Butler vs. Old Dominion Pregame Quotes (Round 1)March 15, 2007

Butler Head Coach Todd Lickliter

On Old Dominion: This is a team I have enjoyed coaching a great deal, Old Dominion is well coached and led by upperclassmen. If we are fortunate enough to be in the tournament, we are going to play really good teams.

On Playing for the League: We are proud of what our league has done. When our league has been represented we have played well. Any time we compete we represent our league.

On Having a Higher Seed: It has no effect, were flattered, you have to earn whatever seed you receive, weve heard multiple times that 12 seeds upset five seeds. We want to do our jobs, if we do, well enjoy our experience. The mid-major labels are thrown out when you reach the tournament.

On Mid-Major Labels: We dont concern ourselves with labels, we just try to represent Butler University the best we can.

On Motivation: The challenge of or playing in the NCAA tournament is motivation enough, we understand that games are decided on the court.

Butler Student Athletes

A.J. Graves
(on what it means to have his brother as an assistant coach)
Just having his support. Its nice to get that support.

A.J. Graves
(on how many free throws hes made in a row)

Brandon Crone
(on being the favorite or the underdog)
We dont really look at that. We know Old Dominion is a good team. It should be a great game.

Brandon Crone
(on the NCAA Tournament being similar to the NIT Tournament earlier in the year)
Yeah it gave us a lot of confidence. Old Dominion is going to give us a great challenge. Were going to have to perform and play well.

Brandon Crone
(on being a #5 seed)
We havent paid attention to that. Were excited. Weve never looked at the seeding. Were focusing on Old Dominion.

Brandon Crone (on Old Dominion) Old Dominion is going to create some matchup problems. We know theyre going to give us a great challenge.

Brandon Crone
(on being nervous on Selection Sunday)
Not that nervous. There was more of excitement going into it.

Brian Ligon
(on Butlers high ranking/seed)
Were indifferent to it. It shows the respect weve gotten. We just want to go out and do our job.

Old Dominion Head Coach Blaine Taylor

On Being Here: Old Dominion is putting its name on the map

Our university is very healthy and we can actually play basketball too

Our opponent Butler has virtually lived in the top 20 all year

On the Senior Class: This senior class has made a big difference in our program, they will leave as the senior class with the most wins

On Butler: We have played some teams like them, I liken them to Hofstra, they have a lot of good guard play

They are a team that does not beat themselves, they have a very strong team concept

On Winning: Who is doing all the picking, my mom is the only one who says we have a chance

Old Dominion Student Athletes

Drew Williamson
(on being the winningest senior class)
Weve been through a lot together. Freshman year we got our feet wet, came out the next year and played hard. We worked out the whole spring and summer, all of us stayed over here. We came back sophomore year and won our conference. The experience factor of last year, going in the NIT, playing in the Final Four at Madison Square Garden, it helps.

Drew Williamson
(on Butler)
We watched film on them yesterday. The whole team can shoot threes, from the four man to the point guard, they just pop out and shoot threes. Weve been working on it the last few days just defending the three-point line. Once we defend the three-point line we still got to defend the lay-ups. We dont want to give them easy buckets but we got to make sure we get hands up.

Drew Williamson
(on VCU staying in the same hotel)
Were going to be rooting for them and hopefully theyll be rooting for us.

Drew Williamson
(on the teams bench)
A couple of games the bench outscored the starters. It helps wear teams down.

Arnaud Dahi
(on the teams diverse background)
It makes everyone feel comfortable. But we speak the same language on the court, basketball.

Valdas Vasylius
(on pronunciation of his name)
Val-dus Va-sil-us

-Courtesy Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference