Sept. 10, 2009

SOUTH ORANGE, N.J. (AP) -Bobby Gonzalez has been given a few more years to turn around the basketball program at Seton Hall.

Athletic director Joe Quinlan announced on Thursday that the fiery Gonzalez was given a contract extension through the 2014-15 season. The school did not disclose contract terms.

Gonzalez originally received a five-year contract and had a rollover year added, making this a three-year extension.

Gonzalez has guided the Pirates to a 47-46 record in three seasons with the Big East Conference school. However, his teams always have been mired near the bottom of one of the strongest basketball conferences in the country.

During his short tenure, Gonzalez's teams have scored upset victories over Louisville, No. 23 Virginia, No. 19 Southern California and No. 12 Georgetown.

"This extension serves as a strong indicator of the university's commitment and support for Bobby Gonzalez as head coach of our men's basketball program," Quinlan said in a statement. "We expect to be successful and believe that Coach Gonzalez has taken the necessary steps to position our program for future success. He has made progress with the program in only three years and we are very pleased to have him as our head coach."

The Pirates (17-15) return four key players from last season, led by leading scorer Jeremy Hazell. Point guard Eugene Harvey, forward Robert Mitchell and center John Garcia are all back.

Joining them will be transfers Keon Lawrence, Herb Pope and Jeff Robinson along with Jamel Jackson, true freshman Ferrakohn Hall and Melvyn Oliver.

"I am excited and truly pleased with the devotion Seton Hall has shown me with this extension," Gonzalez said. "With the positive steps we've taken in our first three years, we now believe we are ready to take the program to the next level. The Seton Hall administration and overall community has been incredibly supportive throughout our time here and now we know we'll be a part of this family for the long term."

Gonzalez is known for his frequent technical fouls, often pacing the sideline and yelling at players and officials.

University president Monsignor Robert Sheeran said Gonzalez has his enthusiast support.

"Coach Gonzalez has brought us a long way in three years in the most competitive conference in the country," he said.