron Brooks and Myles Amine, two defending Big Ten champs, set for a showdown

No. 1 Aaron Brooks beats No. 4 Taylor Venz 7-2

Aaron Brooks is starting this match in classic Aaron Brooks fashion. He's on the attack early and picks up the early takedown. That attack served as the only points in the first period, but Brooks continued his scoring efforts in the second, extending his lead 6-1 and working on top to exhaust Venz. The Nittany Lion isn't giving up any points. Brooks will end the period on top, and Venz will start the third period on bottom. He's up and back on his feet, but Brooks still leads 6-2. Forty-five seconds left, and Brooks has the riding time secured. He needs another takedown for bonus, but he'll settle for the 7-2 win and advance to another final. 

No. 2 Myles Amine tops No. 3 Kaleb Romero

Myles Amine has separated himself in this match with a lone takedown and an escape to hold a 3-0 lead halfway through the second period. Romero escapes, holding Amine to 42 seconds of riding time, and they're back on their feet. Romero chooses down to start the third period, and Amine will aim to extend that riding time over a minute. With 90 seconds to go, Amine leads 3-1 with about 1:15 of riding time. Romero escapes again, but not before Amine sends the riding time up to 1:44. With less than a minute to go in the period, Romero is pushing. Ten seconds to go. The Buckeye takes a shot, but Amine lets time expire for the 4-2 win. He's a Big Ten finalist again. 

174 pounds: Carter Starocci advances, set to wrestle Logan Massa in the finals

No. 1 Carter Starocci accepts a forfeit from No. 4 Michael Kemerer

Michael Kemerer medically forfiets out of the Big Ten semifinals, so Carter Starocci will advance to his second Big Ten finals. 

No. 2 Logan Massa outpaces No. 3 Mikey Labriola

Labriola makes the first attack, and he fires up his hometown crowd with a takedown about two minutes into the first period. Massa escapes, so it's 2-1 with 30 seconds to go. The Wolverine is back on the attack, and there's so much movement between these two wrestlers. Massa fights for a takedown on the edge, but it's call out of bounds, and they go back to the middle. 

Labriola picks up an escape to start the second, and there's some immediately upper-body effort here from the Husker, but Massa keeps things neutral before initiating his own attack. A takedown from Massa and a corresponding escape from Labriola makes it 4-2 with 30 seconds to go in the second. Let's scramble! No points, but this match is getting chippy as the Husker fans start chanting "Mike-y" "Mike-y." As the Big Ten commentators noted, this is quite the atmosphere.

Two minutes to go. Massa escapes, and we're all tied up 4-4. Labriola is warned for stalling, and Massa responds with a takedown, feeling his opportunity. Massa leads 6-4 with just over 60 seconds to go. Labriola escapes, but Massa keeps shooting. Labriola works for a reattack, and he nearly scores, but Massa impresses with stellar defense. Labriola shoots and Massa is hit with stalling. Ten seconds. Potentially dangerous. Back to the middle. Massa leads 6-5. Eight seconds. Labriola slows down in the last ten seconds, and Logan Massa advances to the finals with a 6-5 win. 

165 pounds: Alex Marinelli will wrestle Cam Amine on his quest for a fourth Big Ten title

No. 4 Cam Amine tops No. 1 Carson Kharchla in sudden victory

Scoreless after one, which is a testament to Amine. The longer he can avoid being overpowered by the strength of Kharchla, the better. Slowing down these top seeds is always a smart strategy if you're the opponent, but that only works for so long. Kharchla goes in for a deep shot. Amine holds him off, but Kharchla does head into the third with a 1-0 lead after an escape at the start of the period. Amine ties the score with an escape of his own, and this has been a solid match from the Wolverine. Sudden victory time! The pace of this match has slowed, and there's caution in the attacks. Neither wrestler wants to initiate. Kharchla goes in for a shot, and Amine responds. A scramble ensues, but it's Amine. The Wolverine All-American is a Big Ten finalist! 

No. 2 Alex Marinelli outscores No. 3 Dean Hamiti 3-2

Hamiti vs. Marinelli is such a fun pairing and clash of styles. Hamiti is moving all over the mat, but Marinelli remains controlled. He's so calm. Hamiti goes in for the first shot, but Marinelli works to hold him off, drawing a stalemate call. Another shot from Hamiti — oh boy. The Badger isn't messing around. Marinelli's defense has to be frustrating for Hamiti, as the Wisconsin freshman is generating most of the offense, but it's scoreless after one. 

Hamiti picks up a quick escape to start the second, so he's on the board first. That escape is the only point of the period, and Marinelli will go down to start the third, looking for an escape of his own. Marinelli ties things up, and they handfight for another minute before, boom, Marinelli makes his move with a big takedown to earn the lead. Hamiti escapes, but Marinelli is back on the attack. That was the aggression that Iowa expected out of The Bull. Hamiti shoots, and we're back to the underhooks in the middle of the mat as Hamiti and Marinelli look to find their moves. Ten seconds. Five seconds. Alex Marinelli holds on to a 3-2 win with his takedown being the difference. 

157 pounds: Ryan Deakin will take on Will Lewan and shoot for his third title 

No. 1 Ryan Deakin narrowly beats No. 5 Peyton Robb 

Deakin is on the attack first, and that's a takedown for the defending Big Ten champion. Now he'll go to work on top. With less than a minute to go in the period, Deakin has officially ticked his riding time up over 60 seconds, and he's working to finish on top here after the first three minutes. That's a solid start for the Wildcat. He leads 2-0 after the first period with over two minutes of riding time. Deakin extends his lead to start the second with an escape, and he now leads 3-0. Robb goes in for a shot, but Deakin fends him off and looks for points of his own. Robb maintains the pressure though and picks up a takedown on the edge to narrow Deakin's lead. The Wildcat still leads 3-2 with over 90 seconds of riding time, but Robb is fighting. He works to ride Deakin out for the period, but the reigning champ escapes.

Deakin leads 4-2 with riding time here in the third as the clock ticks down. Robb has less than 60 seconds to make a move, and he's pushing for it. Another attack generates a second stall call against Deakin, so it's 4-3 with thirty seconds left. Deakin takes a shot, he wants more security. Ten seconds. Five seconds. It's looking like Deakin will survive 5-3 with riding time. What a fight from Robb, but this one belongs to Ryan Deakin. 

No. 3 Will Lewan tops No. 10 Brady Berge in sudden victory

Scoreless after one period, but these guys are still figuring each other out. Lewan chooses down to start the second and escapes, so he's on the board first 1-0. Lewan's escape is the only point of the second period, and Berge will choose down to start the third. He's out, and it's 1-1. Thirty seconds. Scoreless. Sudden victory! BOOM. Will Lewan locks up a takedown and propels himself into the Big Ten finals over Berge 3-1. That's the second Wolverine to make it to this stage tonight. 

149 pounds: Sammy Sasso will look to defend his title, this time against Austin Gomez 

No. 1 Sammy Sasso narrowly beats No. 4 Max Murin 3-1

This one is scoreless after the first period. Sasso starts the second period on bottom, but Murin works for a short ride. Sasso is out after 25 seconds, and they're back to neutral. Murin is in on a shot, and the offense from the Hawk has stood out thus far. There's an aggression and intensity in Murin's wrestling right now. He knows he's one match away from the Big Ten championships, and he's keeping this one close. Sasso's escape in the second period is still the only point on the board. Let's see what these guys can do in the third. 

Murin starts on the bottom to begin the third, and he needs to get out and avoid riding time against him. And he's out! We're all tied up 1-1, and riding time is not a factor. Less than 90 seconds to go. Sasso is in on a shot, and he finishes, nearly putting Murin on his back for a quick second. The Buckeye defending champ leads 3-1 with 30 seconds to go. Sasso finishes the period on top, and he's a Big Ten finalist again. 

No. 2 Austin Gomez pins No. 3 Ridge Lovett

Another crazy fast result! Austin Gomez pins 2021 Big Ten finalist Ridge Lovett in 20 seconds. He's a Big Ten finalist for the first time in his career. 

"I'm comfortable in those upperbody positions, and I don't think anyone can go with me upperbody," Austin Gomez told the Big Ten Network after his match. "Winners win, that's all there is to it." 

141 pounds: Jaydin Eierman and Nick Lee set to meet again in the Big Ten finals

No. 1 Nick Lee techs No. 5 Jakob Bergeland 

The national champ quickly establishes himself as the attacker, earning an early takedown in the second minute of the first period and following that with another takedown after an escape from Bergeland. After a couple of tilts on top, Lee has extended his lead 12-1 after three minutes. He also own 2:30 of riding time heading into the second. Bergeland chooses neutral to start the second period. There's so much focus in Lee's eyes. He's on a mission, and this match is just one step towards another title. Lee picks up another takedown immediately at the start of the period and starts to turn Bergeland. He's called for potentially dangerous, and he takes some blood time, but pretty quickly, these guys are back to center, and Lee keeps pushing for the tech fall. The speed of Lee is really unbelievable. Bergeland held Lee to just two points in that period, but Lee's reversal in the third period sends him to the finals by tech fall 16-1. 

No. 2 Jaydin Eierman earns a medical default win over No. 3 Sebastian Rivera

Sebastian Rivera medically forfeits out of the semifinals, so Jaydin Eierman will advance to the finals by default. Rivera will medically forfeit out of the rest of the tournament and accept his sixth-place finish. 

133 pounds: Bravo-Young and DeSanto return to the finals

No. 1 Roman Bravo-Young beats No. 5 Dylan Ragusin 4-0

Bravo-Young makes the first move in this match with a first-period takedown on the edge, and he'll now he'll go to work on top to start the second period, as Ragusin elects to go under. After riding out the entire second period, Bravo-Young will now start the third on bottom with 2:10 of riding time and the 2-0 lead from his first-period takedown. He escapes, so his lead will expand to 3-0. Bravo-Young went for one final takedown in the last ten seconds of the third, but he'll settle for a 4-0 win with riding time and advance to another Big Ten final. 

No. 2 Austin DeSanto survives No. 3 Lucas Byrd 

This match is scoreless after the first period, but the intensity is high. Byrd chooses down to start the second period and puts himself on the board first with a reversal. DeSanto isn't used to this situation, but Byrd is living in the moment, signaling to the crowd to cheer. DeSanto escapes from Byrd's hold to earn a point of his own, but Byrd went in for another shot, controlling the pace of the match. DeSanto chooses down to start the third period and picks up a quick escape to tie the match. Riding time is not a factor. Ninety seconds remain. DeSanto goes in for an attack, and he secures the takedown with 15 seconds left. Byrd escapes, it's 4-3 with five seconds left. DeSanto ends the period with a hold on Byrd's legs and locks up the win, but these two guys exchange some words at the end of the match. DeSanto is a Big Ten finalist again, but Byrd isn't going anywhere. 

125 pounds: Nick Suriano books his tickets to the finals, Barnett will join him

Here's everything that you need to know about what happened in the championship semifinals:  

No. 1 Nick Suriano pins Devin Schroder in the first period 

Well, that was quick. Nick Suriano racked up a 4-1 lead in the first period before earning a pin. Suriano is the real deal, and he's a Big Ten finalist yet again. "It's good to be back," Suriano said in his post-match interview with the Big Ten Network. "I'm not done yet." 

No. 3 Eric Barnett shuts out No. 7 Michael DeAugustino 

Michael DeAugustino rode out Eric Barnett for the entire third period on this championship semifinal, but the effort came too late as Barnett shut out the Wildcat 3-0. Barnett's top game was an exceptional as advertised, and that's a strength he's going to take with him into his Big Ten finals bout with Nick Suriano. 

11:20 pm, March 5, 2022

Consolation round tracker

While the top four wrestlers in each weight class are set to compete in the semifinals later tonight, nearly the rest of the pack will be battling back on the consolation side of the bracket looking for an NCAA tournament allocation spot and a podium finish. Keep track of all of the consolation wrestlers from Day 1 here: 

125 pounds Round 2: 

  • No. 4 Malik Heinselman beats No. 9 Dylan Shawver 8-3
  • No. No. 8 Pat McKee beats No. 6 Drake Ayala 5-2

Takeaways: Heinselman pulled away in this match and took the win 8-3 to book himself a trip to the consolation semifinals. Much like his teammate Gavin Hoffman, Heinselman's improvement has been noticeable this season, and while he's been a consistent contributor for the Buckeyes in his four-year career, he's looking like an All-American right now. The 125-pound bracket is deep, but Heinselman is finding a way to win. And so is Pat McKee. The Gopher is the king of the consolation bracket, as he surges past Drake Ayala for the fourth time this season to advance to the consolation semifinals. 

125 pounds Round 1: 

  • No. 6 Drake Ayala beats No. 12 Jacob Moran 12-3
  • No. 4 Malik Heinselman tops No. 11 Tristan Lujan 10-2
  • No. 8 Pat McKee over No. 2 Drew Hildebrandt 6-3
  • No. 9 Dylan Shawver outscores No. 10 Justin Cardani 3-2

Takeaways: Drake Ayala. What a performance. The Hawkeye rebounds from a close loss to Eric Barnett in the second round of the championship bracket to roar past Jacob Moran with bonus. He scored first and often, racking up the score through the final whistle. The problem for Ayala though is that his next opponent will be none other than Pat McKee, the Gopher who has beaten him three times this year and looked tough against a solid Drew Hildebrandt. Malik Heinselman also advances and continues his strong season, and he'll have Shawver next in a matchup that favors the Buckeye. 

133 pounds Round 2: 

No. 4 Rayvon Foley outscores No. 9 Matt Ramos SV-1 4-2
No. 7 Chris Cannon majors No. 12 Jake Gliva 9-0

Takeaways: One win was dominant, and one came in sudden victory, but the outcome is the same. RayVon Foley and Chris Cannon, two All-Americans, continue their quest in the consolation bracket. They'll face the wrestlers who lose in the championship semifinals, but both Foley and Cannon have had impressive tournaments and performed to their potential. This is a good sign for Northwestern and Michigan State in terms of their peaking process and expectations for nationals. 

133 pounds Round 1: 

  • No. 7 Chris Cannon tops No. 8 Joe Olivieri 4-2
  • No. 4 Rayvon Foley beats No. 11 Kyle Burwick 5-2
  • No. 9 Matt Ramos outscores No. 10 Dominic Serrano 5-3
  • No. 12 Jake Gliva tops No. 6 Brock Hudkins in sudden victory 3-1

Takeaways: Foley is on a different tier from the others in this grouping. His pace was more aggressive, he wrestled with more confidence, and he just simply scored more points. You also have to be impressed with how Minnesota has looked in these wrestlebacks. 

141 pounds Round 2: 

  • No. 6 Stevan Micic vs. No. 10 Frankie Tal Shahar 4-3
  • No. 7 Dylan D'Emilio beats No. 11 Parker Filius by fall 3:51

Takeaways: This has been a big session for the Bucks. Wow. D'Emilio moves on, and he'll have the loser of the match between Nick Lee and Jakob Bergeland next. He's in a good spot. 

141 pounds Round 1: 

  • No. 6 Stevan Micic holds on against No. 13 Cayden Rooks 6-5
  • No. 11 Parker Filius outwrestles No. 4 Chad Red in SV
  • No. 7 Dylan D'Emilio advances past No. 9 Dylan Duncan 5-1
  • No. 10 Frankie Tal Shahar beats No. 8 Joseph Zargo 5-0

Takeaways: Micic is a fighter. This hasn't been his tournament, but he never quit and worked to stay in every match. The Olympian and NCAA finalist narrowly worked past Rooks, and he'll have to keep working to try and steal a spot for the tournament, but he survived that one. One match at a time for the Wolverine. You can see the experience in the way Micic wrestles, but perhaps even more impressive than the veteran hanging on was Parker Filius earning a short time takedown against All-American takedown to take the match into extra time before winning in sudden victory. Such grit. 

149 pounds Round 2: 

  • No. 6 Mike Van Brill beats No. 7 Beau Bartlett TB-1 2-1
  • No. 10 Michael Blockhus topped No. 11 Kanen Storr 7-5

Takeaways: The Van Brill-Bartlett tie-breaker was expected. That's just how those two guys wrestle each other. Nothing about that match was particularly surprising, but Van Brill is moving on. Blockhus will also advance after his win over Storr, and this result will hurt Michigan in the team race but continues Minnesota's strong run this session.

149 pounds Round 1: 

  • No. 6 Mike Van Brill beats Peyton Omania 9-3
  • No. 7 Beau Bartlett wins against Christian Kanzler by fall 3:41
  • No. 11 Kanen Storr tops No. 5 Yayha Thomas 8-7
  • No. 10 Michael Blockhus outscores No. 9 Graham Rooks 3-2

Takeaways: Minnesota continues to find success in these wrestlebacks as Michael Blockhus tops Graham Rooks to stay alive. The other big takeaway here is just the depth of the conference. Credit to Michigan's Kanen Storr for battling with All-American Yahya Thomas for the full seven minutes and keeping his edge through the final seconds. Michigan greatly benefits from Storr's win today — that's what the Wolverines are looking for to stay in the team race. Speaking of the team race, Beau Bartlett is having a solid tournament, and his win over Christian Kanzler sets up a big matchup with Mike Van Brill, a match that previously went into extra time the last time they wrestled. 

157 pounds Round 2: 

  • No. 2 Kaleb Young beats No. 6 Chase Saldate 5-2
  • No. 4 Kendall Coleman tops No. 7 Garrett Model 7-5

Takeaways: Young is in the consolation semifinals and scoring big points for the Hawks with this win. He'll face whoever drops in the championship semifinal match between Ryan Deakin and Payton Robb. Young, of course, has been a Big Ten finalist before, but he's also been 0-2 at this tournament. Sitting in the consolation semifinals isn't a bad place for him or Coleman. 

157 pounds Round 1: 

  • No. 2 Kaleb Young beats No. 8 Robert Kanniard 10-5
  • No. 7 Garrett Model wins against No. 9 Bryce Hepner by fall 3:16
  • No. 6 Chase Saldate tops No. 12 Joseph Roberts 8-0 
  • No. 4 Kendall Coleman outscores No. 11 Derek Gilcher 10-3

Takeaways: Kaleb Young is fast on his feet, and you can see the effort in his performance. He's looking like an All-American again this year, and while his matches may be too close to comfort for Iowa fans, there's power and quickness in Young this tournament, and that's a positive thing to see for the Black and Gold. Coleman is dangerous though, and he'll have a rising Model next, a Badger who made quick work of his Buckeye opponent by fall to move on in the consolation bracket. Lots of action to come at 157 pounds. 

165 pounds Round 2: 

  • No. 8 Clayton Wilson wins against No. 5 Caleb Fish 5-2
  • No. 11 David Ferrante beats No. 9 Cael Carlson 12-2

165 pounds Round 1: 

  • No. 9 Cael Carlson vs. No. 10 Creighton Edsell 3-2
  • No. 8 Clayton Wilson vs. No. 7 Hayden Lohrey 3-2
  • No. 11 David Ferrante vs. No. 12 Andrew Clark 7-2
  • No. 5 Caleb Fish beats No. 14 Gaven Bell 10-2

Takeaways: Nebraska loves the Wilson win. The Husker crowd has been roaring this tournament, and there's an energy to the action on the mat that stems from this excitement in the arena. Wilson will have Caleb Fish next, and Fish has been wrestling strong all tournament, so this is going to be clash between two guys with momentum. That's what this tournament is all about though. As upbeat and loud as Nebraska has been, Minnesota is also on a roll as a team this session, and Cael Carlson added his name to the list of Gopher wrestlers who are moving on in the consolation bracket chasing a third-place spot or a podium finish more generally. These Gophers know they have a heavyhitter at the end of their lineup, and they're scoring points so that Gable Steveson can come in and try to put an exclamation mark on this evening in the semifinals. 

174 pounds Round 2: 

No. 7 Troy Fisher topped No. 13 Conner ONeill 7-4
No. 5 Ethan Smith beat No. 9 Dominic Solis 8-5

174 pounds Round 1: 

  • No. 7 Troy Fisher vs. No. 8 Gerrit Nijenhuis 7-4
  • No. 13 Conner ONeill vs. No. 6 Bailee O'Reilly MFOR
  • No. 5 Ethan Smith bonuses No. 11 Andrew McNally 14-3
  • No. 9 Dominic Solis vs. No. 10 DJ Shannon 3-2

Takeaways: Smith earns bonus, Solis stays alive

184 pounds Round 2:  

No. 8 Kyle Cochran beat No. 5 Abe Assad 4-3
No. 12 Zach Braunagel topped No. 10 Isaiah Salazer 9-6

184 pounds Round 1: 

  • No. 5 Abe Assad shuts out No. 6 Layne Malczewski 9-0
  • No. 10 Isaiah Salazer beats No. 9 DJ Washington 7-6
  • No. 12 Zach Braunagel tops No. 11 Chris Weiler 7-5
  • No. 8 Kyle Cochran beats No. 7 John Poznanski 4-0

Takeaways: Abe Assad came out firing at 184 pounds with a big tilt in the first period, nearly earning the pin, and he ended the bout with an 9-0 win over with Malczewski. The Hawkeye is back in the game and moving on. But, once again, Minnesota stole the show as Isaiah Salazer beat DJ Washington to knock the Hoosier out of the tournament. Washington can still fight to earn a qualification spot, as the Big Ten will award 12 slots at this weight, but Salazer made Washington's quest a lot tougher. 

Kyle Cochran, building off of the positive vibes from his teammate Dominic Solis' win at 174 pounds, takes out the All-American Poznanski to stay alive in the 184-pound bracket as well. The 2022 Southern Scuffle champ will have Iowa's Abe Assad next. 

197 pounds Round 2: 

  • No. 6 Thomas Penola beat No. 7 Greg Bulsak 4-3
  • No. 4 Jacob Warner topped No. 9 Gavin Hoffman 4-2

197 pounds Round 1: 

  • No. 6 Thomas Penola vs. No. 12 Michial Foy 3-2
  • No. 9 Gavin Hoffman vs. No. 10 Andrew Davison 5-2
  • No. 7 Greg Bulsak vs. No. 8 Braxton Amos 5-3
  • No. 4 Jacob Warner vs. No. 11 Jaron Smith 10-1

Takeaways: Gavin Hoffman has to be in the running for some national "Most Improved" award. After going 5-7 in his first year as a starter for the Bucks, Hoffman is now on his way to the consolation quarterfinals of the Big Ten, and he's locked in a podium finish. He has Jacob Warner next, but he pushed the Hawkeye in their last meeting and could do so again tonight. Hoffman isn't afraid. Bulsak also survives a tough match against Amos to keep his podium hopes alive, while Penola works past Foy to advance. 

285 pounds Round 2: 

  • No. 5 Lucas Davison beat No. 8 Tate Orndorff  FALL :46
  • No. 9 Luke Luffman topped No. 6 Christian Lance 4-2

285 pounds Round 1: 

  • No. 8 Tate Orndorff  vs. No. 10 Jacob Bullock 7-4
  • No. 5 Lucas Davison beats No. 11 Michael Woulfe 9-2
  • No. 6 Christian Lance vs. No. 12 Boone McDermott INJ
  • No. 9 Luke Luffman beats Trent Hillger Dec 6-0

Takeaways: Orndorff rebounds from another tough tech fall against Gable Steveson to beat Jacob Bullock, while Davison takes down a strong Michael Woulfe. Hillger's loss will be tough for him to take after earning All-American honors in his two appearances at the NCAA tournament, but Hillger is known for his ability to refocus and perform. Christian Lance wraps up the weight with a win over McDermott, so he'll meet Luffman in the next round.