It's probably safe to say that what happened in the 1944 tournament will never happen again. Just before the tournament was scheduled to begin, two of Arkansas’ starters were severely hurt in a car accident. Their station wagon broke down after returning from a scrimmage. While repairing what was said to be a flat tire, Deno Nichols and Ben Jones were injured when another car rammed into their station wagon. The injuries were such that Arkansas withdrew from the tournament. The Utes, which had lost in the quarterfinals of that year's NIT tournament, won the national title, beating Dartmouth 42-40 in the championship game.

Take a look at what life off the court was like back then.


Then and Now 1944 2012
Gallon of Milk

62 cents

Loaf of Bread

9 cents

Gallon of Gas

21 cents

US Population


Federal Debt

$204 billion

     $16.1 trillion
Music Player

Record player ($2)

iPod (starting at $49)
Highest grossing film

Going My Way ($10 million)

The Avengers ($1.5 billion)
President of the United States

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Barack Obama