June 15, 2010


(OMAHA, Neb., June 15, 2010) - Fans attending the 2010 NCAA® Men's College World Series® (CWS) can expect a number of changes related to pedestrian and traffic flow in and around the Rosenblatt Stadium property. Perimeter fencing around the stadium property and parking areas will enable City of Omaha and security personnel to manage access in and out of the stadium at seven access points, which will help ensure fan safety and the orderly flow of pedestrians and traffic throughout the Series.

"These guidelines will affect how fans line up to purchase reserved seat tickets on sale at the Rosenblatt box office, as well as general admission ticket holders," according to Jack Diesing, Jr., president of CWS of Omaha, Inc.. "The guidelines will also affect what pedestrians are allowed to bring onto the stadium grounds, as well as where tailgaters are allowed to park."

Reserved Seat tickets
A limited quantity of reserved seat tickets are available for sale daily at the Rosenblatt Stadium box office. The following guidelines for purchasing these tickets will be in effect during the Series:
- People will be allowed to line up outside the perimeter entrance identified as Gate No. 6 on Bert Murphy Street beginning at midnight throughout the Series.
- Sequentially numbered wrist bands will be distributed to ticket buyers prior to the gates opening at 8 a.m.
- The line will wrap around to 13th Street toward the entrance identified as Gate No. 7
- At 8 a.m. when the perimeter gate is opened, ticket buyers can line up at the ticket window according to the number on their wrist band.
- The box office will open at 10 a.m. Central time on Saturday and Sunday when games are scheduled for 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. The box office will open at noon on days when the first game is played at 3:30 p.m. or later.
- Individual reserved seating costs $22 per game. Only cash and checks will be accepted.
- Up to six tickets may be purchased per person for each game being played that day.

"There is no guarantee that everyone who waits in line will get the chance to buy a ticket," announced Herb E. Hames, ticket chairman of CWS of Omaha Inc. "Due to the fluctuation in tickets that are turned back into the box office by teams, there is no way of knowing how many tickets are available until the morning of the game. The first four games of the Series are always heavily attended, no matter who is playing. People wanting reserved seat tickets should expect to wait in the ticket line, or they can go online to CWS Ticket Exchange (www.ncaa.com/cws) to buy tickets throughout the series."

General admission tickets
Fans with general admission (GA) tickets, which are non-guaranteed seats that admit fans to the right outfield and left outfield bleachers on a first-come, first-serve basis, can line up at midnight at Gate No located on Deer Park Lane. 1. The line will wrap to the east toward 10th Street and Gate No. 2. When the perimeter entrance Gate No. 1 opens at 8 a.m., GA ticket holders will be directed to wrist banding stations. After receiving a wrist band, GA ticket holders can line up at either the right or left field gates and wait for the stadium to open. Except for rest room breaks, ticket holders must remain in line from the time they arrive until the gates open.

Once the GA section is filled to capacity, the gates will close. If the gates don't reopen after a few innings, ticket holders will have the opportunity to watch the game on a large-screen TV in the Fan Fest area. "It's important for fans to understand that because this is the last College World Series at Rosenblatt Stadium, it's difficult to predict the level of interest in attending each and every game," Hames noted. "This is a year to come to the ballpark extra early."

GA tickets are available for $70 per book of 10 tickets from service clubs, at all Hy-Vee supermarket customer service counters, Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Qwest Center and other locations throughout the metro area. Individual GA tickets are also available for $10 each at the Rosenblatt Stadium ticket window. Ticket sellers are notified when the general admission section reaches capacity so they can advise buyers of the situation.

Signs will be posted at each controlled access point describing those items that cannot be carried onto the stadium grounds, including coolers, backpacks and umbrellas. Purses, fanny packs, medical kits and other personal items brought into the stadium may be subject to inspection.

Persons with parking passes and tailgaters will be directed where to park. "Fans who are tailgating can set up a canopy and have their coolers next to their vehicles, but will need to remove them when they leave to go home," Diesing added. "The new guidelines require the Rosenblatt parking lot to be cleared every night. We regret any inconvenience these measures cause College World Series fans, but anticipated heavy attendance at this year's event requires enhanced measures for controlling pedestrian and traffic flow during the Series."