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Abby Hill | | June 11, 2014

Hill: Pieces of history

  Jim Murphy and Matt Myers opened Omaha Sports Cards in May 2014.

OMAHA, Neb. -- During the month of June, sports fans from across the nation flock to Omaha, Nebraska, for the College World Series. However, for sports fanatics Matt Myers and Jim Murphy, Omaha is home.

Myers and Murphy are not just your ordinary sports fans, they are sports memorabilia fans. In fact, they are such fans of sports memorabilia that they have made it their profession.

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On May 1, 2014, Myers and Murphy made their dreams come true when they opened Omaha Sports Cards. The shop is filled with signed posters, jerseys, football helmets and of course, boxes and boxes of metallic-wrapped sports cards.

"My love affair with cards started when I was five years old," Myers said. "My dad bought me my first pack and I have been obsessed ever since."

Myers moved to Omaha in 2001 and retired from being a salesman to open the shop.

Myers opened the store with retired Omaha police man, Murphy.

"I waited to retire to open this place," Murphy said. "Some people collect magazines or coins; I like to collect cards."

Even while being a police officer, Murphy was never far from the sports world.

"I worked security for the College World Series for many years," Murphy said. "I was stationed in the dugout for most games."

"My greatest College World Series moments were when I was in the UCLA and Arizona dugouts when they each won," Murphy continued. "Those coaches were so nice, and I loved being involved in the excitement."

Quickly after moving to Omaha, Myers, too, fell in love with attending the CWS.

"My first years going, I did it right," Myers said. "I bought the nice seats, and sat right behind the catcher, with all of the professional scouts."

Myers has gone every year since.

This year neither Myers or Murphy wil be working at the CWS, but each will be attending, and hopefully have the opportunity to spread the word about Omaha Sports Cards.

Walking into the shop it is so evident that sports cards and memorabilia are Myers and Murphy's passion. They each have a favorite and most-wanted card out there and desire to share their love with the people visting for the CWS.

"We have only been open a month," Myers said, "so we do not know what it will be like for the next few weeks, but we are hoping that people who have an interest in this stuff will come by for some pizza or pop."

The guys at Omaha Sports Cards have every kind of card you could desire, every sports hero has an item in the shop.

However, there are still cards they do not have.

What's the one card Myers is still looking for?

"A 1952 Mickey Mantle," he says immediately. "I am always looking for one of those."

Fans traveling to Omaha for the College World Series are looking to witness a piece of sport's history, and Myers and Murphy would be eager to sell them one, too.


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