First Round Notes and Quotes: Idaho St. vs. Stanford Post-gameMarch 17, 2007

NCAA Womens Basketball,

Pmss Conference Quotes
Stanford University, March 17,2007
Stanford Cardinal

Head Cuncb Tam VanDcrvcci
(Opening Statement) Im rwlly pIwcd with how wc playcd it was a gmat start. Idaho
State is a team that h~ k npl aying really well and thcy havc had a grcat season. They
have prml thrcc point shmtcrs, our team just did WE what we needed to do. Doma was a
great player so we mighl have IC) do some post dcfcnsc work, but ovcrall I am very
pleascd with how we pIayod.

(On Ihc guard play) Cissy has had soma really grind games, in practicc she has bccn
going hard and I Fclt that shc would have a g dga ma. Cissy is a really gwd shclntcr and
hey left her open, which gavc her a rhythm, and she bit her shok d a y . I fell it really
tmk some pressure off of Candice and it also gavc Rmkc a let of good looks.

(On playing Florida Statc) I think it is a very different matchup- They had peuple
hocking down shot5 tcday; they are very athlctic and haw a grat inside oulside game. I1
is obvious thai hey can pIay and thcy arc d l y playing well defensively. They change a
lot throughout the game and will present a strong challenge.

(On J3yne Appel) Jayne is a great passer. she playcd watcr pdo in high school which
has helped har cuwt awarmcss. This wasnt one of Jaynes besl games bul she was the
focal point of the defense, which helped our other playcrs.

(On Brooke Smith) She scorcd on thc bImk tday and she scored lacing up a lot. Shc
has had a hbulnus ycar and this is a chance Im her faor a 101 d pmplc across thc country
to sea her play.

(On Melanie Murphy) Melanie tday playcd a very solid game, she played wcll
defensively and bit her frcc throws. I think this waq a really gmd game for her, it is
important for rreshmm w play carly in thcir first NCAA Tournament gamc so I made
SUTC to gct hcr in there quick I thought all t h c of our freshmen did very well but
Melanic will bc key for us.

Stanford Guard Candice Wigpine:
(On the other scoring threab) I have trust in my teammates, Cissy R>iierce and Bmke
Smith are both grccat and I arn used to them playing wvcll.
(On Crssy Pkrccs play) It shows lhal shcs a great shooter and psoplc canL just sag Dff
nT her. Wc have grtm perimeter shootcrs on our team and i t just builds our confidence
whcn she is hitling hcr autside shots.

Stanlord Guard Cissy Picrce
(On her hot starl) They wre Ragging off me and I found m eso ft s p t 3 i n the zone. I
le11 somelirncs they WEE fivc M six fceo~f f of me and I didnt Lhinh abui it, I just shot

Stanford Ccntar Bmke Smith
(On the hot start) We just wantcd to play hard and pick up rrom whew we left off in the
Pac-10 Tournmertl. WE haucnt phycd in ovcr two weeks so we WCK redly ready to

(On hcr efficient ahcmting) My shots werc falling, thal is always fun. Idaho Statc was
playing a zone dcfme which lcft pople open and whcn they do that we haw to make
Lhcm pay and wc were able LO dn that tday.

(On Stanfords atmck agajnst the Idaho Stale zcme) You just need to find thc opcn spots
in thc zone, lhare will bc opcn gaps. Idaho State had to pick their poison bccame thy
either had tn double and triple team inside or contest the pimeter shots.
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Post-Game Press Conference Quotes
Stanford University, March 17,2007
Idaho State Bcngals

Head Coach Jon Newlee;
(Thoughts on the game) Its disappointing, $cormise. I thought wed corne aut and phy
a lot closer. Our effwt on the glass redly gat tous, our lack ofblocking out. T thought
Stanford did a great job going tw the boards, using their size advantage. They went out
and hit some shots that maybe they dont normally hit. I thought they played extremely
well, defensively. They gut and really attacked our shooters and they playcd like the
number five team in the m n t r y . I just feel Iikc we didnt play as well as we possibly

(On Stanfwd corning out early and hitting shots from the perimeter] I was thinking this
is my worst nightmare. We hied IO take the inside game away and 50mmne who hasnt
shot the ball. very well, is knocking shots down. Our gameplan was to make them shoot
threes and we got aw3y from that. We wanted it to be more like when they played Cal,
makin8 6 of 35. Iftheyre ping to make those kind of shots, T think they have a very
good chance of going to Cleveland.

(On Natalie Domas play) Nat playad extremely well. Ive dways said Nat could play
in any league in this cauatry and be wd. she could play in the Pat-10. She could play
in the ACC and SEC. She has that kind of talent. She will continue to work and her
work ethic will continue to grow. Talent-wise she can bo it and T thought she showed
that toni&t. The h e s she made are not luck. She makes them all the time in practice.
It hasnt been a big part af our &me because we naed somebody to play inside. She
came in mdly fwcused and I thought she had a fantastic game.

(On Brooke Smiths play and how he thought they played her 3s well as Canicc Wiggins
play) Brooke Smith mally came out and got in her comfort zone and hit those mid-range
shots. We wanted Brooke to step outside and shm .those threes. She did a good job of
stepping inside and hittiogthat 15-fwter. She got on B rdl and I dont think we did a
very good job of recognizing where she was in her shooting zone. She knocked her shots
dmm when she had to. Shes a great player. Theres no doubt: about that 1 thought we
did a great job on Wiggins. If you were going to telI me Wiggins was going to have 16
points, thats fine. I thmght, especially in the first half, we did a good jobr We got to
Wigging. We rushed hm threes ad rally did what we wanted to do with Wiggins. I
thought Smith w39 the one who obviously hurt us and she really took it to us,
(On what he told his tam after the game) I told them that this game was nut going to
define our 8CsLson. Our season was defined by being Big Sky Champions, going to the
NCAA Tournament being a reward for a long year and the way WF played the last monthand-
a-haIf to two months in our confamce. 1 said dont hang your head. Dont let this
game define our year because; it didnt. It was a p top pcvrtunity to come in here to play
on ESPN and show euaybdy what we have. Theres a lot maw to us than we showed
today, but our years been fantastic. Our goal was to get to the NCAA Tournament. I
told them now we have to uge this experieme to grow MI and lo build on. Now, next
year, our bar is going to bc raised hi&er- The bar i s ping to be get to the NCAA
Tournament, win games in the NCAA Townmmt. Thats something wcll start talking
about in spring workouts when we have everybody, but Boesel back.

(On Stanford hnving the ability to be a Find Four team) Absolutely. They have it 311.
They have inside and outside. Theyre athletic. They have Wiggins. Shes a peat
player. I still believe she is the best guard in the country. With the kind of balance that
they have and it is balanced when they hit those shots, I dont see any reason why they
cant be a Final Four team.

(On Stanford having home court advantage) Tts a huge advantage to play at home.
Especially when yw get to this NCAG Tournament and youre playing at hwna, I mean,
give me a break. Tts a joke to me that teams like that arc playing at home. 11 needs to be
fixed up. If its going to be a national tournameng then make it 3 national tournment.
Get peopIe off their home flms and make it 50150, neutd Site, and then lets play. T
dont think they (Stanford) bat us because they were playing at hams. They would have
beat us at a neutral site today, but thqre still staying hme on Monday. Theyre
sIeeping in their own beds. Theyre shmting in their om gym that they play and
practice in Im sorry, but thats a huge advantage and they definitely used that today.

Jeni Boesd:
(On her feelings after her last cci1lege game) Thms a lot of emotions right nopr. Tts
hard to go out like that. Its nice to be done though. Im happy with my exp~mca
(On whethm she was ncmous going into the game) I dont think 30. I felt that if J wasnt
very nervous. the team wouldnt be either.

Natalie Doma;
(On how she felt about her game. today and on Brooke Smith) Brooke played awesome.
I give her dl the recognition. For me, the threes were just open. I: just took those shots
and luckily for me they went in this timc. Their post playerrs were aggressive
defensively, so I couldnt get every shot that I wanted.

(On playing on Stanfords home court) Its nwer easy playing amy, wpecially at
Stanford, with all their fans. It was a peat experimcc and I[ wish we could have played a
little better, gave them a better game.