First Round Notes and Quotes: Marist vs. Ohio St. Pre-gameMarch 16, 2007

Ohio State Buckeyes Quotes

Head Coach Jim Foster:

(Opening Statement) We are happy to be in it and we are prepared to play.

(On how this past week of practice has gone) We had a great week of practice.

(On what he liked about the practices) High level of intensity. Very focused. We had finals. A lot of times thats a coachs worst nightmare and I thought we never lost a beat. We had a high intensity. Very Competitive.

(On what he knows about Marist) A well-coached team; doesnt turn the ball over. Disciplined. Conference tournaments are a necessary evil. Playing teams a third time. Its a lot more fun when you got a new opponent. Someone from another part of the country. Someone who plays a little differently. I think the players have a little more to look forward to.

(On how to avoid overlooking an opponent from a smaller school) I coached at the smallest school in the NCAA Tournament six consecutive years, when I was at Saint Josephs. That was a good experience.

(On whether or not he felt teams respected Saint Josephs when he coached them) They learned to.

(On recruiting within Ohio) I got an early commitment from Lesslee Cox as a junior. Andrea Walker, 6-5, center, freshman.

(On having seen Rachele Fitz play in high school and whether or not that gives him a better idea of what she can do) It doesnt give me any edge. I think the other sides post players at the mid-majors are very, very skilled. They have a lot of attributes that are good to have. The intensity level. (Fitz) is 6-0. Our center is 6-5. I think thats the difference. But in a one game scenario, those undersized players can step in and deliver. It wouldnt be a problem in a 16 or 18 game schedule, but it could be in a one game scenario.

Stephanie Blanton:

(On what they know now being seniors having played in the NCAA Tournament the previous three seasons) Also, teams come to play in the NCAA Tournament. Every team is playing their best and you have to go out there and play your best every game. Every game counts.

(On this past week of practice) I think weve had a very good week of practice and I think everyone is playing well right now. Our freshmen are playing very well and everything just seems to be clicking.

(On what playing their best means to her) I think that everyone out there just needs to go out and do their job. Everyone has a role on the team or a job they do well. When people are doing the little things, it makes our team very good.

Jessica Davenport:

(On what they know now being seniors having played in the NCAA Tournament the previous three seasons) I dont think its anything different. We know we have to go out there and play hard and execute our offense and defense to win. That stays a constant every year.

(On what she knows about Marists inside game) We got our scouting reports today and unfortunately, I havent read it yet, but I will read it when I get back to the hotel. Im sure theyre going to come ready to play and everybodys ready to go out there. Everybody knows its one and done. I dont think that really matters right now because everybodys just trying to get a win.

(On preparation for their game tomorrow) I dont think preparation is going to be any different. Its the same game of basketball. You still have the same principles. Were just playing against players that we havent played against in the Big Ten. We are playing someone new. Thats the only thing thats different.

(On what playing their best means to her) Like she said, its everybody doing the things that theyre supposed to do. Nobody trying to be another p Marist Red Foxes Quotes

Head Coach Brian Glorgis

(Opening Statement) Were very excited to be here with 18 inches of snow in New York as we speak. This is a chance for us to play Ohio State at Stanford; it is kind of like a topping off at the end of the year. We had a great year this year, played top competition in Duke, Maryland and Villanova, and were really looking forward to playing Ohio State tomorrow.

(On the matchup vs. Ohio State) Offensively we have to do what we do best which is our motion offense. We are going to have to set good screens and read our screens well, The one thing we have been good at all year is that we have taken care of the basketball. We have to value the basketball and be able to take good shots. We cant let our offense be their offense. We start three point guards that all have good ball handling skills. Defensively Davenport is just very good and we will have to handle her. We have to know when to double down and when not to double down. What we have seen from video is Jessica Davenport just doesnt panic. A big key for us tomorrow is our transition defense, we will have to get back and avoid giving up easy baskets.

(On experience of coming out to California) Lots of similarities to other tournament games. There hasnt been a cloud in the sky since I got here. I just got a call from New York from a friend about shoveling driveways and I was telling him how great the weather is out here. Overall the NCAA is just first rate and there are always great hosts. The team has been able to take in some sights and enjoy the experience of being out here. Having four kids from Ohio just seems to intensify the matchup.

Marist Forward Rachele Fitz-

(On stopping Jessica Davenport) Were trying to pretend like she is one of the girls on our team, but obviously you cant pretend when she is 65 and a big girl. Were just trying to practice normal and stay focused.

(On the California atmosphere) Its been really exciting, I am just very happy being a freshmen to be able to share this experience with my team. Joining a great Marist team I am very happy where I am and hopefully we will get a win tomorrow and make it more exciting.

(On being recruited by Ohio State) Im not sure how strong I was recruited, but there was a mutual liking. We both decided to pursue other options and I am happy to be where I am now.

Marist Forward Meg Dahlman

(On stopping Jessica Davenport) We have gone up against big girls this year, a lot of talented players in the post and she compares to a lot of them.

(On defending a taller post player) You have to be able to use the skills you have an advantage in whether it be your quickness or your higher jumps and just use things that they dont have. If they are stronger than you or quicker than you, you can beat her at other things. Even if we dont shut her down there are other players we need to prepare for.

Marist Guard Alisa Kresge

(On being a senior in the NCAA Tournament) Personally this is exciting, it is my last chance hopefully to get a win here, but overall it is just exciting being out here, we are getting anxious now. But just being here for my third time, we know were a great team, we just need to come out and be ready to play, we have no nerves nothing to lose, we just need to come and lay it all on the line.

(On her role tomorrow) I think my role will be the same as what it is been all year, which is basically run our offense the best I can, work hard on defense and get the ball to the open man.

(On the key for tomorrows game) The game will most likely be decided down low, and our guards being able to close out on their shooters. Our guards also when they get an open shot will have to be able to hit it if we want to have success.

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