By the time the 1964 basketball season came around, John Wooden had already been a three-time All-American as a player -- a fact about Wooden that many forget. He had also already been the head coach at UCLA for 16 seasons with more than just a little bit of success. However, when Wooden's up-tempo offense was finally paired with a zone press defense, Wooden and his Bruins went on a tear the likes of which has not been seen since. Ten national titles later, Wooden is considered by many to be the greatest coach in the history of basketball.

But it all started in 1964. What was life like then?


Then and Now 1964 2012
Gallon of Milk


Loaf of Bread

21 cents

Gallon of Gas

25 cents

U.S. Population


Federal Debt

$311 billion

     $16.1 trillion
Music Player

Record player ($19.99)

iPod (starting at $49)
Highest grossing film

My Fair Lady ($72 million)

The Avengers ($1.5 billion)
President of the United States

Lyndon B. Johnson

Barack Obama