New Mexico Pregame QuotesÂMarch 17, 2007ÂNo. 8 New Mexico

Head Coach Don Flanagan:

On Wisconsin-Green Bay:

"We normally don't play teams from their conference but watching them on tape they are a very good team, reminds us of some of the team that we played in our conference."

How will the largely UConn based crowd be?

"Well, first of all I hate to talk about a game in the future, Green Bay is very difficult team but we are accustomed to big crowd that are usually on our side. Although sometimes in the pit when we don't play well they can turn on you. So we are accustomed to big crowds but we definitely did not have them rooting against us."

Being from Connecticut, do you have a lot of people coming to this game?

"Well when they found out that I was coming to Hartford, I had a lot of calls from former friends and people that I didn't remember real well asking for tickets. We were in Vegas this past weekend and I had 28 people from East Hartford; brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, they were out there at the tournament and we did not think at that time that we would come back to Connecticut. I am sure that from that 28 that we had out in Vegas it will expand quite a bit and there will be numbers. I am sure that we will out number UConn, if we are fortunate enough to play them but we will have some UConn support. Even my brother who graduated from UConn, I think he will root for us if we play them."

Have you been back here to play?

"No, we don't even go to New England. I try to stay west of the Mississippi and pretty far south so that it is warm where we play. I have talked to Geno Auriemma a few times about coming back here to play and them coming out to play us. Early on when I took the program over, it was a very poor program and we couldn't compete. We talked 12 years ago and I said wait until we are halfway decent and come and play us. Now if we are fortunate enough we will play them but I do not want to keep talking about that game because we have a very difficult game against Green Bay."

Senior Guard Katie Montgomery

You get a lot of fan support down in New Mexico. Is that going to help you playing in a place like Connecticut, should you get by the first round, where there's expected to be 10,000 or more screaming Connecticut fans in this building?

"Well having 10,000 people cheering for you is a lot better than having them cheer against you. We are accustomed to a lot of fans and we've been lucky to have that many fans. Not a lot of people get to experience that but yes, it will be a little different when they're cheering against us if we get past that first game."

Senior Guard Julie Briody

Did you go into your conference tournament knowing that you would have to win the tournament to get a bid or did you think that you might get a bid either way?

"It was a little bit up in the air. We just talked about winning it so there was no question of whether we would be in the tournament or not with the automatic bid. Going into the tournament we were just really focused and determined to win it to make sure that we got into the tournament (NCAA) and that's exactly what we did so that's why we're here."