Join the "Men at Work" bracket

Men at Work follows the misadventures of four buddies who work together at a magazine.

• Danny Masterson plays the recently dumped Milo, whose friends are determined to help him get back in the game.
• James Lesure is Gibbs, a photographer and successful ladies man.
• Michael Cassidy plays Tyler, a features writer who brings a dose of style and sophistication to the group.
• Adam Busch is Neal, a somewhat nebbish reporter and the only one in the group with a steady girlfriend.

Together, the four serve as each other's wingmen as they help each other navigate work, friendship and women.

Season 2 premieres at 10 p.m. ET April 4 on TBS.

For each round of the NCAA basketball tournament, the Men at Work characters will weigh in with their picks -- including a lock to win as well as an upset to watch for (and of course, good-natured ribbing for the totally ridiculous picks the other guys make):



Going with my tried-and-true coin-flip method again this year. Sorry, Duke, no  Sweet Sixteen for you. Also, get your colors straight: devils are red Since the best teams don’t always have the prettiest uniforms, my Lock is that Tyler doesn’t pick a single game right. Also, tails says Michigan State’s goin’ deep. Neal’s bracket actually looks pretty good this year, which can mean only one thing: Amy made all his picks for him.


The Tar Heels are going home early this year. For the record, I made that choice before reading that a number of prominent bracketologists predicted the same thing. Louisville to win it all. Again, my own independent analysis. Very funny, Milo. I’ll have you know, Amy merely offered helpful suggestions, but when it came time to make the hard decisions, she wasn’t even in the room.


I don’t believe in upsets. I’m taking the high seeds and not looking back. If you don’t want to get any picks wrong, I suggest you do the same. Gotta love the No. 1 seeds to make the Final Four. Not only do they have the best records in the country, but being a No. 1 also means you never have to face a higher seed. Am I seriously the only one who picked the better team in every game? If there was a No. 1 seed for picking brackets, it’d be Tyler State.


Wichita State. Yup, I'm picking a shocker from the Shockers! That's right, they're called the "shockers." Heh. I like Saint Louis a lot. The Billikens are a deep squad and they’re coming off a big win against VCU over the weekend. Confession: I just search-engined "Billiken" and I still don't know what it is. Awww, Tyler’s pretending to know about sports, how adorable. But, you never know; he did correctly call the last six winners of  Project Runway.