SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- Stanford claimed six regional championships and earned 10 nominations for qualification to the NCAA Championships at the Western Regional Tournament on Saturday hosted by UC San Diego.

The 10th-ranked men's fencing team was led by Alexander Massialas in foil, Jake Harbour in epee and Daniel Wolfson in sabre, with each earning first-place finishes. Turner Caldwell (foil) and Cameron Lindsay (sabre) also earned nominations for bids at the national tournament. The team also hopes to receive a wild card bid for epeeist Paul Riviere.

Francesca Bassa (epee), Lily McElwee (foil) and Avery Youngblood (sabre) claimed regional championships on the women's side. Vivian Kong (epee) and Atira Richards (sabre) earned second-place finishes and also received nominations for qualification at the NCAA Championships.

Qualification for the national tournament will be decided on Tues., March 12.