Rutgers vs. Michigan State Postgame Notes (Round 2)March 20, 2007

Post-Game Notes

Rutgers is now 26-17 overall in the NCAA Tournament, including a 9-5 second-round record. The Scarlet Knights have won 10 of their last 11 games.

Michigan State is 11-8 in all-time NCAA Tournament games and 2-5 in second-round action.

The Scarlet Knights shot just 30 percent (3-10) from three-point range in the first half, but were a perfect 5-5 from outside the arc in the second half.

Rutgers forced 17 Spartan turnovers, capitalizing with 18 points off turnovers, doubling the Spartans output of nine.

Rutgers Kia Vaughn posted a career NCAA Tournament best, with 16 points. She set her previous best (14) against East Carolina in the first round on Sunday.

Vaughn finished the night with six blocked shots, recording each of the Scarlet Knights blocked shots for the evening. Vaughn has blocked two or more shots in 22 games, and three or more in 14 contests.

Rutgers Essence Carson posted an NCAA career-best in points with 15. Her previous best (14) came against East Carolina in the first round on Sunday.

Victoria Lucas-Perry posted her third career double-double, finishing the day with 17 points and 10 rebounds. She posted a career NCAA Tournament high in rebounds, and matched her career NCAA best in points scored.

Alyssa DeHaan recorded only one block in tonights contest, matching a season low for the Big Ten single-season record holder in blocked shots.

The Spartans tied a season low, recording only eight assists on 17 baskets. The last time Michigan State was held to eight assists came at Illinois on Feb. 22.

Michigan States second-leading scorer Allyssa DeHaan was held scoreless until 12:44 of the second half. DeHaan finished the night with six points on 2-for-8 shooting.

MSUs Rene Haynes matched her career NCAA Tournament high with 14 points. She previously posted 14 points on March 29, 2005, against Stanford in the Regional Final.

Rutgers Post-Game Quotes

Rutgers Name Head Coach C. Vivian Stringer

Opening Statement I thought that Michigan State played hard and they addressed the thing that they needed to address and that was rebounding. We are very fortunate because at times we had three and at times four of our freshmen on the floor. I am extremely proud of them for their composure on an opponents floor with so many people. It was nice to see how composed they were. What was key for us is that we hit free throws. Before it was a matter of rebounding, but this time it was a matter of free throws. Every time we play we are gaining in our confidence each and every day. Michigan State was a great team and coach did an outstanding job. The crowd was fantastic and it was a great college atmosphere.

Thoughts on parts of the game when they had four freshmen on the floor & As you know, half of our team is legitimate freshmen and they had baptism by fire right from the beginning. They grew every day. My coaches did a great job of coaching and teaching and being patient. We put them in difficult situations. As you know we play the best competition and thats why we played the likes of Duke and Georgia. I dont worry about the record because what I think is that they get the experience. So weve experienced every kind of situation and even with the losses. I think the young people learned a lot about team basketball and what it meant to work hard. As I said to them before they came in with braces and pony tails and left as young women. There is a different look in their eyes.

Thoughts on how Myia McCurdy did the little things that dont show up in the box score& Im glad you noticed that and we started the second half with Myia rather than Heather (Zurich) and that was because my preference was that we went with defense. What we thought was lets begin to apply the pressure and Myia is the point of the pressure. We were giving up the potential of shots because Heather was shooting the ball well. We were counting on getting defensive stops and applying pressure. When she sees a shot she comes under the defense to get to the rebounding positions and many times if she doesnt get it she is creating a situation where there is a loose ball and as a coach I have come to appreciate that she is that important to us and its good to know.

Thoughts if the team played with a chip on its shoulder in the game& No, I shared also that they are so young that they cant handle all the things on the periphery and they are the young people that you just tell them what they need to do.

Rutgers Freshman Guard Epiphanny Prince

Confidence in handling the ball& I was confident E (Essence) was talking to me the whole time. E (Essence) and coach was always telling me what to run and E (Essence) was always in my ear. I tried to attack and stay in the gaps and tried to pass it out.

Rutgers Sophomore Center Kia Vaugh

Game plan going in against Alyssa DeHaan&. My game plan was I just wanted to stay behind her and even if she caught the ball try to contest every shot that she put up and make her work for every thing. Instead of having her lob the ball over me because she is 69 so I just wanted to stay behind her and make her do moves.

Free things up for you offensively with Alyssa out& I remember when she went out it was like 911 alert, okay, the 69 girl is out of the game so attack the basket. Nothing really changed too much offensively it was more like getting my guards free and play defense the whole game.

Rutgers Junior Forward Essence Carson

Talk about Freshmen and how far they came as a group& The freshman today did a tremendous job of keeping their composure. Thats one thing you want to see from freshmen, especially in March madness. Composure is the key for all teams and today they definitely held their composure. They have had tremendous growth from game one until now whether its just handling pressure or getting their shot off.

Rutgers Freshman Guard Dee Dee Jernigan

Was that a plan to take the crowd out of the game tonight& Since we were the higher seed we just listened to the fans and thought they were cheering for us.

Michigan State Post-Game Quotes

Michigan State Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie

Opening Statement& I am very proud of our team on the way we fought. Proud of the intensity, proud of how they were always fighting, never giving up. I am extremely proud of the two women to my left (Rene Haynes and Victoria Lucas-Perry) for how they have led this program from the moment they got here. Talk about low maintenance people, and getting it from the beginning. It has been remarkable to see what these women have done here throughout their career at Michigan State University. Of course this includes Katrina Grantham and Myisha Bannister as well. It was a great basketball game, I am very proud of the community and the support shown to our team, to have over 8,000 fans present. It was amazing to see our community come out and support our team. I congratulate Rutgers-they were a fine team, very good team, and shot a little too well from the three point line in the second half. We want them to win it all. It is always kind of sudden at this time of year if you do not keep marching on.

On Allyssa DeHaans struggle& I felt bad for Allyssa, she played aggressive, she had to sit a while in the first half which was too bad. That was a tremendous disadvantage. I thought Allyssa played aggressive. It was unfortunate.

On Rutgers tournament potential& I think Rutgers, if they set their mind to it, can do whatever they want to do. You look at Maryland going down to Ole Miss, the womens game is becoming a lot more like the mens game. You see Marist having fun going to the sweet sixteen. I do not think rankings matter. I think it is how you play on a given night. I think Rutgers can play better, certainly, but they did play very well. They shot the ball extremely well in the second half. It is not only that they made their shots, but when they hit them. They hit four three-point shots with three seconds left on the shot clock. That is like hitting a five point shot because you play great defense, are right there to get the stop and then do not. So they hit some critical three-point shots given the shot clock timing.

Michigan State Freshman Center Allyssa DeHaan

On her play tonight& I just didnt play very well. I didnt do what I was supposed to do. I wasnt as focused. I got in foul trouble again. I didnt convert when I needed too. There was a lot of things that I didnt do and I wish I could take it back but its done with.

On being aggressive while in foul trouble& Well, when you have two fouls, when you have three fouls, you obviously cant be as aggressive. You have to tone it down a little bit. You cant go after everything just to stay out of foul trouble. But, that still doesnt mean youre strong and do what you have to do to get it done. You just have to tone it down a little bit.

Michigan State Freshman Center Mia Johnson

On Rutgers& They made big shots. Its March. They just came down and hit their shots. Overall there are no excuses, I think we could have contested a little bit better. But at the same time they came up and made some big plays. The fouls were key for them, their off-guards were great. No. 15 was able to get in there and get the garbage baskets, put backs. We may have fouled too much. I honestly think the biggest thing is they stepped up and made big shots.

On the home crowd& A crowd is always a booster. They help you with your momentum when you do well and when youre not doing so well they can still cheer. They are there for you. We definitely outnumbered them in fans and it helped a lot.

Michigan State University Senior Rene Haynes

On 103 career wins At Michigan State& I love being a Spartan, Ive shared that with some wonderful people.

Michigan State University Senior Victoria Lucas-Perry

On rebounding advantage and outcome of game& We knew that we had to get on the glass, and it showed in our rebounding. The outcome, they played a better game tonight.

On effect of Rutgers strategy for Allyssa DeHaan& They definitely were pushing her up the lane, Alllyssa was fighting back, shes is a strong player. Kia is a great post player and she did a good job of being physical with her, but youll see a lot of Allyssa.

On Rutgers play on MSUs home court& Everyones been talking about how its a home court advantage, but at this point in the season, everyone is a good team, everyone has played in different environments.

-Courtesy Michigan State