Chat live with Division I Football Championship Committee Chair Jim O'Day

On Sunday, Nov. 21 the NCAA Division I Football Championships Selection Show will be live on ESPNU at 10 a.m. ET to announce the 20-team bracket breakdown. Following the show please join us online to chat with Jim O'Day, Director of Athletics at the University of Montana, at approximately 10:45 a.m. ET.

Do you have questions about how the selections were made? Here is your chance to ask the NCAA your questions and Jim will answer them live! Send in your question now, and don't forget to come back to the site and catch the live information from the NCAA on Sunday, November 21.

For more information about the schedule, please click here. Moderator: Good morning, everyone. Jim O'Day will be joining us in just a couple of minutes. Keep submitting your questions, and we'll get to as many as we can!
Jim O'Day: Welcome everybody. It has been a long couple of hours. It's been an interesting experience. I know when there are a couple teams that should be there, with teams on the bubble, some people will be happy and others will not be. But I feel like the committee got the best possible field that we could.

Scott Cumming, GA: why in the world would the NCAA schedule the championship game the same night as the Cotton the same city?!
Jim O'Day: After the NCAA selected Frisco, Texas and January 7th as the date for the game, the Cotton Bowl moved out of its traditional New Year's Day window. Nevertheless, we are confident that there are more than enough football fans in the DFW area and across the country to support both events.

Bill: Wow, you are the AD of Montana and they are on the bubble. Please tell me you leave the room for that discussion. They should be penalized for playing a D2 school and they should be left out. Show some class not like when the CAA has been in charge.
Jim O'Day: As a matter of committee policy, any member with a team under consideration must leave the room when that team is under discussion and is not allowed to vote for his or her team.

Leo (Anderson): Why SCSU? I really don't see what merit's an at-large, especially compared to Liberty (FBS win), Dayton (9 DI wins, win over RMU).
Jim O'Day: Selecting the teams for the final at-large positions is always a difficult task, and this year was no different. As a committee, we deliberated late last night and early this morning. There were a group of teams for the final two at-large berths. Each team received lengthy discussion about their accomplishments. We felt all of the teams were worthy of consideration, however we could not select them all. Liberty and Dayton had outstanding seasons and should be congratulated for that.
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Robert (Jacksonville): Jim - did you guys even look at the North Dakota State score or did you look at the $$$ they were going to offer for hosting a game? To take a team that loses 3-0 in their final game shows how much of a crock this cabal is.
Jim O'Day: Information on financial guarantees by perspective hosts, is not shared with the committee until after all 20 teams have been selected in pairs. Only then does the committee consider financial guarantees when making host decisions.

Atlanta: Why is a 9-2 SC State traveling to a 7-4 Georgia Southern?
Jim O'Day: Once teams have been selected and paired, the committee considers several criteria in making host decisions. Those variables include quality of facility; attendance history and potential; team performance; and financial guaranteees. After reviewing these elements, the committee selected Georgia Southern as host for this game.

eric (two dot, montana): how to go about comparing possible at-large teams from the western part of the country like cal poly and montana against teams from the east like villanova and new hampshire, especially when they don't play each other or common opponents?
Jim O'Day: This is one of the most difficult issues the committee faces in the selection process. We do our best to get the most accurate information from our Regional Advisory Committees throughout the season and make our determinations based upon a thorough evaluation of all teams.

Orlando: The Pioneer League did not have a reperesentative in the playoff format despite having 2 teams with 10-1 records? What was the deciding factor?
Jim O'Day: A team's won-loss record is very important, however, in most cases a team's strength of schedule is a determining factor in the selection process.

Ron (DC): Did the UMASS and Richmond loss yesterday keep them out of the field, or was 5/6 CAA teams unlikely anyway?
Jim O'Day: There is no limit to the number of teams that may be selected from any one conference. Certainly, yesterday's losses and neither of those teams having 7 Division I wins were factors in the decision-making process.
Jim O'Day: A team's regular season performance is only one factor considered in selecting playoff sites. Those other variables include quality of facility, attendance history/potential and financial guarantees.
Jim O'Day: The championship game date was moved to January to accomodate the expanded bracket and to avoid playing during the Christmas holiday. Frisco, Texas was chosen as the site after a national review of potential hosts and deemed to be the best community for providing an outstanding experience for the student-athletes and their fans.

Jim Naples: What are the game times? The NCAA bracket only shows three game times.
Jim O'Day: As more game times are confirmed, they will be included in the updated bracket on over the next two days. All four first round games can be viewed live on next Saturday.

Jon(Cedar Falls): Is the 7 D1 wins a concrete rule?
Jim O'Day: The committee's policy is that less than 7 Division I wins MAY place a team in jeopardy of not being selected.

Cheri (Great Falls, Montana): Does historical performance in the playoffs have any merit, or are teams judged solely on the current year's record?
Jim O'Day: Teams are selected only on the current year's results and accomplishments. Past history does not factor into the equation.

Jon(Cedar Falls): Does the committee use the Gridiron Power Index as criteria?
Jim O'Day: The committee did not use the GPI - or any other external polls - to select, pair or seed any of the championship teams.

Mike(Lufkin,TX): If only 5 teams are seeded, how are the pairings determined?
Jim O'Day: Once the 20 teams have been selected and seeded, the committee attempts to pair based on geographic proximity while also keeping teams from the same conference from playing each other in their first games.
Jim O'Day: We appreciate everyone that has participated in today's chat. It is a true indication of the interest in the FCS championship and our playoff system. We look forward to a great tournament and crowning another national champion in Frisco, Texas on January 7! Good luck to the student-athletes, coaches and fans of the 20 teams involved.