UNC Locker Room QuotesMarch 31, 2007

Senior Guard Camille Little

On returning to the Final Four for the second year in a row: It was great to be there last year, but we didnt perform too well and that was motivation to come back and try to improve upon that. It helps in that we have the experience of being in this environment and know what to expect. I am just anxious to get out there and play.

On last years semifinal loss: Weve moved on from that. We learned from our mistakes in that game and applied those lessons to this season. Its a new year and a new feeling.

On the importance of beating Tennessee in the last two meetings between the schools: Those games are in the past and wont help up tomorrow. It is a whole different level when you are playing a team in the Final Four. Everyone is here to win.

On the type of game to expect tomorrow: Its going to be a fast-paced game with two teams that like to run up and down the court. There are going to be a lot of great players on the floor.

On playing a team with such a storied history: Tennessee is a great team and I like to play top competition. At the same time, we just need to play Carolina basketball. We cant focus too much on what they are doing and instead need to pay attention to our game.

North Carolina Quotes March 31, 2007

LaToya Pringle, 6-3, Junior, Forward -- Fayetteville, N.C.

On the difference between playing Tennessee earlier this season: Their defense has gotten a whole lot better. We got easy transition points last time. I also feel that everybody knows what they have to do to help their team win. It was December and it was early. People have to mind their roles and do what they have to do to help the team. Its really going to be her [Candace Parker] and who helps her that night.

On the competition with Tennessee: I think its going to be a real tough game. I think its going to be close and not lopsided at all. Whoever plays their best and rebounds is going to win the game.

On the indication of players stepping up in warm ups: I dont think its in warm ups, I think its when the game starts. I know when I have a good game I get my offense going early and get into a rhythm and my teammates keep giving me the ball. When we played Purdue, Rashanda [McCants] was driving to the hole and being aggressive. Thats something that we are trying to get her to do more often. When she does it, she is very effective with it.

On double-teaming Erlana Larkins: Im pretty sure they will double-team Erlana. I dont know what team hasnt tried to double-team Erlana. Shes good at passing it out to guards for threes and shes also good at wrapping it around the defenders and passing it to me for layups. I think theyll give her different looks, maybe not double-team her every time to keep her guessing, but shes smart and a good player.

On teammate and roommate Camille Little: She doesnt take anything. If you mess up youll hear it from Camille. Shes not wild, likes to stay in the house or well go shopping. She has two different personalities when it comes to basketball and having down time. She wants to get the job done and not have any regrets.

Rashanda McCants, 6-1, Sophomore, Forward -- Asheville, N.C.

On motivating factors for winning the championship: Our seniors. We want to give them a national championship before they leave. Weve been fighting all year long to get here. Its not worth it to come all the way here and not get the job done. We just want to finish the job.

On having experience at the Final Four: I think our experience as team with young players who have been there before helps us against teams who dont have that. I think we are more prepared and focused.

Jessica Breland, 6-3, Freshman, Forward -- Kelford, N.C.

How has Erlana Larkins helped you? In addition to the moves and stuff, she has just stressed playing hard and when to do what and how to read opponents. Outside of the moves, shes helped me with life and personal life issues.

Balancing Basketball and Academics She (Erlana) was my host to my official visit and since then we grew closer as friends and, academic wise, shes helped me out with learning the system. She has also helped me out with the mental toughness of the system.

Defensive Game LaToya (Pringle) has been helpful in learning the defensive side of thing as far as getting though the screens and reading the defense during the game. She has taught me a lot.

Camille Little, 6-2, Senior, Forward/Guard Winston-Salem, N.C.

What does UNC have to do against Tennessee? We just have to play our game and concentrate on rebounding and playing up tempo. Our coaches will worry about a game plan. We just need to focus on playing together and our game. We are two totally different teams than when we played the first time.

-Courtesy Wisconsin