Oct. 5, 2010

NCAA Release

INDIANAPOLIS - The NCAA and the Collegiate Commissioners Association have created limited liability companies for mens and womens basketball officiating to enhance consistency during regular-season and postseason play.

The mission of both organizations is to increase the pool of officials; standardize messaging; more consistently apply playing rules, points of emphasis and mechanics; and remove entry barriers” to those who are interested in becoming basketball officials.

The groups met for the first time in September. Gloria Nevarez, senior associate commissioner of the Pacific-10 Conference, was elected chair of the womens officiating board of managers, while Big Sky Conference Commissioner Doug Fullerton was elected chair of the mens board. Both will serve two-year terms.

The LLC approach streamlines the structure among conferences, their officiating coordinators and the officials themselves, most of whom operate as independent contractors. Officiating coordinators will be accountable to the LLC boards, which should unify evaluating processes and, ultimately, make the games be called more consistently across the country and throughout the year.

The way a game is called in the West should be no different than a game in the East,” said Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Commissioner Rich Ensor, who chaired the task force to form the two LLCs.

Fullerton said the basketball officiating LLCs should be similar to the one established for college football in 2007. He is a member of that board, too, and has seen the successes in standardizing instant replay and addressing player safety.

We are going to have strategic discussions about college basketball, and that should be extremely healthy,” Fullerton said. Basketball conference coordinators of officials meet every year, and Ive asked them, ‘What do you talk about? They say, ‘We like to talk
about how we do things. To me, that says that they are striving for and wanting help with structure.”

Nevarez added: Conferences invest time and resources into officiating, but right now we operate in our own officiating world. In this structure, we can roll out initiatives at a national level that can help improve officiating.”

Neither officiating LLC will delve into assigning officials. That will still remain under the realm of the conferences. But the goal is to establish a uniform evaluation process for officials.

To select the best, you need to compare apples to apples,” Nevarez said. One way to do that is create a system that has a common denominator. That way, you can best articulate who the best officials are nationally.”

Fullerton believes this new officiating structure will benefit all mens and womens basketball stakeholders, particularly the student-athletes.

It is something that has been long overdue,” Fullerton said. This is where we have strategic conversations about what the game should look like. We know college basketball fans expect a different game than any other levels of basketball. The best time to start something new is right now.”

Mens and womens basketball officiating LLC objectives:

- Enhance consistency in the application and enforcement of rules, points of emphasis and mechanics during the regular season and postseason.
- Develop consistent accountability standards.
- Develop a standardized evaluation program and educational efforts.
- Coordinate and manage officiating issues.
- Diversify and improve officiating through defined entry processes.
- Expand the current pool of officials and develop officiating opportunities.

Board members

Womens College Basketball Officiating, LLC

- Gloria Nevarez (chair), senior associate commissioner, Pacific-10 Conference
- Debbie Corum, associate commissioner, Southeastern Conference
- Danielle Donehew, associate commissioner, Big East Conference
- Sue Donohoe, NCAA vice president of Division I womens basketball
- Carolyn Schlie Femovich, executive director, Patriot League
- Nora Lynn Finch, associate commissioner, Atlantic Coast Conference
- Ted Gumbart, commissioner, Atlantic Sun Conference
- Dru Hancock, senior associate commissioner, Big 12 Conference
- Connie Hurlbut, senior associate commissioner, Western Athletic Conference
- Kathy Keene, senior associate commissioner, Sun Belt Conference
- Tina Krah, NCAA director of Division I womens basketball
- Noreen Morris, commissioner, Northeast Conference
- Patrick Nero, commissioner, America East Conference
- Andrea Williams, associate commissioner, Big Ten Conference
- Greg Christopher (ex officio), athletics director, Bowling Green State University, member of the Division I Womens Basketball Committee
- Shannon Reynolds (ex officio), chief operating officer, Womens Basketball Coaches Association
- Mary Struckhoff (ex officio), NCAA womens basketball national coordinator
- Deb Williamson (ex officio), NCAA womens basketball secretary-rules editor

Officers as designated in articles of incorporation

- Scott Bearby, NCAA interim vice president of legal affairs
- Keith Martin, NCAA interim vice president of administration and CFO

Mens College Basketball Officiating, LLC

- Doug Fullerton (chair), commissioner, Big Sky Conference
- Britton Banowsky, commissioner, Conference USA
- Dan Bebee, commissioner, Big 12 Conference
- David Berst, NCAA vice president for Division I
- Jim Delany, commissioner, Big Ten Conference
- Byron Hatch, NCAA associate director of Division I mens basketball
- John Marinatto, commissioner, Big East Conference
- Bernadette McGlade, commissioner, Atlantic 10 Conference
- Mike Slive, commissioner, Southeastern Conference
- Jon Steinbrecher, commissioner, Mid-American Conference
- John Swofford, commissioner, Atlantic Coast Conference
- Kevin Weiberg, deputy commissioner, Pacific-10 Conference
- Tom Yeager, commissioner, Colonial Athletic Association
- Jamie Zaninovich, commissioner, West Coast Conference
- John Adams (ex officio), NCAA mens basketball national coordinator
- Mike Bobinski (ex officio), athletics director, Xavier University, member of the Division I Mens Basketball Committee
- Art Hyland (ex officio), NCAA mens basketball secretary-rules editor
- Reggie Minton (ex officio), deputy executive director, National Association of Basketball Coaches

Officers as designated in articles of incorporation

- Scott Bearby, NCAA interim vice president of legal affairs
- Keith Martin, NCAA interim vice president of administration and CFO