Marist vs. Ohio State Postgame QuotesMarch 18, 2007

Marist Red Foxes

Head Coach Brian Giorgis

(Opening Statement) Obviously the best win in our schools history. It was a tremendous job to beat a top 10 school, a four seed, it is tremendous. They believed, I looked into every single on of their eyes and I could see that they believed that they could win. It was a good match up for us, we defend the post well, I cant say enough, and they did everything I asked of them.

(On OSU respect) That I dont know. I think they were a little miffed at getting a three seed with only three losses. If you look at our body of work, we played Duke tough, compared to a lot of the other big schools we didnt have anything in our body of work that could scare them. We just knew that we could come up with a game plan; we play similar types of teams. We knew the key of the game was their shooting, and they were lights out, but Ohio State finally started to miss shots and we really turned the corner. That was a huge difference in the game.

(On little things) Meg Dahlman played a great game, Kresge also had eight assists even though she didnt really score any points. We had a tough time with Ashlee (Trebilcock) but we were able to force her to miss some shots.

(On how much this win means) It means a lot to lose the Player of the Year last year and these players stepping up and doing better than last years group. It is a true dream season.

Marist Guard Julianne Viani:

(On where this game ranks) This definitely ranks number one, the feeling, you just cant describe it.

(On her shooting night) I definitely felt it, I just felt at peace all night as did coach. We were at ease, we felt that this was our game and my shots were falling.

(On finishing off a tournament win) I knew we could do it, I knew our team had it in us. We had chemistry with this team and we all believed we could do it. We played in these games last year but didnt win, so it is really satisfying to win.

(On OSUs respect) I didnt think they really did. I knew coming in that this team had some secret weapons on it, but I dont think they respected us enough to be honest.

Marist Forward Rachele Fitz

(On having jitters) I was definitely nervous going into the game. After the first basket I felt good though, boxing out down low was tough the game was very physical down low.

(On OSU forcing the ball to Davenport) I was completely confident with her, just our team double-teaming her, we all felt we could handle it. We could see her getting frustrated when she got double teamed, but she was looking for open shooters.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Head Coach Jim Foster:

(Thoughts on game) Id like to congratulate Marist. They played a terrific game. A lot of intensity. A lot of heart. They showed a lot of character.

(On Ohio States play) I think the played hard. I think theyre a very good team. We didnt see anything new. We werent as poised as we needed to be.

(On the tempo of the game) I think we were in a hurry a couple of plays. We played at a nice speed. I think Alice Jamen gave us some great minutes.

(On whats going through his head after another early exit) Disappointment. Disappointed for our seniors. Disappointed for Brandie because she didnt get the opportunity. Disappointed for Jess because thats not who Jessica is. Stephanie played hard. Im disappointed for them. Im disappointed for our program. We had a great deal of respect for them (Marist). They played at a great tempo. They had good hard-nosed guards. They have a pretty unselfish kid, their point guard, who played 40 minutes and takes one shot. She certainly had a big impact on the game.

Ashlee Trebilcock:

(On being unable to find Jessica Davenport in the game) I think we just kept throwing the ball in traffic. There were times when we were passing the ball around and shed be open, but we kept going in too early and there were a couple people on her. When there are two people on you, youre going to make mistakes, like turnovers. I think the guards could have done a better job of finding her at more appropriate times.

(On the defense Marist played against her) In the second half, I felt, that on some of the plays where I popped out on the wing, I felt like I was being face guarded a little more. Thats going to happen. Jess has to deal with two people every game, so you have to deal with that and get over it.

Jessica Davenport:

(On what happened during the game) We werent playing like ourselves and I have to take the blame for that. I know this team depends on me a lot and I didnt play the game I was capable of playing.

(On Marist) They were what we expected. We made a lot of mistakes on our own. When it comes down to it, we didnt compete at the level we should have. Give them credit because they came out and shot the ball well.

(On whether or not they came out with the correct mindset in tonights game) We respect every opponent we play. Its tournament time so you need to respect them.

-Courtesy Stanford