Nov. 17, 2008

Courtesy of Stanford Athletics

Stanford, Calif. - In front of a standing room only crowd for the Big Bout on Friday night, the Stanford fencing team beat California. The cumulative score was 128-112 for the men and 90-62 for the women.

The men's sabre dominated the Golden Bears 45-31. The men's epee lost by one touch 38-39. However, the most exciting finish for the men was by Julian Jennings-White in the men's foil. The foil was behind 31-37 when Julian took the strip. He fought his way back and held the lead for the remainder of the period ensuring victory for the Cardinal.

Coach George Pogosov was please with the entire teams results and reserved special praise for Julian's performance. "It is going to be a good year!" stated Pogosov.

The women's foil was led by junior Jessica Wacker and cruised to a 45-29 final. In her debut, freshman Rebecca Chung fought well winning all her bouts against Cal. Women's epee led by Ashley Titan and Kersten Schnurle trounced Cal 45-33.

Head coach Lisa Milgram was pleased with the results, "What can I say about the women...they are awesome!"