Women's Long Jump FinalsJune 7, 2007

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                         NCAA Division I 2007 Outdoor                          
                          Track & Field Championship                           
                    Sacramento,  CA  - 6/6/2007 to 6/9/2007                    
                                 Meet Program                                  
Event 35  Women Long Jump
 Auto: 6.45   Best 12 and ties by mark from qualifying to finals
 45 minutes flight specific warm-up, 10 minutes before finals.
 Wind direction 1 hour prior.
 Advance best 9 plus ties by mark to reverse order finals.
    American:  7.49m  5/22/1994   Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Honda  also 7/31/94    
College Best:  7.24m  8/21/1985   Jackie Joyner, UCLA                          
   NCAA Meet:  6.94m  6/5/1987    Shelia Echols, LSU                           
 Hornet Stad:  7.11m  7/15/2004   Marion Jones, Nike                           
     Name                        Year School                                
Flight 1  Finals
  1  Brittney Reese                SO Ole Miss              6.50m 
  2  Natasha Harvey                SO Jacksonville          6.49m 
  3  Amy Seward                    SR Miami                 6.25m 
  4  Jeomi Maduka                  SO Cornell               6.52m 
  5  Erica McLain                  JR Stanford              6.27m 
  6  Funmi Jimoh                   SR Rice                  6.48m 
  7  Tanika Liburd                 SR S. Mississippi        6.25m 
  8  Rhonda Watkins                SO UCLA                  6.54m 
  9  Leah Kincaid                  JR Purdue                6.21m 
 10  Brenda Faluade                SR Miami                 6.26m 
 11  Tisifenee Taylor              SR Monmouth              6.42m 
 12  Janay DeLoach                 JR Colo St               6.45m