Vanderbilt vs. Bowling Green Postgame Quotes (Round 2)March 20, 2007

Vanderbilt Post-Game Quotes

Vanderbilt University Head Coach Melanie Balcomb

Opening Statement I think Bowling Green did a great job preparing for us. They took away a lot of things. I think that we responded very well. In the first half we did not play good defense. In the second half we played better defense and we got the shots we were looking for to fall. We didnt do a good job of playing for 40 minutes.

On what Bowling Green did on defense that other teams did not do against them & I dont know what they did, all I know is what we did. Our spacing wasnt good. We took too quick of shots at times. They did a good job of making our drivers shoot from the outside and making our shooters not get good looks.

On what the teams three seniors meant to the program & All of them have left their marks on the program. They are great people and they are great players. Theyll truly be successful in life. Theyve done so much for the community. I know they wanted to go a lot further.

Vanderbilt Junior Center Liz Sherwood

On her role in the game& I think when I came I knew that I could score in the paint. I was trying to do that as much as possible. We needed to score and I seemed to be doing that.

On disappointment& All year long the three seniors led us. It is sad that we had to go out in the second round and I think it is just a tough loss for everyone. We are such a close team, and we will miss them a lot.

Bowling Green Post-Game Quotes

Bowling Green Head Coach Curt Miller

Opening Statement Dont pinch me, amazing, our defensive game plan and our execution of the defense throughout the entire game on one day prep was phenomenal. We worked really hard to make them go two-by-two and not give up any easy three point shots to one of the best three-point shooting teams in the country. Offensively, we were good in the first half, getting penetration and finding the open person. In the second half we really struggled to find shots, but in true form, when we needed a huge shot, late in the game, Ali Mann hit a huge three. Tonights story was defiantly our defense, we won the game making only five second half baskets, a true credit to the kids and the team with the execution of the game plan.

On the success of Amber Flynn& She finds openings in that match up and she stayed active, and when we got penetration she was always moving to the ball, shes our best back to the basket player, and we had to have a balance, we couldnt shoot 40 threes against them tonight and be successful, we had to have inside presences, and she was the one that gave us inside presence.

On Liz Honegger and Amber Flynn& We gotta come up with a nickname, some nickname for Amber Flynn and Liz Honegger, ones inside, ones outside, someone has gotta come up with a catchy phrase because they are a phenomenal tandem.

Bowling Green Junior Guard Kate Achter

Taking away Vanderbilts three-point shooting & I think we disrupted their offense and we made it hard for them to get catches and get off easy shots. Our wings did a great job of chasing and our posts did a great job of catching so when that the shooters came off the screen they wouldnt have an easy look.

What were you thinking the last few minutes of the game& I was dragging. I knew that we had to get the ball back in my hands because I knew they would foul. For 35-40 seconds we hadnt got the ball in my hands and I was just trying to stay calm myself, but at the same time just trying to get the ball back in my hands.

Bowling Green Forward Senior Ali Mann

On the three-point shot at the end of the game& Amazing, one of the best feelings I have had in my career here. We had a little down screen play and I could hear coach say, Got it. I knew I had the shot and I just let it fly.

Bowling Green Senior Forward Amber Flynn

What made you guys successful in the post& I would have to say our wings. They helped out a lot, especially the ones that were on non-shooters. That was a big key for us. We just didnt back down. They were bigger and taller. I give us all three of us credit. We just held our ground and didnt back down one bit.

-Courtesy Michigan State