West Regional

May 28, 2005

Full Results

The top five individual finishers in each race automatically advance to the NCAA Championships in Sacramento. The next three finishers in each race are eligible for an at-large berth to the Championships. Top three relay teams also quailfy for the Championships. At-large berths, based on season's best performance, will be announced Monday.

2:45 - W 4 x 100 Preferred lanes for curve races are 5,6,4,7,3,8,2,1. Arizona in lane 1, Long Beach in 2, UNLV in 3, Cal in 4, USC in 5, Arizona St. in 6, Stanford in 7 and Northridge in lane 8. Arizona St. and USC lead at the first handoff, USC almost makes up the stagger on ASU down the back straight, clear leader is USC at the end of third leg, ASU second down the homestretch . USC the big win in 44.03, ASU holds off Cal for second, 44.57 to 44.63. Stanford is fourth in 45.17. .

2:52 - M 4 x 100 Fresno St. in lane 1, Northridge in 2, Oregon in 3, Wash St. in 4, Arizona St. in 5, USC in 6, Washington in 7, Cal in lane 8. Even to the first exchange, all together down back straight, Arizona St. gets the lead at the second exchange and Oregon falls back. Arizona St. with a meter lead over USC at the third exchange and Sun Devils hold it all the way to the finish, Kent of Oregon makes up no ground on Spence of Washington. Huskies third with Oregon fourth. Arizona St. runs 39.14, USC 39.43, Washington 39.66 and Oregon in 39.80, Washington St. 39.96.

3:00 - W 1,500 12 runners, Magill of BYU goes right to the lead. She slows the pace down. It is going to be tactical. Lambie of Stanford and Vashchuk of USC with Kamau of Idaho behind Magill. One lap for Magill in 71.7, followed by Lambie, Vashchuk and Kamau. Nilsson of Northern Arizona moves into fourth on the outside. Nothing has changed down the homestretch. 2 laps to go. 800 meters in 2:23.3, 71.6. Magill and Lambie followed by Vashchuk and Nilsson on the outside. Kamau in fifth. 8 left in lead group with 500 meters to go. Egerdahl and Lia of Washington are there. Nilsson and Magill at the bell in 3:13.7. 1200 in 3:30.2, the pace has really picked up now. Magill on the inside Nilsson, Nilsson the lead around the curve. Lambie in third, off the curve it is Nilsson and Magill sprinting shoulder to shoulder with Magill taking the win in 4:18.19. Nilsson 4:18.31 for second. Vashchuk 4:20.05. Lambie fourth 4:20.47 and fifth is Kamau in 4:20.54. Egerdahl edges out Husky teammate Lia for sixth. 4:22.46 to 4:22.66. Ellison of Arizona St. gets sixth in 4:22.67. 64.5 last lap for Magill.

3:07 - M 1,500 12 runners in this race. Cal Poly's Moorcroft to the lead with Brown of Stanford in second. They ease down the home straight with UCLA's Rankin in third. 48 seconds at 300. Moorcroft in 65.1. Babiskiewicz of USC in fourth. Moorcroft, Brown, Rankin, Robison of BYU. Moorcroft presses the pace through 800 in 2:04.7, 59.7 last lap. Moorcroft with 10 meter lead with 600 to go, Rankin into second Hoffman of Idaho St. into third down the home stretch to the bell, Moorcroft running strong but he is being reeled in with Stanford's Sage among the group with Rankin and Hoffman. 2:48.3 at the bell. Moorcroft caught at 1200, Rankin takes the lead down the back strech, Lindsey of BYU moves into fourth, Rankin with a big lead and wins in 3:44.07, Sage second in 3:44.69 and Hoffman looks around and gets nipped for third by Lindsey, 3:45.21 to 3:45.3, fifth place is Brown in 3:45.40, then Babiskiewicz, Moorcroft and Fader of Washington. Rankin's time is a regional record.

3:15 - W 100 Hurdles USC's Powell the clear leader at second hurdle, Harper of UCLA gives chase, but Powell wins in 12.81, Harper second in 12.99, Jones of Arizona equals her prelim time in 13.13, Davis of USC is fourth in 13.25, Lodree of Washington fifth in 13.31. Whitlock of Arizona stumbles and runs around 2 hurdles (DQ). Wind is plus 1.9.

3:25 - M 110 Hurdles Mitchum of Oregon, after a slight stumble out of the blocks, takes the lead at the third hurdle and flies away from USC's Fazier. Ikwaukor of Oregon battles his way up for third and edges UCLA's Golston. Hunter of Arizona is fifth. Mitchum runs 13.65, Fazier 14.09, Ikwaukor 14.16, Golston 14.19, Hunter 14.25. Kelly of USC 14.28 for sixth, Mack of Cal 14.44 for seventh, Wickard of Utah St. gets 14.48. Slowish times into a 1.1 mps wind. 5 hurdlers under 14 seconds yesterday, just one today.

3:35 - W 400 Monroe of Hawaii in lane 1, Moschella of Stanford in 2, Lee of USC in 3, Reed of Arizona St. in 4, Henderson UCLA in 5, Johnson of Stanford in 6, Abildtrup of Oregon in 7 and Hardeman of Arizona St. in 8. Henderson makes up the stagger around the curve on Johnson and catches Abildtrup after 150 meters. Monroe running hard in lane 1, Henderson by herself with 150 to go, Abildtrup running strong off the curve. Johnson moves to second, Moschella to third, Abildtrup hangs on for fourth at the finish. USC's Lee is fifth. Henderson runs 50.78, Johnson 53.10, Moschella 53.37, Abildtrup 53.63, Lee 53.77, Hardeman sixth 54.03, seventh is Monroe in 54.98, eigth is Reed in 55.01. Henderson's third consecutive regional title in the 400.

3:42 - M 400 Sebes of Stanford in lane 1, Banda of Arizona St. in 2, Jackson of Washington in 3, Peterson of ASU in 4, Scherer of Oregon in 5, Inico of Oregon in 6, Everhart of UCLA in 7, Barton of ASU in 8. Off the first curve it is Peterson in the lead with Barton running strongly in lane 8, with 150 to go it is ASU's Peterson and Barton are still first and second, off the curve Scherer and Inico are making up ground. Inico passes everyone and wins in 46.14, crossing the line "popping" his jersey with both hands. Peterson 46.33 second, Everhart 46.50, Scherer 46.52, Barton 46.54, Banda 47.05, Jackson 47.13 and Sebus 48.69.

3:50 - W 100 Stanford's Davis gets a half meter lead at 50 meters and holds it to the finish. DeCree of UNLV and Carroll of Arizona St. battle for second. Weatherspoon of USC and teammate Onyepunuka get that last two qualifying spots. Davis runs 11.61, DeCree 11.65, Carroll 11.67, Weatherspoon in 11.71, Onyepunuka in 11.75, Diego of UCLA runs 11.87 for sixth, Martin of Arizona 11.87, Goodwin of Cal State Northridge runs 11.89. Wind was minus 2.2. Wind has picked up and temperatures have cooled . Yesterday, 8 runners under 11.67, today 2.

3:57 - M 100 At 50 meters McSwain of Washington St. and Morse of Cal Poly have the lead. Felix of USC edges by McSwain in the last half to win in 10.45. McSwain gets second in 10.48. Frances of USC is third in 10.50, Osaisai of Stanford is fourth in 10.57, Koehnemann of Arizona St. gets the fifth spot in 10.58. Jones of USC gets sixth in 10.61. Morse hits the wall and fades to seventh in 10.62. Berrian of Fresno St. gets last in 10.75. Wind was minus 0.4.

4:05 - W 800 Baker of Nevada has scratched. Lemiesz of BYU to the lead, 4 across at 200 in 28.3. Cal's Jarvis, Stanford's Freeman with Hawaii's Young with Lemiesz at 400 in 60.8. Down the back straight it is Lemiesz, Jarvis, Freeman and Young, 1:31.2 at 600. Lemiesz has 6 meter lead over Jarvis with 100 meters to go. Vessey has moved to fourth off the curve. Johnson of Cal comes up on the last 100 meters. Lemiesz in a runaway, and wins in 2:03.90, Freeman gets second in 2:04.82, third is Vessey in 2:05.90, Johnson fourth 2:06.01, Offor of Stanford is fifth in 2:06.77, Jarvis misses out in sixth in 2:07.03, Young fades to seventh in 2:08.58.

4:12 - M 800 Off the first curve it is Soloman of USC at the break. Kjerengtroen of BYU in second, 25.8 at 200. Rankin is fourth on the outside after 300 meters. At the bell it is Soloman, Asafo-Agyei on outside, Kjerengtroen on the inside and Rankin in fourth on the outside. 54.3 at 400. Down the back straight Rankin bursts to the lead with 250 to go and tries to blow it open. 1:21.4 for 600. Rankin has 4 meters around the curve over Soloman, Munguia of UCLA on his shoulder. Down the final straightaway Washington's Brown makes a huge late charge to pass Soloman and Munguia on the inside and then cuts to the outside to nip Rankin at the tape. Brown and Rankin are both timed at 1:48.20 and both take a victory lap. Brown officially wins by .004. Soloman gets third in 1:48.73, Munguia gets fourth in 1:48.91, Asafo-Agyei gets fifth in 1:48.92. Emmen of Santa Barbara sixth in 1:49.10, Kjerengtroen in seventh 1:49.40, McClary of Cal eigth in 1:49.68..

4:25 - W 400 Hurdles Lane 1 is Cearley of CS-Fullerton, 2 is Judd of Utah St. 3 is Cal's Omwanghe, 4 is Hill of UCLA, Spence of UNLV is in 5, Stanford's Becker is sixth, Mellott of Oregon in 7, Utah St.'s Thatcher in 8. Cal's Omwanghe with the early lead. Down the back straight it is Osarhiemen with UNLV's Spence. Over the 7th hurdle it is Cal's Omwanghe and UNLV's Spence. At 8 it is Spence. Oregon's Mellott is far back. Over the last hurdle it is Spence clearly leading and Omwanghe is being challenged by Stanford's Becker for second. Mellott makes a big rush on the outside and catches Thatcher of Utah St. Spence wins is 58.50, second is Hill in 59.60, Becker 59.93, Omwanghe 60.12, Mellott in 60.38, Thatcher 60.67, Cearley 61.47, Judd in 62.49.

4:35 - M 400 Hurdles Wilson of Eastern Washington in lane 1, Payne of BYU in 2, 3 is Ikwaukor of Oregon, 4 is Hunter of Arizona, 5 is Cassleman of Washington State, lane 6 is Williams of UCLA, 7 is Johnson of UCLA, 8 is Gardner of BYU. Johnson to the quick lead over the first hurdle, Williams in second down the back stretch. Bruins have a huge lead. 8th hurdle, Williams challenges Johnson. Ikwaukor misses his last hurdle and looks around, while Cassleman catches Williams for second. Johnson takes the win in 50.12, Cassleman 50.93, Williams 51.07, Gardner 51.11, Ikwaukor holds on for fifth in 51.92, Payne 52.13, Hunter 52.22, Wilson 56.13 .

4:45 - W 200 Strong winds from the southwest, this race will be run around the first curve and down the back straight. Flags are standing out straight. Shemi of Portland St. in lane 1, McCuen of UC-Santa Barbara in 2, 3 is Carter of Cal, 4 is Purnell of Stanford, Henderson in 5 of UCLA, Carroll of Arizona St. in lane 6, 7 is Weatherspoon of USC, lane 8 is Tucker of Arizona St. Weatherspoon with lead off the curve, but Henderson blows by with 80 meters to go and wins in 22.72, Carter second in 23.12, Carroll 23.22, Weatherspoon fades to fourth in 23.28, Purnell gets the fifth spot in 23.45, Tucker sixth in 23.76, seventh is McCuen in 24.61 and Shemi is eight in 25.00. Wind was plus 2.3

4:52 - M 200 The lanes are drawn at random. Lane one is Berrian of Fresno State, 2 is Ray of Idaho, 3 is Anderson of USC, lane 4 is Robertson of Washington State, 5 is Love of Arizona St., 6 is Felix of USC, 7 is Amoo of Arizona St. Lane 8 is empy, Kent of Oregon has scratched. This is also being run around the first curve and down the back straight due to wind. Felix off the curve in front followed by Amoo. Berrian a surprising third out of lane one. Felix gets the win in 20.58, Amoo second in 20.72, Berrian third in 21.01, Robertson fourth in 21.15, Ray fifth in 21.24, sixth is Anderson in 21.44, seventh is Love 21.48. Wind is 0.0, Felix set Regional Meet Record.

5:05 - W 3,000 Steeple Section One These are the 10 slower seeded runners. Pratt of BYU followed Leonard of Washington State. Pratt takes a huge lead as they approach the first lap. 80.3 first lap, Suszek of UNLV in third. Pratt has thiry meters as they approaching the end of second lap. 2:42 and 82 second lap for Pratt. Murphy of Cal Poly takes over second with 5 to go. Pratt still leads. 4 laps to go, it is Pratt with 40 meter lead, followed by Nickless of UC-Santa Barbara followed by Suszek and Murphy of Cal Poly. 5:27 after 4 laps, last to last 2:45.0 for Pratt. 3 to go, Pratt with a 50 meter lead, followed by Nickless, Suszek and now in fourth Ingebretsen of BYU. 5 laps in 6:51 for Pratt, an 83.5 lap. With two laps to go Pratt is 7:40, 4 runners behind her in a pack, it is Ingebretsen, Nickless, Suszek and Barrus of BYU, 8:15, 84.6 last lap for Pratt. 9:04.4 Pratt at the bell lap. Second is Barrus, Ingebretsen third, fourth Suszek with Nickless fifth. Pratt with 100 to go has 100 meter lead and wins in 10:24.64, Barrus second in 10:41.25, Suszek third in 10:44.35 and Ingebretsen fourth in 10:45.73 and Lindgren 10:47 of Arizona St. in fifth.

W, 3,000 Steeple Section Two- Only three runners in this section have run faster than heat one winner Pratt of BYU. Goff of Stanford to the early lead. Halverson of Washington in second, third is Buckner of Fresno St. Costello of UCLA in fourth. 79.4 first lap for Goff. BYU's Rena Williams-Chesser moves into fourth. Goff still leads at 2 laps in 2:43 an 84.0 last lap. Slower than Pratt's pace. Rena W-C has now moved into second behind Goff. Halverson up to Goff's shoulder as well. Masinelli of Arizona St. up into third as they go through three laps in 4:06, an 83.3 lap, Goff still leads. Anderson of Weber St. moves into second behind Goff. Rena back into second into the fourth lap in 5:29.7, 1:23.2. Rena takes over before the water jump. Rena and Goff followed by Anderson with Strickland of Utah St. close behind. 6:51, 82.2, Rena and Goff still together. Strickland into third,. 2 laps to go in 7:39. It is Rena, Goff, Strickland and Anderson, followed by Masinelli. 6 laps in 8:13 and 81.4 for Rena and Goff. Masinelli passes Anderson for fourth at 500 to go. Rena and Goff have 20 meters on Strickland. 8:59.5 with a lap to go. Down the back straight it's Rena ahead of Goff. Seven laps in 9:12. Masinelli is repassed for fourth by Anderson. Rena has 5 meters on Goff after last water jump. 10:24 is time to beat. Rena with a huge sprint to win in 10:13.78, Goff cruises in second in 10:17.51. Strickland third in 10:21.20, Anderson fourth in 10:23.75 and Masinelli gets the last automatic spot in 10:24.33 and edges out heat one winner Pratt by .3 of a second. Pratt, along with Lifferth of Utah State and St. Laurent of Weber St., will be eligible for an at-large bid.

There is a lightning delay and a 15 minute break has been called.

The lightning delay continues at 6:04 p.m. pdt

The weather-related delay continues at 6:32 p.m. pdt; it has been an hour since the competitors have been called off the track.

Competition resumed at Hayward Field after a 1:40 weather delay.

7:08 - M 3,000 Steeple Section One Trafeh of Arizona to the early lead. Ogle of Arizona behind Trafeh and Parker of Southern Utah. Trafeh first lap in 69.1, Ogle and Parker. UC-Santa Barbara's Brandos is now in second with 6 laps to go, followed by Ogle and Washington State's Grant. Those four have separated. 2:19, 70.6 last lap for Trafeh. Trafeh, Brandos, Grant and Ogle with 5 to go. Trafeh leads through 3 laps, 3:30, a 71 second lap. Trafeh has 15 meters on Brandos, followed by Grant in a close third as the reach 4 to go. 4 laps for Trafeh in 4:42, a 71.9 last lap. Trafeh now has a 30 meter lead as he reaches 3 to go, followed by Brandos, Grant and now Parker moves up for fourth. Trafeh at 5 laps in 5:55, a 72.5. Trafeh has a 40 meter lead as he approaches the home straight. Parker moves into third. Trafeh 6:37 with 2 to go. Utah's Twitchell is now in third, passing Grant. 6 laps in 7:08 a 73.2. Followed by Parker, Twitchell. Trafeh has a 50 meter lead. At the bell in 7:50 for Trafeh. Strickland of Utah St. in fourth, Grant in fifth. 7 laps for Trafeh in 8:21.0, a 72.8. Parker all alone in second, followed by Grant. Trafeh with a 60 meter win in 9:00.0, Strickland edges Parker at the finish. Strickland runs 9:07.79 for second, Parker 9:08.08, Grant in 9:13.58, Ogle fifth 9:13.86.

M 3,000 Steeple Section Two- Bruce of Cal Poly to the early lead followed by Moore of Portland and Llamas of Cal Poly. Aguayo of Arizona St. in fourth. Bruce leads through 1 lap in 66.2 Same order around to the home stretch. Stanford's Pierce and Vidal in fifth and sixth. Bruce leads in 2 laps for 2:14, a 68.2 last lap. Ahnstrom on Northern Arizona moves into fourth around the curve. Bruce has a 20 meter lead as he approaches 3 laps. 3:23, 68.5 for Bruce. Ahnstrom now in second and has 5 meters on the pack. Vidal leads the chase pack. 4 laps in 4:33, 70.0 last lap for Bruce. Ahnstrom gets caught by the pack. Aguayo has passed Vidal for third as in front of the pack. Pierce and Vidal fourth and fifth. Holts of Oregon is floating in the pack, 3 meters behind Ahnstrom. 5 laps in 5:43, 70.1 for Bruce. Aguayo moves into second. UCLA's Emilsson passes Aguayo around the curve. 7 guys in a pack and running second, including Holts and McAdams of BYU. Warrenburg of ASU moves into 5th. 6 laps in 6:53, 70.6 for Bruce. Emilsson, Ahnstrom, Holts, Warrenburg, McAdams all together. Bell in 7:33.6 for Bruce. Bruce moving really strong the back stretch. 8:00 after 7 laps. Holts moves into 4th with 200 to go. Really close, Holts to 3rd off the water jump, briefly passed by Emilsson.. Bruce wins in 8:38.33, McAdams comes on strong for second in 8:41.56, Aguayo third in 8:41.80, Holts 8:42.03, Emilsson fifth in 8:42.16, Warrenburg 8:42.60, Ahnstrom seventh in 8:42.19, and Oregon's Alcorn eigth in 8:45.62. All of the qualifiers will come from the second heat.

7:35 - W 4 x 400 USC and Stanford even at the first exchange, but Stanford jumps to a big lead on the second lead ahead of USC and Cal. Stanford in the lead at the second exchange followed by Cal, USC. On the back straight, Cal and USC close up within two meters. USC is making a pass on the turn, moves up to Stanford's shoulder. Stanford maintains lead, USC second, Cal third at third exchange. Stanford with a 15 meter lead over USC and another 15 over Cal down the back straight. Nothing changes as the cruise down the straightaway, all teams easily qualifying. Stanford wins in 3:34.73, USC second in 3:36.54, Cal third in 3:38.85, Long Beach State 3:45.54, Northridge fifth in 3:51.25 .

7:45 - M 4 x 400 Section 1 It is has started to rain again. Down the back straight it is Cal with the early lead. On the home stretch it is Cal and BYU. First exchange it is Cal and then Santa Barbara. At the break it is Cal and Santa Barbara, BYU and Fresno State. Second exchange Cal with a 10 meter lead over UCSB, BYU moves into second at the exchange. Down the back straight, it is Cal by 30 meters, BYU 6 meters, UCSB and Fresno St. The third exchange, Cal, BYU, UCSB and Fresno. 200 to go, Cal has a 20 meter lead. BYU moving hard around the curve, and catches Cal in the 50 meters for the win in 3:12.18, Cal second in 3:12.67, UCSB third in 3:13.28, Fresno fourth in 3:16.03

M 4 x 400 Section 2- It is raining heavily, and the track is heavily puddled. UCLA, USC and Oregon even coming into the first exchange. USC ahead at the handoff, Washington, UCLA and Oregon. ASU makes a big move and is even with Oregon at the second exchange. ASU and Oregon, with UCLA a meter back. Peterson, Ikwaukor and Johnson. ASU has 6 meters at the last exchange. Oregon and UCLA incoming runners both fall at the exchange along with UCLA's anchor Everhart. Scherer for Oregon picks up the baton first and gets a 5 meter jump on UCLA. ASU in first around the first curve, Oregon second, UCLA third, and Washington fourth down the back stretch. ASU wins in 3:06.94, Oregon second in 3:07.89, Washington gets up for third in 3:08.15, UCLA fourth in 3:08.58, USC distant fifth 3:11.52.

-- Courtesy Oregon