Day 2 QuotesMarch 10, 2007

National Champion QUOTES

Men's Team Champion: University of Wisconsin
Women's Team Champion: Arizona State University

Greg Kraft, Arizona State Women's Head Coach - Team Championship Coach

"This championship has been so competitive and so tough. We really have had such a great team effort and a balanced program. We take a lot of pride in ourselves and that helped us get here today."

"This team just has a core belief in themselves and each other. Jackie Johnson with a lifetime best, and when we sealed the deal in the 3000 meter, it was tremendous. Just really a phenomenal two days."

Ed Nuttycombe, Wisconsin Men's Head Coach - Team Championship Coach

"It proves if you coach long enough anyone can win one. We've finished in the top 10 and four a few times, and we finally got over the hump. We tried to optimize as many opportunities as we could, and we did that. There was not anybody that didn't get the job done."

Donovan Kilmartin, Texas, Men's Heptathlon

"To win this event in three out of the last four years, well I am pretty proud of that. I guess that I didn't do too bad (smile.) It feels really good and I was happy to do my part for our team."

Brittany Riley, University of Southern Illinois, Women's Weight Throw

"Well today was good. I pretty much peaked at the right time. I am pretty happy with it. I always feel the competition around me because anyone can be good on any given day."

"(on last year compared to this year) Well, last year it was my first NCAA meet, and I kind of choked. This year I knew what I had to do. I will be great to bring this back to school."

Jacquelyn Johnson, Arizona State, Women's Pentathlon

"Going into the last event, I knew I had to win by 3.5 seconds and I PRed by four seconds. (On winning last year) The pressure and expectations you're under are so hard, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm so excited and relieved. The Pickler girls (Julie and Diana, Washington St.) are such great competitors, and they made it fun."

Noah Bryant, Southern California, Men's Shot Put

"It was really so exciting. You can't not be excited to be at the NCAA Championship. In the past I have done well in close places and I always look forward to getting the crowd going. I like to feed off the energy."

"(on being a surprise champ) I didn't feel like an underdog coming into it. I know it looked like I came out of no where, but 67 feet is what I expected to throw."

Leonel Manzano, Texas, Men's 1 Mile Run

"I felt pressure coming into the event today since I did not perform up to my ability in the events yesterday. I knew I had to get out to the front because the middle of the pack was not a good place to be if you wanted to win. On the last lap I decided to make my push and I felt (Russell Brown) from Stanford make a run on me but I decided that I had worked too hard to lose it at the end."

Shannon Rowbury, Duke, Women's Mile Run

"I sort of wanted to be happy with whatever my finish was after the first 800. I tried to stay with the pack, and before the final 400 I knew it was time to go. With 300 left, I made my move, and I tried to keep my pace and not look back. It turned out well."

Alysia Johnson, California, Women's 800 Meter Run

"I wanted to go out faster and stay out of the traffic. I figured I would go out fast and whoever wanted to come with me would. I didn't think I would keep the lead the whole time, but I wanted to make sure I had a strong 200. I decided to run my race and take advantage of my intuition, and it was the right choice."

Ryan Brown, Washington, Men's 800 Meter Run

"Obviously it felt good to get to the line first, but I was confident going into the last lap because I felt like I had a good kick for the last 200 meters. When we got to the last 100 meters, there were still a couple of people to pass so I was still a little nervous but fortunately I was able to have just enough to win."

Donald Thomas, Auburn, Men's High Jump

"It was really competitive, and I really wanted to get 2.37 but I started cramping in my calf. About three weeks ago, I found a different approach since this I haven't been having any misses."

Natasha Richards, South Carolina, Women's 400 Meter Run

"Oh my gosh! I have been praying all day to do this and I did. I knew God was preparing me for something big and this was definitely it."

"(on setting the NCAA record) I really tried to focus on my race and yes I knew all season long what the record was. I had a race plan for the win, and I also came out with the record! What a great feeling."

Ricardo Chambers, Florida State, Men's 400 Meter Dash

"I really wanted to win because in this event my freshman year, I got bumped and last year I was injured and wasn't able to compete. I was able to get the break on the others and hang on to win. I know my strength and felt like if I ran like I was supposed to, then I would win. Fortunately, I did."

Kerron Stewart, Auburn, Women's 60 Meters

"A win is a win, and I'm really happy but I didn't start as well as I wanted. I knew the other girls were really good so I just stayed focused and believed in myself."

Travis Padgett, Clemson, Men's 60 Meter Dash

"I really felt like I had a good start. I knew I won, well I knew it was close. And then we looked up and saw it on the screen. It was definitely a close race. Sometimes it's hard to really have a sense of where you are out there, but I know I leaned forward."

"I came in as the underdog and I feel good about what I did. This year I came to win and I did!"

Elouise Rudy, Montana St., Women's Pole Vault

"It is all kind of surreal. I knew it was possible and that was totally going to be a mental game. I did what I had to do and what I do everyday. I was certainly blessed today."

"I can't wait to tell my teammates. They are not going to believe it. I am excited to bring this title back to Montana."

Erica McLain, Stanford, Women's Triple Jump

"Overall, it is a bittersweet victory for me. Obviously I got the finish that I wanted, but I was hoping for a little better mark. My coach and I thought that I could have gotten a little better even though it was an indoor personal record for me by a centimeter. But, I won so you can never be disappointed with a first place finish."

Sally Kipyego, Texas Tech, Women's 3,000 Meters

"I didn't expect to win, but I came in thinking since I won one (5,000 meters) last night if I get a chance I would go for it. I wanted to see how my body was feeling so I stayed back. I saw that I had some so I decided to go for it. (On Shannon Rowbury, Duke, 2nd place) I knew she was really good from the mile, and I saw her on the screen coming behind me and knew I had to pick it up."

Lopez Lomong, Northern Arizona, Men's 3,000 Meters

"Coming into race, my coach and I developed a plan that we thought would give me a chance to win the race. Chris (Solinsky) was the two-time defending champion so I knew it would be difficult, but not impossible to beat him. My plan was to stay patient and not to lose the leader. I was watching (Solinsky's) kick and decided the last 300 meters were mine. I took the lead and was able to hang on."

Andre Black, Louisville, Men's Triple Jump

"I really wanted a big jump on my first or second attempt. Instead, I was fourth going into the finals. But, Coach Jacobs calmed me down, and I kept progressing each jump.

This is Louisville first triple jump championship, and it put Louisville on the map in track and field."

Natasha Hasting, South Carolina, final leg Women's 4x400 Meter Relay

"(On being behind when taking baton) The main thing was to step up the game. I wouldn't have been in reach if it wasn't for my teammates. They did a good job and wherever you give me the stick, I'm going to run."

Quentin Summers, Baylor, final leg Men's 4x400 Meter Relay

"I can't be mad at a first place finish but as a team we were aiming for a world record. But to do that, we were all going to have to run personal bests which we were unable to do. My goal was just to maintain our lead and not die. We wanted to get out to the lead with no traffic so we put J.T. (Scheuerman) out first to get us that lead, and the rest of us were able to maintain it for the victory."