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Maryland vs. Belmont: Livestream link to the NCAA tournament game

Andy Katz gives his winners of the East Region

Here is a direct link to the No. 6 Maryland vs. No. 11 Belmont NCAA tournament live stream where you can watch every moment of the March Madness first-round game.

No. 6 Maryland vs. No. 11 Belmont is one of the 67 games in the 2019 NCAA tournament and you can watch every one on March Madness Live.

Previewing Maryland's return to the NCAA tournament

From Don Markus, The Baltimore Sun

COLLEGE PARK — Two years ago, Maryland had to wait until the next-to-last of the 68 teams selected in the NCAA men's basketball tournament field was announced to find out where it was going and who the Terps were going to face in the Round of 64.

Seeded sixth, Maryland seemed to have a favorable draw for itself and a great destination for its fans when the Terps were sent to Orlando, Fla., to play 11th-seeded Xavier, which had struggled down the stretch of the regular season.

After a 76-65 defeat to a Musketeers team that would advance to the Elite Eight, it proved to be a short trip for Mark Turgeon's team and a long weekend -- albeit it in a sunnier, warmer place -- for the fans who followed the Terps to Florida.

Will this year be different?

Maryland is again going to the Sunshine State as a sixth seed, this time to Jacksonville. On Thursday afternoon, the Terps (22-10, 13-7 Big Ten) will face the winner of Tuesday night's play-in game between 11th seeds Temple and Belmont in Dayton, Ohio, which will start after the conclusion of a 6:40 p.m. game.

If Maryland wins its tournament opener, the Terps would play the winner of third-seeded LSU and 14th-seeded Yale for a chance to return home for the East Regional, where second-seeded Michigan State and top-seeded Duke could be waiting at Capital One Arena in Washington.

The Terps' game Thursday starts shortly after the conclusion of the 12:40 p.m. LSU-Yale game. Both games will be on truTV.

Before diving into scouting reports on his possible Round of 64 opponent, Turgeon said he was thinking more about last year as he gathered with his team at Xfinity Center on Sunday night to watch the NCAA tournament selection show. This time, the Terps were among the first teams to hear their name called.

"Obviously this is a great day," Turgeon said. "We're sitting here a year ago, 19-13, begging to be in the NIT. Lost a lot of players, lost Kevin Huerter [who left for the NBA], have five freshmen in our rotation [this season]. We're really proud of what we accomplished this year to this point, in a great league, with a difficult schedule.

"To see your name pop up on Selection Sunday was great. If you had been in the room, you would have seen pure joy and excitement on these guys' faces. We're super excited, get to stay on the East Coast, head down to Jacksonville, where the weather will be warm. We're looking forward to it. ... We started a new season today, talked about, we're fired up to do well in the tournament."

Asked whether there was a difference Sunday hearing his team's name mentioned quickly, Turgeon chuckled.

"I think the seed showed they really respected our league and what we accomplished this year to remain a 6 [seed]," he said. "We were relaxed. Just being in the room, I love being a coach, but there's a lot that comes with it. But to be in that room, to watch these guys when their name came up, oh, my gosh, I wouldn't trade that moment for all the criticism that we take. It was an amazing moment and a lot of fun."

It marks the fourth time in the past five years that the Terps have gone to the NCAA tournament. After making the Round of 32 in 2015 before losing to West Virginia in Columbus, Ohio, Maryland beat a pair of double-digit seeds in Spokane, Wash., before losing to top-seeded Kansas, Turgeon's alma mater, in Louisville, Ky.

It will also mark the first time in the NCAA tournament for seven of the nine players in Maryland's regular rotation: five freshmen as well as sophomores Bruno Fernando and Darryl Morsell (Mount Saint Joseph). Junior guard Anthony Cowan Jr. and redshirt senior forward Ivan Bender are the only Terps with NCAA tournament experience.

"Just by missing it one year, it definitely brings you a lot of joy and not get complacent, knowing that you did something worth getting into the tournament," Cowan said Sunday. "That's the message I'm going to try to display to my teammates. Now it's the excitement, just being ready to play."

Fernando, who is coming off a season-low three-point performance in Thursday's disappointing 69-61 loss to No. 13 seed Nebraska in the second round of the Big Ten tournament in Chicago, said he looks forward to playing a team that has never faced the Terps before.

"Going from the regular season to the Big Ten tournament, like Coach said, it's kind of like you're playing teams you've already played twice and they kind of know everything about our system," Fernando said.

"Now we're going to play a team we don't know much about them and they don't much about us. It's going to be a completely different game and we'll get a chance to do a lot of things we're not able to do [in the Big Ten]."

Turgeon was asked how different the NCAA tournament is from the Big Ten tournament.

"The Big Ten going to the tournament is like going to the dentist office, you've already played them a couple of times and you've got to play them again," Turgeon said. "They know every play [Maryland runs], that type of thing. This is lose and you go home type deal. ...

"I can tell by our team meeting today, and our practice today, our guys truly believe this is a new season and we've done some amazing things. The grind is over and now the fun begins. It kind of showed the way our guys handled today."

With three defeats in their past four games, the Terps are aware many might think they'll be one of the teams that could get upset by a double-digit seed, as they were two years ago in Orlando as well as at the Big Ten tournament.

Asked whether the team has an us-against-the-world approach to the NCAA tournament, Cowan said: "I would say more of a chip on our shoulder more than anything. Me personally, I haven't won a postseason game. That's just been my motivation, honestly the whole year. Now that I'm there, take advantage of the opportunity."

Said Turgeon: "Everybody gets criticized in today's world. Our president gets killed [by critics] every day. Everybody's getting criticized. Democrats. Republicans. This coach, that coach. This guy runs a business. We live in the public. It's changed. It's the way it is.

"To have the fourth-youngest team [in the country] and the eighth-hardest schedule, we did some amazing things. So I don't need anyone telling us what we did. We did some amazing things. I know what we did this year. We're looking forward to postseason."

March Madness live stream, TV schedule for 2019 NCAA tournament

March Madness 2019 dates, schedule, live streams and TV networks

Game Livestream Time (ET) TV Site
Monday, April 8        
Virginia 85, Texas Tech 77 (OT)
NCAA National Championship
March Madness Live 9:20 p.m. CBS Minneapolis, MN
Past results:        
Saturday, April 6        
Virginia 63, Auburn 62 (Final Four) March Madness Live 6:09 p.m. CBS Minneapolis, MN
Texas Tech 61, Michigan State 51 (Final Four) March Madness Live 8:49 p.m. CBS Minneapolis, MN
Sunday, March 31        
Auburn 77, Kentucky (OT)
(Midwest Regional Final
March Madness Live 2:20 p.m. CBS Kansas City, MO
Michigan State (68), Duke (67)
(East Regional Final)
March Madness Live 5:05 p.m. CBS Washington, D.C.
Saturday, March 30        
Texas Tech 75, Gonzaga 69
(West Regional Final)
March Madness Live 6:09 p.m. TBS Anaheim, CA
Virginia 80, Purdue 75 (OT)
(South Regional Final)
March Madness Live 8:49 p.m. TBS Louisville, KY
First Four, Tuesday, March 19        
Fairleigh Dickinson 82, Prairie View A&M 76 March Madness Live 6:30 pm truTV Dayton, OH
Belmont 81, Temple 70  March Madness Live 9:00 pm TruTV Dayton, OH
First Four, Wednesday, March 20        
North Dakota State 78, NC Central 74 March Madness Live  6:30 pm truTV Dayton, OH
Arizona State 74, St. John's 65 March Madness Live 9:00 pm truTV Dayton, OH
First round, Thursday, March 21        
Minnesota 86, Louisville 76 March Madness Live 12:15 pm CBS Des Moines, IA
LSU 79, Yale 74 March Madness Live 12:40 pm truTV Jacksonville, FL
Auburn 78, New Mexico State 77 March Madness Live  1:30 pm TNT Salt Lake City, UT
Florida State 76, Vermont 69 March Madness Live 2:00 pm TBS Hartford, CT
Michigan State 76, Bradley 65 March Madness Live  2:45 pm CBS Des Moines, IA
Maryland 79, Belmont 77 March Madness Live 3:10 pm truTV Jacksonville, FL
Kansas 87, Northeastern 53 March Madness Live 4:00 pm TNT Salt Lake City, UT
Murray State 83, Marquette 64 March Madness Live 4:30 pm TBS Hartford, CT
Florida 70, Nevada 61 March Madness Live 6:50 pm TNT Des Moines, IA
Kentucky 79, Abilene Christian 44 March Madness Live 7:10 pm CBS Jacksonville, FL
Villanova 61, Saint Mary's 57 March Madness Live 7:20 pm TBS Hartford, CT
Gonzaga 87, Fairleigh Dickinson 49 March Madness Live 7:27 pm truTV Salt Lake City, UT
Michigan 74, Montana 55 March Madness Live 9:20 pm TNT Des Moines, IA
Wofford 84, Seton Hall 68 March Madness Live 9:40 pm CBS Jacksonville, FL
Purdue 61, Old Dominion 48 March Madness Live 9:50 pm TBS Hartford, CT
Baylor 78, Syracuse 69 March Madness Live 9:57 pm truTV Salt Lake City, UT
First round, Friday, March 22        
Iowa 79, Cincinnati 72  March Madness Live 12:15 pm CBS Columbus, OH
Oklahoma 95, Mississippi 72 March Madness Live 12:40 pm truTV Columbia, SC
Texas Tech 72, Northern Kentucky 57 March Madness Live 1:30 pm TNT Tulsa, OK
UC Irvine 70, Kansas State 64 March Madness Live 2:00 pm  TBS San Jose, CA
Tennessee 77, Colgate 70 March Madness Live 2:45 pm CBS Columbus, OH
Virginia 71, Gardner-Webb 56 March Madness Live 3:10 pm truTV Columbia, SC
Buffalo 91, Arizona State 74 March Madness Live 4:00 pm TNT Tulsa, OK
Oregon 72, Wisconsin 54 March Madness Live 4:30 pm TBS San Jose, CA
Washington 78, Utah State 61 March Madness Live 6:50 pm TNT Columbus, OH
Duke 85, North Dakota State 62 March Madness Live 7:10 pm CBS Columbia, SC
Houston 84, Georgia State 55 March Madness Live 7:20 pm TBS Tulsa, OK 
Liberty 80, Mississippi State 76 March Madness Live 7:27 pm truTV San Jose, CA
North Carolina 88, Iona 73 March Madness Live 9:20 pm TNT Columbus, OH
UCF 73, VCU 58 March Madness Live 9:40 pm CBS Columbia, SC
Ohio State 62, Iowa State 59 March Madness Live 9:50 pm TBS Tulsa, OK
Virginia Tech 66, Saint Louis 52 March Madness Live  9:57 pm truTV San Jose, CA
Second round, Saturday, March 23        
LSU 69, Maryland 67 March Madness Live 12:10 pm CBS Jacksonville, FL
Kentucky 62, Wofford 56 March Madness Live 2:40 pm CBS Jacksonville, FL
Michigan 64, Florida 49 March Madness Live 5:15 pm CBS Des Moines, IA
Florida State 90, Murray State 62 March Madness Live 6:10 pm TNT Hartford, CT
Gonzaga 83, Baylor 71 March Madness Live 7:10 pm TBS Salt Lake City, UT
Michigan State 70, Minnesota 50 March Madness Live 7:45 pm CBS Des Moines, IA
Purdue 87, Villanova 61 March Madness Live 8:40 pm TNT Hartford, CT
Auburn 89, Kansas 75 March Madness Live 9:40 pm TBS Salt Lake City, UT
Second round, Sunday, March 24        
Tennessee 83, Iowa 77 (OT) March Madness Live 12:10 pm CBS Columbus, OH
North Carolina 81, Washington 59 March Madness Live 2:40 pm CBS Columbus, OH
Duke 77, UCF 76 March Madness Live 5:25 pm CBS Columbia, SC
Texas Tech 78, Buffalo 58 March Madness Live 6:10 pm TNT Tulsa, OK
Virginia Tech 67, Liberty 58 March Madness Live 7:10 pm TBS San Jose, CA
Virginia 63, Oklahoma 51 March Madness Live 7:45 pm truTV Columbia, SC
Houston 74, Ohio State 59 March Madness Live 8:40 pm TNT Tulsa, OK
Oregon 73, UC Irvine 54 March Madness Live 9:40 pm TBS San Jose, CA
Sweet 16, Thursday, March 28        
Gonzaga 72, Florida State 58 March Madness Live 7:09 pm CBS Anaheim, CA
Purdue 99, Tennessee 94 (OT) March Madness Live 7:29 pm TBS Louisville, KY
Texas Tech 63, Michigan 44 March Madness Live 9:39 pm CBS Anaheim, CA
Virginia 53, Oregon 49 March Madness Live 9:57 pm TBS Louisville, KY
Sweet 16, Friday, March 29        
Michigan State 80, LSU 63 March Madness Live 7:09 pm CBS Washington, D.C.
Auburn 97, North Carolina 80 March Madness Live 7:29 pm TBS Kansas City, MO
Duke 75, Virginia Tech 73 March Madness Live 9:39 pm CBS Washington, D.C.
Kentucky 62, Houston 58 March Madness Live 9:57 pm TBS Kansas City, MO

How to stream 2019 March Madness games online

You can watch all 67 games online with March Madness Live. You can also fill out a bracket here.

How to watch NCAA March Madness games on live TV

CBS, TBS, TNT and Tru TV will have all games this year. Here is how they break down by round:

  • Selection Show: CBS
  • First Four: Tru TV
  • First Round: CBS, TBS, TNT and Tru TV
  • Second Round: CBS, TBS, TNT and Tru TV
  • Regionals (Sweet 16 and Elite Eight): CBS, TBS
  • Final Four and National Championship: CBS

MARCH MADNESS BRACKET: Print your bracket here

March Madness history

Villanova is the defending champion, as the Wildcats have won two of the last three titles. UCLA has the most national championships with 11.

Year Champion (Record) Coach Score Runner-Up Site
2018 Villanova (36-4) Jay Wright 79-62 Michigan San Antonio, Tex.
2017 North Carolina (33-7) Roy Williams 71-65 Gonzaga Phoenix, Ariz.
2016 Villanova (35-5) Jay Wright 77-74 North Carolina Houston, Texas
2015 Duke (35-4) Mike Krzyzewski 68-63 Wisconsin Indianapolis, Ind.
2014 Connecticut (32-8) Kevin Ollie 60-54 Kentucky Arlington, Texas
2013 Louisville (35-5)* Rick Pitino 82-76 Michigan Atlanta, Ga.
2012 Kentucky (38-2) John Calipari 67-59 Kansas New Orleans, La.
2011 Connecticut (32-9) Jim Calhoun 53-41 Butler Houston, Texas
2010 Duke (35-5) Mike Krzyzewski 61-59 Butler Indianapolis, Ind.
2009 North Carolina (34-4) Roy Williams 89-72 Michigan State Detroit, Mich.
2008 Kansas (37-3) Bill Self 75-68 (OT) Memphis San Antonio, Texas
2007 Florida (35-5) Billy Donovan 84-75 Ohio State Atlanta, Ga.
2006 Florida (33-6) Billy Donovan 73-57 UCLA Indianapolis, Ind.
2005 North Carolina (33-4) Roy Williams 75-70 Illinois St. Louis, Mo.
2004 Connecticut (33-6) Jim Calhoun 82-73 Georgia Tech San Antonio, Texas
2003 Syracuse (30-5) Jim Boeheim 81-78 Kansas New Orleans, La.
2002 Maryland (32-4) Gary Williams 64-52 Indiana Atlanta, Ga.
2001 Duke (35-4) Mike Krzyzewski 82-72 Arizona Minneapolis, Minn.
2000 Michigan State (32-7) Tom Izzo 89-76 Florida Indianapolis, Ind.
1999 Connecticut (34-2) Jim Calhoun 77-74 Duke St. Petersburg, Fla.
1998 Kentucky (35-4) Tubby Smith 78-69 Utah San Antonio, Texas
1997 Arizona (25-9) Lute Olson 84-79 (OT) Kentucky Indianapolis, Ind.
1996 Kentucky (34-2) Rick Pitino 76-67 Syracuse East Rutherford, N.J.
1995 UCLA (31-2) Jim Harrick 89-78 Arkansas Seattle, Wash.
1994 Arkansas (31-3) Nolan Richardson 76-72 Duke Charlotte, N.C.
1993 North Carolina (34-4) Dean Smith 77-71 Michigan New Orleans, La.
1992 Duke (34-2) Mike Krzyzewski 71-51 Michigan Minneapolis, Minn.
1991 Duke (32-7) Mike Krzyzewski 72-65 Kansas Indianapolis, Ind.
1990 UNLV (35-5) Jerry Tarkanian 103-73 Duke Denver, Colo.
1989 Michigan (30-7) Steve Fisher 80-79 (OT) Seton Hall Seattle, Wash.
1988 Kansas (27-11) Larry Brown 83-79 Oklahoma Kansas City, Mo.
1987 Indiana (30-4) Bob Knight 74-73 Syracuse New Orleans, La.
1986 Louisville (32-7) Denny Crum 72-69 Duke Dallas, Texas
1985 Villanova (25-10) Rollie Massimino 66-64 Georgetown Lexington, Ky,
1984 Georgetown (34-3) John Thompson 84-75 Houston Seattle, Wash.
1983 North Carolina State (26-10) Jim Valvano 54-52 Houston Albuquerque, N.M.
1982 North Carolina (32-2) Dean Smith 63-62 Georgetown New Orleans, La.
1981 Indiana (26-9) Bob Knight 63-50 North Carolina Philadelphia, Pa.
1980 Louisville (33-3) Denny Crum 59-54 UCLA Indianapolis, Ind.
1979 Michigan State (26-6) Jud Heathcote 75-64 Indiana State Salt Lake City, Utah
1978 Kentucky (30-2) Joe Hall 94-88 Duke St. Louis, Mo.
1977 Marquette (25-7) Al McGuire 67-59 North Carolina Atlanta, Ga.
1976 Indiana (32-0) Bob Knight 86-68 Michigan Philadelphia, Pa.
1975 UCLA (28-3) John Wooden 92-85 Kentucky San Diego, Calif.
1974 North Carolina State (30-1) Norm Sloan 76-64 Marquette Greensboro, N.C.
1973 UCLA (30-0) John Wooden 87-66 Memphis State St. Louis, Mo.
1972 UCLA (30-0) John Wooden 81-76 Florida State Los Angeles, Calif.
1971 UCLA (29-1) John Wooden 68-62 Villanova Houston, Texas
1970 UCLA (28-2) John Wooden 80-69 Jacksonville College Park, Md.
1969 UCLA (29-1) John Wooden 92-72 Purdue Louisville, Ky.
1968 UCLA (29-1) John Wooden 78-55 North Carolina Los Angeles, Calif.
1967 UCLA (30-0) John Wooden 79-64 Dayton Louisville, Ky.
1966 UTEP (28-1) Don Haskins 72-65 Kentucky College Park, Md.
1965 UCLA (28-2) John Wooden 91-80 Michigan Portland, Ore.
1964 UCLA (30-0) John Wooden 98-83 Duke Kansas City, Mo.
1963 Loyola (Ill.) (29-2) George Ireland 60-58 (OT) Cincinnati Louisville, Ky.
1962 Cincinnati (29-2) Ed Jucker 71-59 Ohio State Louisville, Ky.
1961 Cincinnati (27-3) Ed Jucker 70-65 (OT) Ohio State Kansas City, Mo.
1960 Ohio State (25-3) Fred Taylor 75-55 California Daly City, Calif.
1959 California (25-4) Pete Newell 71-70 West Virginia Louisville, Ky.
1958 Kentucky (23-6) Adolph Rupp 84-72 Seattle Louisville, Ky.
1957 North Carolina (32-0) Frank McGuire 54-53 (3OT) Kansas Kansas City, Mo.
1956 San Francisco (29-0) Phil Woolpert 83-71 Iowa Evanston, Ill.
1955 San Francisco (28-1) Phil Woolpert 77-63 LaSalle Kansas City, Mo.
1954 La Salle (26-4) Ken Loeffler 92-76 Bradley Kansas City, Mo.
1953 Indiana (23-3) Branch McCracken 69-68 Kansas Kansas City, Mo.
1952 Kansas (28-3) Phog Allen 80-63 St. John's Seattle, Wash.
1951 Kentucky (32-2) Adolph Rupp 68-58 Kansas State Minneapolis, Minn.
1950 CCNY (24-5) Nat Holman 71-68 Bradley New York, N.Y.
1949 Kentucky (32-2) Adolph Rupp 46-36 Oklahoma A&M Seattle, Wash.
1948 Kentucky (36-3) Adolph Rupp 58-42 Baylor New York, N.Y.
1947 Holy Cross (27-3) Doggie Julian 58-47 Oklahoma New York, N.Y.
1946 Oklahoma State (31-2) Henry Iba 43-40 North Carolina New York, N.Y.
1945 Oklahoma State (27-4) Henry Iba 49-45 NYU New York, N.Y.
1944 Utah (21-4) Vadal Peterson 42-40 (OT) Dartmouth New York, N.Y.
1943 Wyoming (31-2) Everett Shelton 46-34 Georgetown New York, N.Y.
1942 Stanford (28-4) Everett Dean 53-38 Dartmouth Kansas City, Mo.
1941 Wisconsin (20-3) Bud Foster 39-34 Washington State Kansas City, Mo.
1940 Indiana (20-3) Branch McCracken 60-42 Kansas Kansas City, Mo.
1939 Oregon (29-5) Howard Hobson 46-33 Ohio State Evanston, Ill.

*Louisville’s participation in the 2013 tournament was later vacated by the Committee on Infractions.

The Baltimore Sun contributed to this report.

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