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OMAHA, Neb. -- For centuries, Omaha has been a destination for the American people.

Beginning with the expedition of Lewis and Clark in August of 1804. Lewis and Clark passed through what is now the metro area of Omaha in their quest to explore the newly-accquired American frontier.

In 1869, Omaha became a hub of the transcontinental railroard when Union Pacific connected California to the east coast for the first time.

Today, Omaha is a destination for sports fans during the month of June, when thousands of people travel to TD Ameritrade Park for the College World Series.

Of course, these fans travel to watch their favorite teams play baseball.

This year's teams literally come from coast to coast -- from Charlottesville, Virginia, all the way to Irvine, California, from Louisville, Kentucky, to Austin, Texas.

The trek is a long one, essentially beginning in February and the last leg on the #RoadToOmaha requires some travel. The team with the shortest distance to travel was Louisville; however, the trip still spanned 700 miles. UC Irvine traveled the furthest, covering 1,551 miles.

Teams make the journey to Omaha, not in search of new opportunities or the new world, but instead in search for a championship title and the chance to be remembered as the best team in the country.