Division I Women's Basketball notes and quotesMarch 19, 2006

March 19, 2006

Arizona vs. Villanova
Post-game Quotes

Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright

Arizona, it seems to me like theyre playing as well as anyone in the country right now. I hope Im right because if not were in trouble the next game. They are really good. They have all the answers.

Defensively, theyre so big at every position. We tried early with Mike (Nardi) to stick with our four guards. We had to come with Shane (Clark). We played sometimes with Shane at the three, but they were just so big. We couldnt rebound and they were shooting over us.

On Foye scoring 20 in the first half and 4 in the second half That summarizes Randy Foyes career. Hell do whatever it takes to win. In the first half, there were times he was playing with three freshmen on the floor with Will Sheridan. He knew he had to score. Then in the second half, everybody got back and we werent in foul trouble anymore. Hes going to defend, and rebound and distribute the ball. He doesnt care at all about stats. Thats what makes him, I think, an incredible player.

We could sense here in Philly that everyone in Philly expected us to advance out of this. We had the home court. We had the 1 seed. It was just a foregone conclusion were going to Minneapolis. I tried to talk about it all the time& I was really concerned about it.

At this point last year, we were crushed. We won, but we were crushed because we knew Curtis (Sumpter) was out. This is fun. We feel good. We feel like were playing well and our young guys are getting better. We dont feel like were going in there undermanned. This is really different.

Villanova Student-Athletes
Will Sheridan
Randy Foye
Allan Ray
Kyle Lowry

Ray: They were making their runs. Every time we had a run, they had an answer for it. Just being together out there on the court, and just having a lot of heart out there prevented them from getting the lead.

Foye: It was like a home game for us today. The first game we played against Monmouth, it wasnt as loud. But today when you needed a stop, you heard the crowd. You could hear them chanting defense. It was important for us down the stretch.

Foye: On Ray and his play down the stretch Coach called our number and every time he called our number, we just tried to make a play. But if we didnt have a play for ourselves, we tried to get the other guys shots. Will got a lot of open shots today because their big men helped a lot.

Ray: I just stepped up to the line real confident. Coach puts the ball in my hand at the end of the game for a reason. I just have to go up there and stay confident in the shot.

Sheridan: I definitely like to come through for my teammates. I was getting good looks because teams focus so heavily on our guards. Its definitely big for our team. It shows we have other options.

Lowry: Well enjoy this but weve got a lot of work to do. It was a great game and it was a team effort. We showed fearlessness.

March 19, 2006

Arizona vs. Villanova
Post-game Quotes
Lute Olson, Arizona coach
That was a great college basketball game. I thought both teams played well and played very hard. When it is that kind of game it just comes down to one play here or one play there.

Our biggest problem was we did everything we could to keep them out of the middle of the lane and those guard are very, very tough.

I was proud of our guys. I thought we moved the ball well. In the entire game, there was maybe one shot we would not have chosen to take. The rest of the time I thought we moved the ball well and played well together.

I thought we played as well as we could play. Credit has to go to Villanova for just having that little extra. Im not unhappy with our guys at all. I thought they gave it everything they had.

Thats a very good team. A very unselfish team.

I thought Marcus did a great job on Foye in the second half.

Arizona Student-Athletes
Mustafa Shakur
Hassan Adams
Marcus Williams
Daniel Dillon
Ivan Radenovic

Shakur (on preparing for four guards): It was tough because you cant really simulate that kind of quickness in practice. Its just something you have to be mentally prepared for.

Shakur (on Foyes first half): I have to credit Marcus Williams on doing a good job on him in the second half. Also, he was just so hot. A lot of times out guy was right in his face and he made a step behind the three-point line and made a tough shot.

Williams: Were used to playing away games. Out of the 20,000 people that showed up, at least 17,000 were probably Villanova fans. It gave me a little motivation to go out there and get the job done. It was loud and crazy, but I thought we dealt with it well.

Adams: Its been great this year playing with these guys. They keep my spirits up when things are down. And when things are down with them, I try to do the same. It was great for us to make it this far when everybody doubted us. I feel that around this time we came together better than any team I played with in my four years with the bonding. We wanted to win real bad and we went out and laid it on the line.

Dillon: It was just tough. They got into the lane, they were driving and penetrating, driving and dishing. We had more blocked shots, more rebounds, but not more points.

Dillon: We played with bigger crowds, more yelling, crazier than that. It didnt bother us. We just played.

Radenovic: They made some tough shots at the end of the game. We showed up and we gave them a terrific battle. We just came up short.