2005 Outdoor Championships: Day ThreeJune 10, 2005

Womens Discus Final

Beth Mallory, Jr., Alabama
On winning:
I was definitely at the top of my game. I came to this meet to take home the gold and thats what I did. Ive been having many good practices lately, so I knew I was ready. I felt like regardless of who threw the best this week, I was one of the ones to beat.

Mens Hammer Final

Spyridon Jullien, Jr., Virginia Tech
On winning:
My first priority was to win, but I wanted to PR [personal record] so I could convince the Greek federation to send me to World University Games, but I didnt do that. I was a little too cautious, too focused on technique. Coming into the meet, I was fairly confident. I knew I didnt need a clutch performance to win. Last year, I lost by 3 inches, so I really wanted to win this year.

Mens Javelin Final

Gabriel Wallin, Sr., Boise State
On winning:
I knew I had it in me but I really felt the heat after [Trevor] Snyders big throw. My big throw in the regionals helped my confidence. Ive won all of the meets Ive competed in this year, so the tougher competition here was good. Its always nice to win, which was the goal here, but it was also nice to throw far, considering World Championships [later this summer in Helsinki, Finland]. I really need good competition to help me stay focused.

The combination of winning today and throwing far was really great.

Mens Pole Vault Final

Robison Pratt, Jr., Brigham Young
It felt good to win it. I started out kind of sluggish, missing my first attempt at a lower height. I got nervous, but it made me more focused for the next attempt. I managed to pull out a close second attempt and it got better throughout the day.

Mens 3000 Meter Steeple Final

Mircea Bogdan, Jr., UTEP
On heading into the final lap: I wanted to be in fourth, but the guys ran a fast race so I had a hard time holding the position. I think I was No. 5 or No. 6 in the last 500 meters. My plan was to run the last 300 as fast as I could, even if I died. But when you pass four guys, you get a lot of confidence. It was like someone was pushing me from behind.

It was a good job for all the guys in the race. They are all technical winners and Im the literal winner.

Womens 3000 Meter Steeple Final

Victoria Mitchell, Sr., Butler
On winning:
Im elated to win. I didnt feel that great, but I did well in my qualifying race, so I went into the final confident. [Going into the final lap], I knew I had a chance because I knew she was tired and I was just biding my time. The plan was to wait and see how I felt [at the end] and make a move when I was ready. I didnt used to think I had a kick at the end, but over time Ive sort of established one.

Mens 4 x 100 Relay Final

Omar Brown, Sr., Arkansas (anchor)
We deserved to win this. We have had some injury problems but everyone is healthy and we got the win. Its a great feeling to come up here and break a record. Our coach tells us to get a clean stick and get out fast. I could feel [Floridas Kerron] Clement on me at the end but I kept my composure and just ran.

Womens 4 x 100 Relay Final

Ashlee Williams, First Leg
On winning:
We had clean hand-offs and I was happy about that. Coming from behind, I knew we were going to win because I had confidence in our anchor [Marshevet Hooker]. Having confidence in your anchor makes a big difference.

Marshevet Hooker, So., Anchor
Winning really helped set the tone for the rest of the weekend and the girls running in other finals. I have confidence in every single leg on my relay and I knew when I got the baton, I had to run hard for my team.

Mens Pole Vault Final

Robison Pratt, Jr., Brigham Young
It felt good to win it. I started out kind of sluggish, missing my first attempt at a lower height. I got nervous, but it made me more focused for the next attempt. I managed to pull out a close second attempt and it got better throughout the day.

Mens 110 Hurdles Final

Josh Walker, Sr., Florida
On winning:
Id be lying if I said that I wasnt surprised that I won. I had a few things that happened throughout the year that I had to overcome. It was harder to win the first title last year than it was to defend it this year. They say to act like youve been there and thats what I tried to do. Im never the top guy thats picked to win. Im always picked third or fourth, but it just proves that what people say doesnt affect how you perform. There are two white lines in my lane and I cant control anything outside of that. I hit my gear after the third hurdle like I usually do and then just tried to hold on.

Womens 100 Hurdles Final

Virginia Powell, Jr., University of Southern California
On winning:
I had a great start, but I had a sloppy race. I hit a hurdle and got my body turned around, but I had to keep driving to the next hurdle. When you hit a hurdle in this race, it really hurts you big time. Last year, I didnt make the finals [of this race], but this year was a complete turn around. I had two goals for winning this race: I wanted to have the two titles, both the indoor and outdoor, and I wanted to be undefeated for the entire year.

Mens 100 Meter Final

Walter Dix, Fr., Florida State
I had a good last 10. The strongest part of my race is the end. I know nobody can keep up with me in the last 10. I came out of the blocks well, better than I usually do. Its a crucial part of the 100 and something I need to work on. If I had come out of the blocks better, I would definitely have gone sub-10 today.

Womens 100 Meter Final

Marshevet Hooker, So., Texas
On winning:
I just kept driving out of the box and kept driving til the finish. It was a great field and it feels good to win. I came out trying not to think about last year. My coach let me know that I needed to have my mind right and that was the turn around after prelims.

Mens Shot Put Final

Edis Elkasevic
I won the NCAAs and I broke my [Croatia] national record, PR and school record. All I can say is that Im happy. I got off to a good start. I performed very well, but I felt a lot better in the qualifying rounds. I was more fresh then. Its hard to throw everyday and this my third day throwing.

Womens Javelin Final

Dana Pounds, Air Force, Jr.
On winning:
It hasnt really sunk in yet. To win it in three years, my coach must really know what hes talking about. This is a great feeling. To get here and just having a shot at it after only throwing the javelin for three years is awesome. I cant wait to get out and talk to my parents and friends about this.