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Daniel Wilco | | March 2, 2018

The most common matchups in March Madness history

The NCAA tournament has been around in its modern format since 1985. There have been 2,079 games since then, so it stands to reason that there would have been a few rematches in those 33 years.

So which teams have played each other in the tournament the most?


Turns out it’s a tie between three matchups that have had six rounds each:

UNC vs. Villanova

The two powerhouses first played in the very first modern NCAA tournament — in 1985 — where 8-seed Villanova beat 2-seed UNC in the Elite Eight before shocking Georgetown for the Wildcats' first-ever title.

But it is the latest edition of this matchup that takes the cake; a game that is arguably the most exciting in March Madness history: the 2016 championship. 

Even though the Wildcats got the edge in both of those games, UNC holds a 4-2 advantage on the series, including a 2009 Final Four win en route to a title game win over Michigan State. Surprising fact: four of the six winners of UNC-Villanova tournament matchups have gone on to win the national championship.

UNC vs. Arkansas

The Tar Heels and Razorbacks first faced off in 1990’s Sweet 16, a stopping point in Arkansas’ fourth trip to a Final Four. The 4-seed Razorbacks handled 8-seed UNC 96-73 before losing to the other Tobacco Road team, Duke, in the semifinal.

Despite the loss in the first meeting, UNC holds a 4-2 lead in this series as well, with the latest edition coming in 2017’s second round, where soon-to-be-champion UNC had to rally late with a 12-0 run to fend off the 8-seed.

The most that’s ever been on the line came during the 1995 Final Four. Two years after winning the title, 2-seed UNC faced off against 2-seed Arkansas for a trip to the championship game. But it would be the Razorbacks, led by Corliss Williamson’s 21 points and 10 boards, who would go on to face UCLA in the championship (and lose).

Kentucky vs. Utah

This may be the most surprising repeat matchup of the group.

Since 1985, Utah has only gone to 16 NCAA tournaments, and they’ve faced Kentucky in almost 40 percent of those. Each time, the Wildcats have come up victorious.

The Utes have been to just one Final Four — in 1998 — and you’ll never guess who was there to meet them in the title bout. Tubby Smith and Kentucky won 78-69 for the Wildcats’ seventh title.

Here are the rest of the most common matchups:

6 UNC vs. Villanova UNC (4-2) 1985 Elite Eight (Villanova wins) 2016 championship (Villanova wins)
6 UNC vs. Arkansas UNC (4-2) 1990 Sweet 16 (Arkansas wins) 2017 second round (UNC wins)
6 Kentucky vs. Utah UK (6-0) 1993 second round (Kentucky wins) 2005 Sweet 16 (Kentucky wins)
5 Duke vs. Kansas Duke (3-2) 1986 Final Four (Duke wins) 2003 Sweet 16 (Kansas wins)
5 Kansas vs. UNC Kansas (4-1) 1991 Final Four (Kansas wins) 2013 second round (Kansas wins)
5 Duke vs. Michigan St. Duke (4-1) 1994 second round (Duke wins) 2015 Final Four (Duke wins)
4 UNC vs. Michigan UNC (3-1) 1987 second round (UNC wins) 1993 championship (UNC wins)
4 UCLA vs. Iowa St. UCLA (3-1) 1989 second round (UCLA wins) 2000 Sweet 16 (ISU wins)
4 UConn vs. Duke Tie (2-2) 1990 Elite Eight (Duke wins) 2004 Final Four (UConn wins)
4 Kansas vs. Purdue Kansas (3-1) 1994 Sweet 16 (Purdue wins) 2017 Sweet 16 (Kansas wins)
4 UNC vs. Michigan St. UNC (4-0) 1998 Sweet 16 (UNC wins) 2009 championship (UNC wins)
4 Wisconsin vs. Arizona Wisconsin (3-1) 2000 second round (Wisconsin wins) 2015 Elite Eight (Wisconsin wins)
4 Florida vs. UCLA Florida (4-0) 2006 championship (Florida wins) 2014 Sweet 16 (Florida wins)