Division I Rowing - Day 2 RecapÂMay 26, 2007Â

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. -- Day two of the 2007 NCAA Rowing Championships on Melton Hill Lake saw Division I top contenders Brown and Virginia continue their quests for national titles, as every boat from those teams advanced into Sundays grand finals. But Ohio State remains within striking distance after the squad qualified both of the squads eights for the grand finals.

The First Eights semifinals, delayed by an hour due to fog and debris on the course, were hotly contested races, as the draw put all five Ivy League competitors in the same heat. Yale proved to be the strongest of the bunch as the Bulldogs did at the Eastern Sprints, topping Brown by 2.57 seconds to take the first race. Princeton pushed the bow ball past the line just before Harvard, with the Tigers claiming a spot in the grand final by virtue of the 0.37-second difference over the Black and White. Dartmouth (6:30.47) and Minnesota (6:30.72) join Harvard in the petite final.

Tighter than the first, the second semifinal had the top four crews all within a length of each other. Southern California kept its season-long winning streak alive when the Trojans (6:27.29) held off the Buckeyes of Ohio State University (6:28.28) for a two-seat win. Virginia (6:28.64) held a two-seat advantage over Notre Dame (6:29.56) at the line to claim the final spot in the last race of the championships. Tennessee (6:33.57) and Stanford (6:40.16) will see the Fighting Irish again in the petite finals at 11:30 a.m.

The Second Eights reps saw Ohio State, California, Washington and Minnesota qualify for grands along with Fridays heat winners Brown and Virginia. Ohio State (6:40.93) took the first race over the Cal Bears (6:42.22), who edged out Yale (6:42.78) by a seat (or 0.56 seconds) for a chance to win the races national title. Washington (6:39.32) and Minnesota (6:39.94) held a sizable advantage over Tennessee (6:46.88) to capture the final two spots in the Fours grand finals, slated for an 11 a.m. start. The petite final pits Notre Dame, Southern California, Tennessee, Yale, Harvard and Princeton in the 10:45 a.m. race.

In the Fours repechages, California (7:30.52) and Princeton (7:31.71) took the two spots up for grabs in the first race, as the Tigers crossed the line 1.91 seconds in front of Southern California (7:33.62) to slide into the grand final. In the second heat, Yale (7:33.20) and Washington (7:35.31) bested the field to advance to Sundays grand at 10:30 a.m. Minnesota (7:37.16) finished third to take one of the inside lanes next to the Trojans for the petite finals. Those two will be joined by Ohio State, Harvard, Notre Dame and Tennessee in the petite final at 10:15 a.m.

In addition to the top three contenders advancing multiple boats to the grand finals, Princeton and Yale saw both their First Eights and Fours advance to grand finals. California and Washington, who race UCF and UCLA in the First Eights C final, had their Second Eight and Four crews in the top finals.

Sundays final day begins at 9:30 a.m. with the Division II Fours grand final. Division I races start at 10:15 a.m. with the Fours petite final and run until 11:45 a.m. when the First Eights grand final starts down the course. Admissions for Sundays finals are $15 for adults and $5 for children and students.

2007 NCAA Championships
Melton Hill Lake Oak Ridge, Tenn.
Day Three Results Division I Only
Saturday, May 26

Division I First Eights

Semifinal 1

1. Yale, 6:23.93; 2. Brown, 6:26.84; 3. Princeton, 6:28.87; 4. Harvard, 6:29.37; 5. Dartmouth, 6:31.78; 6. Minnesota, 6:32.11

Semifinal 2

1. Southern California, 6:26.57; 2. Ohio State, 6:26.77; 3. Virginia, 6:28.65; 4. Notre Dame, 6:29.57; 5. Tennessee, 6:33.65; 6. Stanford, 6:39.36

Division I Fours

Repechage 1

1. California, 7:30.33; 2. Princeton, 7:31.98; 3. Southern California, 7:33.35; 4. Harvard, 7:42.19; 5. Tennessee, 7:49.55

Repechage 2

1. Yale, 7:33.59; 2. Washington, 7:35.61; 3. Minnesota, 7:37.64; 4. Notre Dame, 7:47.43; 5. Ohio State, 7:47.59

Division I Second Eights

Repechage 1

1. Ohio State, 6:41.05; 2. California, 6:42.70; 3. Yale, 6:43.20; 4. Harvard, 6:47.32; 5. Princeton, 6:59.12

Repechage 2

1. Washington, 6:39.92; 2. Minnesota, 6:40.19; 3. Tennessee, 6:47.39; 4. Southern California, 6:50.08; 5. Notre Dame, 6:57.33

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