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Courtney Martinez | | June 17, 2016

College World Series: Teams' best jokers, pranks pulled by the players

College baseball is a brotherhood. Like it is the case with most siblings, there are bound to be some jokes thrown around and pranks pulled on one another. caught up with the eight teams during CWS Media Day on Friday to get a sense of which players are the biggest jokesters on the team and who has pulled off a few successful pranks.

Oklahoma State

“I would say David Petrino is the biggest jokester on the team. Him in the dugout is definitely one of the goofiest guys.

"But Donnie Walton on the field. Every time I run into the game from the bullpen, he’ll be like 'hey, you get us out of this, I’ll buy you a milkshake, OK?' 'If you give up a run today, just don’t come back to the bus.' I’m like “alright, Donnie."

- Trey Cobb, junior pitcher

“I’ve always tried to have as much fun as possible on the field. I find that the less stress you have on yourself, the better you play.”

- Donnie Walton, senior infielder

UC Santa Barbara

"I think there’s a few. JJ Muno, second-base, big personality and also my roommate. Love him to death. Sam Cohen is awesome too."

- Shane Bieber, junior pitcher

"I like to have fun. We rip each other all the time. That’s kind of our team thing. If you mess up one thing, you’re going to hear it from everyone on the team. We’re just a young group out here having fun and living it up.”

-JJ Muno, sophomore infielder

Miami (Fla.)

"Zach is a big one. Willie. Those guys are the two big key ones. They’re the leaders that people look up to. They’re joking around, loose and still doing their jobs. They’re the ones the younger guys are going to follow.”

Michael Mediavilla, sophomore pitcher

"We have a few jokes. Actually there was a bad one not too long ago, maybe like yesterday or the day before. I guess we had a little mistake with a razor and someone’s hair. I won’t be too specific.”

Willie Abreu, senior outfielder

"I definitely consider myself the funniest guy on the team. But nah, Zack is definitely one of the funnier guys. Isaiah Musa is funny also, he’s only a freshman. I went to high school with him. He’s definitely one of the funniest guys on the team. I know he’s gotten into some trouble a little bit for being too funny sometimes. But yeah, we’ve got a lot of guys that play loose and have fun.”

- Johnny Ruiz, junior infielder


“I’m the biggest scarer on the team. I’m always hiding in corners and no one really knows when to expect it. That would be me. But I think the prankster probably would be Robby Medel. People like him poke holes in the water cups. You gotta watch out for them.

“I get my roommate at least once a week. Actually I got JJ Matiljevic pretty good right before we left of Omaha. But Casey Bowman is usually my victim.”

- Cody Ramer, senior infielder

Texas Tech

“Eric Gutierrez, definitely is the jokester. Zach Davis too. I gotta stay away from them or I get caught up.”

- Cory Raley, senior utility

“Sometimes I just do it so they can loosen up and enjoy the game. But I get pranked too a lot. Two years ago, 2014 our first time, it was the first practice before coming here at Lubbock. These guys bring a snake. And they coiled it up in my cubby in the locker room. They were like ‘Gute check out these batting gloves. There’s so sick.’ We had new batting gloves but there weren’t there, they were in another cubby. So I run. I love batting gloves. And I open it up. That thing was still moving. It was dead but still moving. I see it and I just jump in run.

"I guess these guys were 'oh I guessed it worked, we made it Omaha, let’s do it again, why not?' So they did it again. I was hanging in the locker room and it was right where my belts are. I didn’t see it coming. I was thinking about it two weeks ago and man, we keep on winning. I know there’s going to be a snake, watch out. I totally forget and it’s there. I jumped again. I just don’t like snakes.”

- Eric Guiterrez, senior infielder


 “Brian Howard is probably what we call the most theatrical guy we’ve got. You see running off the field, he’ll hop, yell when he gets in the dugout. He’s the energy guy.”

-Durbin Feltman, freshman pitcher

“I’m kind of a veteran.  I have been around some hall of fame pranksters. I’ve kind of just taken bits and pieces of their pranks and joking game.”

“Actually the best prank of the year happened to me. It was by Austen Wade. One day after practice I left my glove out. That’s like a cardinal sin. The next day I go down to my locker and I couldn’t find my glove. Someone told me that Austen Wade had hid it and when you see it you’re going to laugh. I went outside and I was looking in cubbies. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally I turned out to left field and he had strung my glove all the way to the top of the flagpole. So my glove was just hanging out there in left field. It was pretty good.”

-Brian Howard, pitcher


“Buddy Reed. He has a really joking personality.”

-JJ Schwarz, sophomore catcher/DH

“Buddy Reed definitely. The other day at team practice, he was throwing water at everyone. It was blazing hot outside though. He likes to tell jokes, sing, dance, get everyone loose.”

- Dane Dunning, junior pitcher

"It's cool. I’m the clown. I’m the jokester of the team. I like to have fun and be loose with it. It’s a fun game. It’s something we all love. We definitely have fun doing it. For a lot of the juniors and seniors now, it’s something that we’ll be doing for rest of our lives. So we gotta take it all in, especially because it's probably a lot of our guys' last year."

- Buddy Reed, junior outfielder

Coastal Carolina

“I feel like the whole team is a bunch of jokesters. We’re always joking around and laughing. A bunch of our freshman are jokesters too. But it’s mostly Connor [Owings], Cam [Pearcey] and Kieton [Rivers]"

- G.K. Young, junior DH

“Definitely Anthony Marks. He is unbelievable. He keeps everybody loose, no matter how the tension is.

-Michael Paez, junior shortstop

“I may be the biggest jokester. I like having fun with everybody. Sometimes I may cross the line and try to get under people’s skin, but it’s all in good fun. I love everybody on this team. I like to just try to keep the mood light. I enjoy that role.”

-Anthony Marks, senior outfielder


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