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Andy Wittry & Andrew Cyr | | January 18, 2019

We searched every College World Series concession stand and found the best food at TD Ameritrade Park

Oregon State vs Arkansas

Who doesn't love watching a baseball game while enjoying a hot dog, a box of peanuts or a soft pretzel? Baseball and concession stand food go hand-in-hand, but there's no reason you need to limit yourself to just one item.'s team of writers took it upon itself to search every concession stand during the College World Series to find the best food Omaha's TD Ameritrade Park has to offer.

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For each item on the menu, we gave it a rating based on a hypothetical baseball batting order, position player or pitcher. For example, a food item that's classified as a leadoff batter who bats first in the order would be a good choice to start your day with, such as an appetizer or smaller food item. An item that earns the label of a cleanup hitter that bats fourth would be given to a large entree that will fill you up by itself. A dessert might earn a rating as a No. 8 or No. 9 hitter that you can end your night with after eating the main course. You get the picture.

Here's a catalog of our eating experience at the College World Series.



  The Nachomaha.
Price: $18

Concession stand: Batter's Box

Location: Near section 122 on the third-base line

Review: This is the heart of your order. We're talking your No. 2, No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5 hitters, collectively. The picture to the left doesn't do the Nachomaha justice – it's literally a 2.5-foot trough of nachos. It's so many nachos that the container has two handles so that you can safely transport it through treacherous mountain ranges back to your village, where it will provide enough food to feed families for months.

Grounds Crew Tacho


  Grounds Crew Tacho.
Price: $12

Location: Near section 118 on the third-base line

Review: Submarine pitcher. You've seen pictures and heard stories about them but you've never faced one yourself until now. Do they work because they're unconventional – an extremely low arm angle that creates a rising fastball; tater tots that double as nachos – or is there something inherently effective about them – the unique form that makes it hard for a batter to get a read on what pitch is coming; tater tots that soak in countless toppings and allow for 360-degree coverage of sour cream, jalapeños and tomatoes? Or, should we stop overanalyzing and asking existential questions about submarine pitchers and tater tot nachos and just appreciate them for what they are? We'll choose the latter.

Home Run Burger


  The Home Run Burger.

Price: $9

Concession stand: Burger Burger

Location: Near section 106 on the first-base line

Review: No. 3 hitter. The Home Run Burger is a great way to fill an empty stomach and you might have enough room for a side of fries. The onion rings add a nice crunch, while the hot and spicy pickles bring some kick.

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Three soft tacos


  Tacos from 10th Street Tacos.

Price: $10

Concession stand: 10th Street Taco

Location: Near section 102 on the first-base line

Review: No. 2 hitter. The tacos are a great way to get your day started without completely filling up your stomach. With a selection of toppings that includes shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, jalapeños, salsa and sour cream, there's a great blend of hot and cold that mixes well on a fresh tortilla.

Tropical fruit smoothie


  Tropical fruit smoothie from Maui Wowi.
Price: $8 for a regular-size smoothie

Concession stand: Maui Wowi Hawaiian Smoothies

Location: Near section 104 on the first-base line

Review: No. 6 hitter. A new flavor from Maui Wowi Hawaiian Smoothies, the tropical fruit smoothie hits the spot on a hot June afternoon in Omaha. It would work well as both a drink and dessert with a meal, or as a mid-afternoon snack.

Pulled pork sandwich


  Pulled Pork BBQ sandwich from Burger Burger
Price: $8

Concession stand: Burger Burger

Location: Near section 106 on the first-base line

Review: No. 1 hitter. When in Omaha, meat is a staple on any menu. The pulled pork BBQ sandwich did not disappoint, especially if you're looking for something other than your traditional ballpark food. Simple, yet unusual, this sandwich is a good meal for lunch or dinner.  This is the perfect shortstop in Omaha to pair with this middle infielder that is a lethal double play combination ...

Smoked brisket sandwich


  Smoked brisket sandwich
Price: $8.50

Concession stand: Great Plains Grill

Location: Sections 118-119 down the third-base line

Review: No. 7 hitter. Much like its middle infielder partner, the smoked brisket is an unusual wrinkle to ballpark food that is featured here at TD Ameritrade Park. Topped with fried onions that add a nice crunch, the brisket sandwich is another meal that can go well with either lunch or dinner. Another solid option, this is an excellent second baseman to pair with its pulled pork teammate. You've seen these items in smokehouses before, but at a baseball stadium? That's what makes Omaha special.



  Pepperoni pizza
Price: $8

Concession stand: Slice Pizza & Grill

Location: Secion 113 to the third-base side of home plate

Review: Catcher and No. 8 hitter. Much like hot dogs, a slice of pizza is a staple of almost every concession stand at any ballpark. But it's the good ones, like a good catcher in your lineup, that can really take your food menu over the top. TD Ameritrade Park offers three flavors (cheese, pepperoni and beef) and give you a hefty-sized slice. Far from unorthodox, pizza always gets the job done. 


Hot dog sliders 


  Hot dog sliders
Price: $9

Concession stand: Batters Box 

Location: Section 122 in the left-field corner

Review: Starting pitcher. Are there more exotic and ridiculous hot dogs here in at TD Ameritrade Park? Yes. Do some have chili, bacon, pineapple salsa or cheese on them. Also yes. But sometimes you just need one of the traditional ballpark classics to get the job done. Something you know what you're getting yourself into when you order it. Besides, baseball and hot dogs are made for each other. It's an American staple. Three sliders, three strikes. Batter out.

Berrie kabob


  Berrie Kabob
Price: $8

Concession stand: Berrie Kabobs 

Locaton: Section 121 and various venders throughout the stadium

Review: Closer. At the end of a long game or day at the park, you need something that's going to seal the deal and get the job done. Enter the berrie kabob. You can choose one of their three items, all of which feature fresh fruit and chocolate. All on a stick. The berrie kabob electrifies the back-end of food items here at TD Ameritrade Park and the perfect way to close out your trip to the park. Like all major closers in baseball, the berrie kabob deserves a theme song that when you hear it coming, you know it's about to go down.

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