Third Round Notes and Quotes: USC vs. UNC Post-gameMarch 23, 2007


University of North Carolina Tar Heels

The Tar Heels improve to 31-6 with the win. Tonights game was the first meeting between the two teams in the NCAA Tournament.

North Carolina advances to Sundays Regional Final vs. the No. 2 seed Georgetown Hoyas.

The North Carolina-Georgetown game is four days shy of the 25-year anniversary of the Tar Heels NCAA Championship win over the Hoyas, a 63-62 win on March 29, 1982 at the Lousiana Superdome in New Orleans, La.

North Carolina is 2-0 vs. Georgetown in NCAA play (the 1982 win for the NCAA Championship and in 1995 in the Sweet 16 where UNC won, 74-64).

North Carolina has won eight of the nine meetings against the Trojans.

The last time the Tar Heels were a No. 1 Seed, they won the 2005 NCAA Championship.

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams is now 9-3 in his career against Southern California head coach, Tim Floyd.

The Tar Heels are 6-1 in NCAA Tournament appearances in East Rutherford, NJ. They are 12-3 overall at the Meadowlands.

UNC was led by freshman forward Brandan Wright with 21 points. Wright was named the ACC Tournament Most Valuable Player.

North Carolina outscored Southern California in the second half by a 41-22 count

With 7:03 left in the second half, the Tar Heels took a 60-59 lead by sophomore Danny Green; it was UNCs first lead since taking a 1-0 advantage on a Marcus Ginyard free throw 22 seconds into the contest

North Carolina is now 4-4 on the season when trailing at halftime

If the Tar Heels are to advance past Sundays regional final against Georgetown, it will mark the sixth time that head coach Roy Williams has led his team to the Final Four (four at Kansas, and in 2005 at UNC) Southern California Trojans Notes

Southern California concludes its season with a 25-12 record, and set a school record for single-season wins

The Trojans now own an 11-15 all-time record in NCAA games, and were appearing in their first dance since 2002

USC is now 1-8 all-time against North Carolina; the Trojans lone win against the Tar Heels came at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, by a score of 74-59, Dec. 21, 2005

Southern California head coach Tim Floyd is now 6-6 all-time in NCAA games (2-1 at USC), and has a career record of 285-155 in 14 seasons of college coaching (at USC: 42-25)

The Trojans nine-point halftime lead (42-33) was the largest advantage it gave up in going on to lose a contest this season (previous: five points, on four occasions); USC ends the year with a 20-8 record when up at the intermission

Friday night marked the first time Southern California has appeared in a NCAA game in East Rutherford

USCs last regional semifinals appearance came in 2001, in Philadelphia; the Trojans defeated Kentucky by an 80-76 decision, before falling to Duke by a 79-69 score in the regional final

Junior guard/forward Nick Young scored 15 points Friday night, moving his career total to 1,486 points good for sixth place on the Southern California all-time scoring list

Freshman forward Taj Gibson led the Trojans with 16 points and 12 rebounds, marking his 11th double-double of the year and second of this years tournament (vs. Texas; 17 pt



On being down big in the second half and turning on the switch& You realize that its that time and that you are not playing well. You have to find the will and take it one play at a time.

On Southern Cal taking Tyler Hansbrough out of the game and Carolina still winning& In the first half we were just taking what the defense was giving us and let them dictate the game. It was the opposite in the second half and we got back to playing Carolina basketball.


On the emotions at the end of the game& It feels great. We got momentum, got stops on the defensive end of the court and contributed on the offensive end of the court. Its one of the best feelings in the world.

On how close his team was to going home& We knew how close we were (to going home). In the lockeroom at halftime, everybody was saying were not ready to go home yet. We made our minds up and gave a great effort in the second half.


On the change in attitude from the first half to the second half& In the first half we didnt have that passion. In the second half we came out wanting it more than they (USC) did and we came out with the win.

THE MODERATOR: Coach Williams will make an opening statement, then we'll take questions. COACH ROY WILLIAMS: I've just been told about our mascot that was hit by that car this afternoon, so our thoughts and prayers go out and hope that things look better than they look right now. Sort of makes everything else pale in comparison to that, a youngster to have something like that happen. I was just told that, so it was a nerve wracking right now to think about that. But it is a fantastic opportunity for us. At half time I didn't throw any chairs. I did get a little heated by our intensity, about our effort and about our concentration, but I personally never lost faith in our kids. I have a tremendous amount of confidence in our team. We didn't get off to a great start the second half like I had hoped we would, but even at the 16 minute time out, I said, "Let's stop making silly mistakes and giving them easy ones, let's make them earn stuff." The kids started believing in themselves and came back bit by bit. I told them it wasn't gonna happen in two minutes, might take the entire half to get it done, but I thought we would get it done if we played. Did the best we could on offense and defense every possession. I do have a tremendous amount of confidence in our club. We picked up on defense and we also were lucky that they missed a couple open shots. But for us to get better on the defensive end of the floor, that way it also got our break going, we got a couple of baskets on the break. Marcus and Brandan got a couple of offensive rebounds, tip ins for baskets that gave us energy and saw what a little extra effort could do for us. After that then we got on a roll and it was hard for them. Except for one possession, we limited them to one shot I think the last twelve minutes of the game. So that was important to us, as well. But we feel very, very lucky. I think that we don't have any pride or confidence that makes us be too cocky to stop us from saying that. We feel very lucky but we are still playing. I'm as proud of these kids as I could be.

Q. Could you just discuss the significance of Taj Gibson getting his fourth personal foul and how that changed the flow and momentum of the game. BRANDAN WRIGHT: Personally, I wasn't looking at the foul situation, I was just worried about who I was guarding. I was getting back into the game, doing what we needed to do on defense to make the game close and take the lead. Like I say, I really wasn't, you know, into the foul situation.

Q. Marcus and Brandan, how were you able to get so many offensive rebounds and tip ins in the second half? MARCUS GINYARD: Well, we really feel like they was effort plays. You know, we really lacked that effort and passion in the first half. In the second half, that was definitely one of our emphasis, was just to play with that passion and intensity. Like I said, those were just simple effort plays that I just feel we gave it an extra effort. BRANDAN WRIGHT: We are really proud of ourselves. By hitting the glass, you know, we can't just stand behind guys, we got to get around, do what we need to do, push, scratch, claw to get the offensive rebound.

Q. Tyler or Brandan, can you talk about the run there where I think it was an 18 0 run, how you were able to that was the deciding factor in the game. What went into that run? BRANDAN WRIGHT: I didn't know it was an 18 0 run. I mean, that's great. You know, when our team can make spurts like that and, you know, play well enough on defense, we really are going to be hard to stop. Our guys did a great job at, you know, hitting the glass and, you know, hitting the boards on the defensive end by finishing the possession. That was great for us. TYLER HANSBROUGH: I think it was a situation where we needed some must stops, you know. It was definitely the point of the game where we needed to make a run. I think our defensive intensity picked up a little bit and guys started making, you know, stops. They got stops and we started converting on the other end. It was very crucial for us in the win. MARCUS GINYARD: Well, we really just, you know, at that point of the game, you know, when Coach Williams doesn't call a time out and we're down 16 points in the second half and we look over at Coach Williams and he's not calling a time out, and he's just telling us to get the ball up the floor and continue to play, all the players can feel the confidence Coach has in this team. Like he said earlier, he has a ridiculous amount of confidence in this team. It's really hard to say how important that is for a player, you know, for a coach to feel that confident about his team and the way that he knew we'd be able to come back.

Q. Marcus, have you watched the other tournament games to see virtually every other top seed has gotten through a game like this and if you were curious at all to see how your team would respond if you had one? MARCUS GINYARD: I did notice other top seeded teams were pulling out close games. I always, just like I said, just the confidence that Coach has this in this team and the confidence we have in ourselves, I understood the further you get in this tournament, the harder the games will be. We didn't come into this game thinking it would be an easy game but we just knew we had to do whatever we could to pull it out.

Q. I know you were not born 25 years ago but you heard a lot of talk about the last time Georgetown and Carolina played for the championship. Do you know anything about that game? It doesn't matter now, but do you know the significance of that game? What do you think of the history of it, playing them again now? TYLER HANSBROUGH: Well, I think I do know a little bit about it because I think, you know, there was I think those guys did come back, right, to watch us play a game and for the reunion. I think we watched a video on them. It was pretty inspiring for us. It says a lot about the tradition and, you know, what North Carolina has done. For those guys to come back and watch us play, it meant a lot for me because it just shows us what type of family North Carolina is. But as far as a rivalry goes, I don't really know what's all there because, you know, I don't think we even play them that much. But, you know, I'm just ready to play 'cause it's our next game.

Q. Brandan, Coach said he was confident in you guys. How confident were you guys down 16 early in the second half? BRANDAN WRIGHT: I mean, I feel great, you know. When Coach doesn't call a time out, you know, I don't like when people make excuses about, you know, us being young with a lot of freshmen and sophomores making contributions to this team. He just shows the confidence that Coach has in us. I really respect that. He let us play through it and we got the job done for him.

Q. Marcus and Tyler, guys, what was going on in the first half tonight with the slow start? You played with so much passion against Michigan State and it seemed to be lacking in the first half tonight. MARCUS GINYARD: Well, that was just the biggest key, lack that passion. You know, I don't really know what it was, you know, why we weren't playing with that passion or intensity. But, you know, it just came down to the simple fact that, you know, at half time, you know, we all just looked at each other. Coach Robinson said it's now or never. We have to play with that intensity now or we're going to be going home, sitting in that locker room afterwards with our heads down. That's no feeling that anybody on this team wants to have right now. So we just had to do, you know, whatever it took. TYLER HANSBROUGH: Marcus pretty much said it, you know. We just didn't have the intensity the first half. We came out pretty sluggish. Got off to a bad start. Came in half time, listened to the coaches talk, rallied up a little bit, come out, have another little sluggish start then started getting after it. I think that's where the game really turned around for us. THE MODERATOR: At this time, we'll now take questions for North Carolina head coach Roy Williams.

Q. Roy, when Marcus and Brandan began to crash the boards, how much did that help your comeback? Was that the decisive thing that happened to get you going in the comeback? COACH ROY WILLIAMS: I think so. You know, we talked to the guys at half time again about we didn't have the passion, didn't have the energy level early. Tim does a great job. They do some funky things on defense that bothers you psychologically if you allow it to, but at the same time I thought we needed to get guys going to the offensive boards a lot better. You know, they weren't necessarily playing Brandan outside, they were using his man to help other people, double on Tyler, for example. Marcus wasn't being played very much outside. Southern Cal, with Tim, they want to make your nonscorers shoot the ball and the guys that don't shoot it as well take more shots than the guys that do. It's very sound fundamentally. For us, we tried to go the other way and say if they're not playing, it does give you a free run to the backboards. First of all, we have to do things on the defensive end, had to shore that up. On the offensive end, let's try to get the basketball inside and get all over the offensive boards. At half we were 2 for 12 from the half point line. That's too many threes. The second half we shot two of them but we did get the ball inside to Brandan some. The other thing, 20 offensive rebounds was huge for us.

Q. Obviously, at this point everybody knows what's at stake. But from a coaching perspective, how is coaching in a regional final different than any other game? COACH ROY WILLIAMS: If you don't play well, you start thinking about when the first time you're going to play golf. That's the biggest thing. You don't prepare any differently. The kids understand the significance of it. I don't think I have to stand up here and say, "Hey, guys, if we don't play, we go home." You don't have to say those kind of things to them; they understand that. I do believe that what you do now is you coach for one game. You know, tonight, second half, I don't think I took Taiwan out of the game. We're coaching for one game. Jimmy Valvano used to say, "We've got to survive in advance." We're not looking down the road. I've said many times you start looking down the road and that's where you're gonna go, going down the road back home. But we feel very fortunate. Please understand it was not any great coaching strategy, we just got kids that did give us the effort in the second half. We had a lot saved up because we didn't use very much of it in the first half.

Q. Just wanted to ask about your defense in the second half. You allowed just seven points over the last twelve and a half minutes. It looked like you were making them settle for jump shots. You kept them in front of you, that type of thing. What did you do defensively? COACH ROY WILLIAMS: What we tried to do even in the first half, we went small a little bit, and that helped us some. But then when they went two bigs, we went with two bigs because that helps us more offensively. What we did in the second half is what we intended to do in the first half. If you guard your own man, where your teammates don't have to help you, then your defense is so much stronger. But we weren't doing a very good job in the first half. We said Daniel Hackett was a driver. The first two times he catches a ball he drives to the front of rim and lays it up. The kids really decided and they did a much better job in the second half.

Q. Brandan had kind of a rough time offensively against Michigan State last weekend. What was the biggest difference you saw in him tonight? COACH ROY WILLIAMS: Last week at the press conference I told you I was not worried about Brandan. If Brandan Wright was a worry for me I was a lucky, lucky individual. I said, hey, there's nothing wrong with you, it's a very physical game. You didn't feel like you got some breaks with the officiating. He thought he had two fouls, the referees thought he had four. It was one of those bad days, you know. Yesterday again Tiger shot 71, last week he shot 76 in the final round but he's still Tiger. Today he shot 66. So Brandan shot 76 the other night but he shot 66 today. He doesn't know what the heck I'm talking about so I can say anything I want about golf.

Q. Various times throughout the year your team has a unique ability to turn it on, turn it off when they can. Do you get concerned about that a little bit? COACH ROY WILLIAMS: Yeah. But, you know, we've won 31 so it's not a concern that I'm laying awake at night. My concern is when we don't guard people. But I think, you know, people put that conception out there but I think it's a misconception. I don't think we play like that. I think you have to give the other team some credit. I mean, Southern Cal, we didn't play as hard as we wanted to defensively but Southern Cal played pretty doggone well. Sometimes we fail to give the other team some credit, but my team has been pretty doggone consistent. We may screw it up for a little while, but every team does that. I think even all the way back to when Coach Wooden coached, he used to talk about get a couple of spurts during the game and if you have two or three of those significant spurts that's enough to get you over the hump. I didn't want to have rely on an 18 0 spurt by being down as much as we were, but we will have some mistakes out there. We can screw it up in a heartbeat. But kids, for the most part, have really played exceptionally hard.

Q. About twelve minutes left, Taj Gibson picked up his fourth foul. Was that a turning point for you? COACH ROY WILLIAMS: It was important to us, no question. He had nine rebounds at half time. But it's one of the reasons I play a lot of people because if we play a lot of people, we're not going to be as tired, we'll have more energy and we won't have the same guy in there getting in foul trouble. It's, knock on wood, in the first half I took Taiwan out, at the end of the first half, 'cause he had two fouls. I took Tyler out at the end of the first half. I think they finished the first half on like a you guys would have to tell me 9 2, 7 0 run, something like that, 34 33 and it ended up 42 33. For us, the 8 0 run was with Tyler and Taiwan sitting over there. I would have liked to have had them over there, too. They had their second fouls. Put other guys in there. Didn't work out as much. We do play other people so hopefully it helps us at the end. Taj was having a great game. He's had a phenomenal freshmen year. I said something to him about don't let what you've done be discredited by one night.

Q. This is the 25th anniversary of that big Georgetown Carolina final. What are your thoughts on playing Georgetown? COACH ROY WILLIAMS: I have no idea, you know. We're over there 16 down getting our tails kicked, hell, I just want to be here. Let's be honest. Young John, it's what I call him, I really genuinely like him as a person. His dad is one of the giants of coaching, I've stolen from him many, many years ago, big John allowed me when I was a coach at Kansas to come back and watch his practice at Georgetown. I've always thought of him as a person that was extremely close to Coach Smith and that meant that I was extremely close to him because of that relationship. But, you know, 25 years ago I had black hair, you know. My golf game was a lot better than it is right now, too. But, you know, that would be a heck of a game right now. I think Patrick's knees would be worse than Michael's, so we'd have to see.

Q. Is there anything you could take away from the sluggish first half tonight in order to prevent that next game? COACH ROY WILLIAMS: You know, in the first round game against Eastern Kentucky we got off, were up 27. You know, if I'm that smart, I would have taken that same game plan and do it tonight. But we got to understand they're not machines. They're young kids. Sometimes they're gonna mess it up. But you just got to keep trying, keep plugging, keep trying to do the right thing. Again, we were up 27 and they cut it to four. It's just a game of basketball, and it's not, especially at this time of year, it's not just North Carolina. That other team is responsible for some things, and I think that other team, the stretch in the first half, we could not handle. Fortunately for us we got them to miss a few shots.


Taj Gibson, freshman guard On the loss: We came a long way throughout the year, but we just couldnt take care of business today. Tonight it just didnt go our way, they out rebounded us and that was what killed us in the end.

On the defensive effort: We felt as if our defense was good; we knew what were up against, but again we could not rebound the basketball.

On Coach Floyds post game speech: Coach Floyd was proud of us and he just told us to not get down on this loss because we came along way this year, but we will be next year.

Keith Wilkinson, sophomore forward On UNCs rebounding performance: It was frustrating because they just kept beating us on the boards. North Carolina did a great job on the glass tonight. All night they had five guys attacking and grabbing rebounds.

Kevin Galloway, freshman guard On UNCs comeback in the second half: We just got out-rebounded all throughout the second half. They are strong inside and did a good job of taking care of the boards.

On freshman forward Taj Gibson picking up his fourth foul: Playing without Taj is hard, because hes a big time play for us in the post.

On the season: It was an unbelievable season. We put in a lot of effort and a lot of passion. We got to the Sweet 16 and were 20 minutes away from playing in the Elite Eight. But Im proud of each one of the guys on this team.

On thanking the crowd after the game: They brought passion throughout the whole season. Our fans back at home and the guys in the student section, we appreciate everything.

Dwight Lewis, freshman guard On UNCs comeback in the second half: Every loss hurts but especially this one because we had them beat.

On the teams potential: We just have to come back and work hard for the championship next year.

THE MODERATOR: Coach Floyd will make an opening statement, then we'll take questions. COACH TIM FLOYD: Well, North Carolina played exceedingly well in the second half for about a 15 minute stretch. We are very proud of our basketball team. I think that they took advantage of us on the glass in the second half. They just did a tremendous job of offensive rebounding. We couldn't seem to get in front of them. We weren't getting I thought our defense was terrific all night. Our guys guarded their actions. We never really got hurt out of their offense, just got hurt on the boards. They kept coming at us with Ginyard and Green and Wright in the second half. Lawson, I think, had five rebounds in the second half. At our offensive end, we were reliant so much in transition because of stops, because of defensive boards in the first half, that we were able to run out, and they had a hard time locating us in transition. That stopped because we were taking the ball out of the net in the second half. We just never had many opportunities to get it off the glass, stop, and bring it to the other end. Really proud of our basketball team. Really proud of these young men. All three of these guys were guys that I inherited that first year from Henry Bibby. They've been terrific. We have been a team that has been free of distractions. They love each other. They have played extremely hard. They prepare hard. Real proud of where they've come. Turn it over to these guys. THE MODERATOR: Questions for the USC student athletes.

Q. For any of the players, was fatigue a factor in the second half because of their depth? GABE PRUITT: No, not at all. I just thought we just didn't rebound like we did in the first half. I don't think fatigue set in. We just didn't have the same fire. We didn't come out with the same fire we had in the first half, and I think rebounding was a big part of that. NICK YOUNG: They just outrebounded us in the second half. Came out with more fire, you know. It wasn't no fatigue. We was all competing. You know, we just came up short tonight.

Q. I think it was a 22 2 run for them overall, maybe 18 0 at one point. What is it like to be out there during that? You're trying to do a bunch of different things, nothing seems to be working at that point. They were just coming at you in waves. What is it like in that? LODRICK STEWART: You just have to keep playing through it 'cause we were going for the same goal, North Carolina was going for the same goal, to get the win. I mean, they're a great team. I think we just let up a little bit on the defensive end, not getting back in transition. They got a lot of layups, well, a couple of layups. They just outrebounded us. I think that was the key, the run, to the success of their win.

Q. For any of the players, I guess Lodrick first because you're leaving, if you can put into perspective what this season has meant for this program as a whole and where this program is big picture going into the future after winning 25 games this year? LODRICK STEWART: I think as long as Tim Floyd is the coach, it's going to be a national powerhouse, one of the elite teams in the country. It's going to keep getting better. Gonna be great talent coming in next year and the years to come. I'm very happy. It's been fun for me. It's been a roller coaster but after Coach Floyd came, turned it around for me. He helped me out on the court and off the court, so I give all my praise to him. NICK YOUNG: Just the environment, you know, starting to change around USC. Everybody is more happy. We got a great coaching staff. Got a great athletic director, like Mike Garret. Great team. This year has been great all around, you know. We just are enjoying the moment. We just came up unfortunate tonight, you know, but we still got to keep our heads up and look forward to the future. There's a great recruiting class coming in. We just have to have fun.

Q. When you look back on this game years from now, Gabe, how will you remember it? GABE PRUITT: I was happy to make it this far, you know. A lot of people didn't expect us to come here. I thought we fought pretty well. We had a couple of unfortunate plays. But, you know, I'm pretty happy with our basketball team because we showed a lot of character and we proved a lot of people wrong. I can't, you know, do anything but be happy because, you know, we have had a lot of great accomplishments this year. We've been through a lot; I've been through a lot. You know, I didn't have to be here today but, you know, I made it this far so I'm pretty happy.

Q. Can you talk about what it was like to go through the emotions of that run they had. You guys were up by ten. Seemed like in an instant they came right at you with wave after wave. LODRICK STEWART: I mean, it's fun to be in games like that. This is what college basketball is all about, the NCAA tournament. It's a game of runs. It happens to every team. I mean, we made big runs in the first half. They knocked down some shots and we had some letups. I give my credit to them. I'm happy for all of us coaching staff, the USC family. They've just been behind us. We had a lot of success this year. We just got to be happy and just enjoy this time. NICK YOUNG: There's nothing you could really do, you know. Had a great team, you know. They was knocking down shots. We wasn't, you know. We were making turnovers and missing. They went on a good run, they were rebounding. Just played great down the stretch. That's what you should expect from a No. 1 team coming in.

Q. Was there a difference offensively between the first half and the second half? You guys shot 50% in the first half. The shots stopped falling in the second half. GABE PRUITT: We didn't change, you know, too much. I think just the fact that first half we got inside, and then, you know, with Taj in foul trouble we couldn't really go to that. Then shots wasn't falling that fell in the first half. We didn't change too much. Only major difference was going inside. We didn't do that in the second half. THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much, guys. Right now we'll take any questions for head coach Tim Floyd.

Q. During that run when they started to get those offensive rebounds, at any point do you try to go away from trying to push the ball through the guards? Do you second guess that at all? COACH TIM FLOYD: No, I really don't. You know, it started happening a little earlier than that. We had a plan that obviously was to try to limit Ty Lawson in the open floor. We thought he was a real key in the game. I thought Gabe did a terrific job on him. We felt like Hansbrough was a real key and their ability to get to the foul line. We felt like quick doubles to him would limit his ability to just turn that shoulder and bowl through you and draw a foul. Daniel Hackett was a real key to that. He's a guy whose motor runs for us. He had six rebounds against Texas. He had seven rebounds against Arkansas. He's a guy who can rebound. Taj going out was a real factor. Just going big isn't necessarily a rebounding factor. Ginyard, Green were six five guys coming back to the boards. Wright, Serbly a taller player, was coming back to the glass. We don't necessarily rebound better, just with length with our club. You know, I thought that Taj going out, with his fourth foul, as early as it happened at the 12 minute mark, was an important part of this game. I thought he played just extremely well throughout this game both defensively, containment of Lawson in transition, and rebounding that ball. I thought he played very well. I thought Gabe played well on Lawson, as well.

Q. Coach, if I may, what goes through your mind with a 16 point lead and 18 minutes left? What thought process do you have as their momentum starts to build and that lead starts to shrink? COACH TIM FLOYD: We had four opportunities to talk to them about what was happening with the time outs and stopping it. We could not get stops. That was our problem. You can't stop a run unless you stop. I thought we defended their coverage. They shot 38%. You factor in the offensive rebound baskets, take those away, and that percentage is 30, 29, 31%. We simply could not rebound the ball to stop, and couldn't win a horse game coming to the other end to make our shots because now we were taking the ball out of the net, versus our defensive boards, our runouts, our layups in transition, our conversion. We had them on their heels. This was a rebounding game. This is what it came down to.

Q. Just take us through the technical at the end there, what your vision of that foul call was. COACH TIM FLOYD: Just disappointed. Wanted to keep playing. Wanted to keep playing. Disappointed with Taj's situation, he was fouling out of the game, you know. But, you know, technical is a part of a game. It just happened. It just happened. I can't comment on the call, as you know, or his fourth foul. I can't comment on that either. So you sit there and you exercise frustration from time to time, which I did.

Q. Coach, what did you tell your players in the locker room after the game? COACH TIM FLOYD: I told them how proud I was of them. I told them that they created an identity for themselves that they enjoyed as a result of playing with each other, and that there was a true love for each other, and that they set a