Albany Pregame Quotes (Round 1)March 15, 2007

2007 NCAA Mens Basketball Championship
First and Second Rounds
Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio

Albany Locker Room Quotes

Jamar Wilson, senior guard
On lessons learned in the conference tournament
I feel it definitely helped us out. Even though we didnt win, it showed any team can be defeated on any given day. You just need to play your hardest and do what you can do. You just control your own destiny.

On Virginias Sean Singletary Hes a good player. He is real explosive, a quick player and plays with a lot of heart just like his team. We just need to contain him.

On last years experience It was a great experience because last year was our first trip. We were just happy to get our feet wet. This year we are definitely trying to win, not to say we didnt try last year. I think the match-up is better this year with Virginia than UConn last year. We just need to make the best of it.

Jason Siggers, senior guard/forward
On last years experience
What it really showed is that every team is 0-0 going into the tournament. You cant look at the name on the jersey or the conference they are from. That wont help you win. Anyone can beat anyone on any night.

On the tournament It is more intense than last year. Some people think we can win, but we still are the underdog. We just have to live in the moment and enjoy the game and the tournament. I love the atmosphere and it makes me want to play even more.

Brent Wilson, junior forward
On last years experience
It gives us extra experience. To play against so many NBA prospects gave us a lot of confidence. We are a lot looser this year than last. We know the process this year.

On playing Virginia I am just going to stand my ground. We are going to stick with the game plan. They get up and down the court quickly. They are ACC athletes for a reason. If we can slow down the tempo it will definitely benefit us. To know this could be our seniors last game makes us want to play harder.

Brian Lillis, junior guard/forward
On the tournament last year
Playing in the tournament last year gave us a lot of experience. We played with five or six NBA players. To be able to stay with them shows us we can play any team.

On playing an ACC team Our coaches do a good job of putting us in the right mind set. We are just going to play our best. We dont think of this game as playing an ACC team they are just another team.

-Courtesy Ohio State