Washington vs. Iowa State Postgame QuotesMarch 17, 2007

Washington Head Coach June Daugherty:

Opening Statement: Congratulations, first of all, to Iowa State, theyre a team of enormous balance. When you have six kids in double figures, its really tough for us defensively to match their ability to score from both the long range, and their post players I thought had a phenomenal game. I thought we started out very well, we had some great stops, we were all over the glass, but it seemed like it got away from us a little, right in the middle of the first half. We battled back, cut it down to 12 or 13 right before halftime, down to six in the second half, but Iowa State is one of those teams that is so incredibly strong offensively and they just make the big runs. I think another thing we talked about yesterday is their defense is very underrated. Their kids really get down, they really understand their assignments, and they made it very tough on us to score in every position today.

On the possibility of Iowa State being nervous in front of a big hometown crowd: I dont think that -- I thought we were going about 200 miles an hour, the first couple of timeouts, even though we were up in the score and all, I wanted to challenge our team to settle down a bit and be a little more patient offensively, and get back to what we do. Once we settled down, it was good to see, but it just seemed like every little mistake we made offensively ended up on the other end with them scoring. It made it really tough with the runs. But we were really amped up. Part of that is just the NCAA experience. Even before the game in the locker room, the Huskies were really excited, we talked about, its great to be excited, but to make sure were focused on what were doing. When we settled in, I thought we did alright.

On mid-game changes: The pick and roll was obviously hurting us, and their front line was getting a lot of easy looks. We switched up defensively, we tried to give them four different looks offensively with the pick and roll, to get their guards guessing coming off the pick, and to manage the rotations with both the four and five off the picks. Bill (Fennelly) changed up the alignment of where they typically sit off the pick-and-roll, and it made it tough for our rotations to get out initially. So we went to three or four other alignments defensively to try to cover up.

On Iowa State shooting more three-pointers, along with strong post play: Thats the balance Im talking about. Not only are they an efficient team offensively, theyre a very good team defensively. Holding us to 60 (points), theyve been holding a lot of opponents near 60, the low-60s all year. But the fact that off those pick-and-roll plays, anywhere on the floor their front line is capable of hurting you. Not just inside, but I think everyone saw they were able to dial it up from long distance. It makes it tough because they stretch the floor so well.

On the lack of scoring off offensive rebounds: The one side of it was great, early in the game, seeing that energy, seeing the kids get up on the boards, really got us going offensively with the offensive boards. But it was tough to see how many times we came up with empty possessions on two- or three-foot shots.

On her upcoming contract situation and confidence of returning next year: All year, Ive tried to stay away from talking about my contract situation, and I think Ill continue to do that. Im sure thats something that will be discussed behind closed doors.

Washington Quotes Press Conference Players

Washington Guard Cameo Hicks:

On being unable to convert close inside shots: When you have close inside shots, its always frustrating when you miss them, but we have to bounce back from that. We know that were going to continue to go hard on the boards and continue to get those looks. We just have to have confidence that we will finish them.

On playing in front of an Iowa State crowd: It was great. We knew that Iowa State would have a huge following coming in, but it was a great atmosphere just being in this NCAA Tournament atmosphere, playing a great team that had a great fan base. But I really want to commend our fans as well. There was a lot of them who came out here and made the trip, and it was really exciting and we were happy to have them around.

Was playing in front of an Iowa State crowd uncomfortable? Yeah, it did kind of feel like a road game, but I wouldnt say it was uncomfortable. We are used to playing in front of great crowds, playing in the Pac-10 and we played a great schedule preseason, so we are used to (playing) against good crowds.

On the Iowa State defense: They definitely made it hard on us to get those easy transition buckets that we are used to. They really focus on getting back on defense and like June (Daugherty) said, their defense is underrated, so they did a great job on getting back and stopping our easy looks.

Washington Quotes Locker Room Players

Washington Guard Emily Florence:

On her 2-of-11 shooting performance from the field: Sometimes you just have off days. I just looked to pass more and penetrate and get more assists.

On Iowa States ability to slow down Washington after the Huskies built a nine-point lead in the first half: They got a couple of threes to go down, and that kind of killed our spirit a little bit. They shot so well during that stretch. They are such a good shooting team. They got the momentum going when we gave up some of those easy threes. It got into our head a little bit.

On the adjustments they made at halftime: We just talked about how we can play with anybody and that we can make a comeback. We were just trying to make it one step at a time. The focus was boxing out and rebounding. We started off the game crashing offensive boards and getting a lot. That is why we had the lead. That dropped off in the second part of the first half, so that was our emphasis. Box out and get every rebound and we will be right back in the game.

On the ability of Iowa State to outrebound Washington: We missed a couple of crucial box outs and that hurt us. We were also doubling on the post, so there was always one of their players free.

On this years team: We had a really experienced upperclass team. There were seven seniors so we had so much leadership. We had so much fun as a team and always worked hard. We had people that we could look up to and we will miss our seniors a lot.

On next years team: Were going to have a good team next year. I am excited already for next season.

Iowa State Head Coach Bill Finnelly:

Opening Statement: This is a truly a very special day for our team, to be able to continue to play in the NCAA Tournament. I thought Washington was an outstanding team, came out really strong and hit us in the mouth right off the bat. But our kids were resilient. I thought we defended well. We really had a lot of energy throughout the building, and obviously the tremendous fan support we got today was a huge part of the game. We are honored to continue to play and looking forward to playing Monday, no matter who it is.

On the Iowa State post play: I thought our post game was very, very good. When they play that way, we are tough to guard because our perimeter kids can score the basketball. Early we were struggling, obviously. But Nicky (Wieben), Toccara (Ross) and Rachel (Pierson), I thought all did a good job. We hadnt faced that kind of defense all year, where they switch all the time. So we put in a couple plays and situations that we hoped would give them a chance to score. All three (players) had opportunities, and they took advantage of it. We finished around the basket, we didnt make very many bad decisions. Nickys threes were big. But I thought all three of them gave us quality minutes -- a couple of hustle points, offensive rebounds, things we havent been getting enough of. At this level, if you dont get it, you cant win. If our post play is anywhere near that game in and game out, then we are a lot better basketball team.

On falling behind by nine points early in the game: Obviously you are concerned -- its the NCAA Tournament and youre playing a good team and you are concerned about how your kids are handling it. Weve been down before. Everyone kept saying, Call timeout, call timeout. I really didnt want to do that because I felt at the time, and obviously it turned out OK, but I didnt want to call timeout and appear that we were panicking. I basically told Lyndsey (Medders) and Megan (Ronhovde) to make some good decisions. Basically we were getting out hustled and that was the disappointing thing. It wasnt that we were playing terrible, we were just getting flat-out hustled. In the first media timeout, there were no Xs and Os going on. It was all about pride and the things that coaches want to talk about. I made them look at the fans and made them think about where they were because we were just getting out-hustled, out-effort, out everything early. When we got out of that stage, we were fine. I thought offensively, we were efficient. They are a very good scoring team and we held them to 60. I thought Megan Ronhovde did a great job on (Cameo) Hicks and we did the little things we had to do. After the first five minutes, I didnt want to go home, I didnt want to go and pack at the hotel.

On playing with nerves at the beginning of the game: We were a little uptight. This team is historically very loose, which is good. But before the game, and its different, obviously the NCAA Tournament, the protocol, the ESPN cameras in the locker room and weve never done that before. There are some things that are different and I think these kids really want to do well. The great news is we had a great crowd. The bad news is we had a great crowd. I think they didnt want to disappoint these people. I just kept telling them, whether it is Hilton, Manhattan, Kansas; Lubbock, Texas; Oklahoma City; Williams Arena -- its the same team, same players, same uniform -- lets just go play. We were fortunate that they didnt knock us completely out. We were on the ropes and took a standing eight-count, I think, a couple times. We somehow found a way to start making some shots. When we made some shots, then we relaxed but we were a little nervous before the game.

On Megan Ronhovdes post defense on Cameo Hicks: Megans very long, very athletic and is a kid who is very hard to get around. She has better foot speed than it appears. Her length and her commitment to defense -- a lot of kids can defend if they want to -- Megan wants to. She takes pride in it and we asked her to guard her (Hicks) as much as we could. In the second half, Hicks is a very good player, hit some big threes on us. That was my mistake. We werent going to play her on the three-point line early, and she hit a couple and that was my mistake, not Megans. Her length and determination to be a defender is something she has taken great pride in at Iowa State, and I think she is one of the better defenders weve had in our program.

On Lyndsey Medders and Megan Ronhovdes First NCAA Tournament win, and ISUs first tournament win since 2002: It doesnt seem like that long, but what that says is how hard this is to do. That was the thing I kept telling our young players. This just doesnt happen all the time. There are a lot of teams that are going home or watching the game or dont get here. There are a number of players that Ive coached against that are really good college players and have never won an NCAA Tournament game and thats part of life. You dont take your family for granted, you dont take your friends for granted, your health for granted and you certainly dont take this for granted. There was no question that this is a very hard thing to do, and that is why it is so exciting for me to be here because it is hard to do. You want to instill that mentality into your players. It just adds another thing to a storybook senior year for our seniors. To get Abby Reinert into the game, and Billys like Dad get her in, get her in! Its something that they have a little list going now, whether its beating Tech and all the little things back home that theyve accomplished and now they can put themselves in that category. Very happy for them and Im excited just like everyone that we get to keep playing, get to practice and put on that uniform one more time on Monday.

Getting early jitters out of the way for Mondays game: I hope so, but you never know whats going to happen. But I think they got that out of their system. Well have practice tomorrow (and) they are used to the court. The pressure -- Its similar to the Big 12 Tournament. Everyone is going to write the headline: 11 upsets 6, if we lose. Monday night, if we play a higher-seeded team, if we play Georgia, then were supposed to get killed. If we play Belmont, thats a great story too. I think theres a lot of things that go into it, but our teams always shown the ability to learn -- on the court, off the court. I think they learned today and I talked about before the game is have fun, relax, enjoy yourself and I was probably more puckered up than most of them.

Iowa State Quotes Press Conference Players

Iowa State Guard Lyndsey Medders:

The feel of her first NCAA win: Its the best win, best feeling I have ever had. We will play one of two very good teams on Monday. I look forward to playing with these guys again and playing for this crazy guy, I mean Coach Fennelly.

Comparing the start of this game to the start of the NCAA first-round game two years ago (73-61 loss to Utah): At the after-four timeout,our manager grabbed me and said, This is the same thing as two years ago. Dont let up.

On playing in front of the Iowa State crowd: I think it was great to be not only a player in this environment, but to have a game on national television. For a womens basketball game to not only have that kind of support, but the noise in that arena speaks volumes to where womens basketball is headed. As a player and a senior -- someone who the game has meant a lot to them over the years -- it was great to be out there.

Iowa State Guard/Forward Megan Ronhovde:

Comparing the start of this game to the start of the NCAA first-round game two years ago (73-61 loss to Utah): We talked about that at halftime. It was eerily similar. This game, we obviously didnt start out very well, but we finished the half really well and it was the same thing. We probably had a 12- or 15-point lead two years ago and let that game slip away. We made sure that we were not going to let them back in this game. We had to come out with the same intensity we had the last 15 minutes of the first half.

On the slow start for ISU and the importance of rebounding: We talk about that everyday (rebounding). So when we break a huddle we always say Rebound. I dont know if it was nerves or anxiousness or what it was, but at the first timeout it was something Coach Fennelly addressed. Obviously after that, we did a much better job.

On her feelings when she was taken out of the game (after it was clinched): Coach (Fennelly) said at the beginning of the year to enjoy every moment. Playing in the NCAA Tournament is by far the best sporting event in our country. Being able to represent Iowa State and play for Coach Fennelly, and we get to play one more game, it is truly special. We want to keep this going as long as we can, because we are having a good time.

On the Barrett, Minn., native playing in front of the Iowa State crowd: It is something that is truly special, to come back to your home state. I had people back home question why I went to Iowa State; I think today they realized why I did. Having 5,000 people travel three hours or more coming up to see us play, I think that really speaks volumes. It was great to have my family come as well.

Iowa State Forward Nicky Wieben:

On her height advantage and playing inside vs. Washington: There was a little bit of an advantage there, but I just think our guards did a good job of getting the ball inside. I think Lyndsey (Medders) hit a couple of shots inside and that opened them up outside also. I think it was overall good teamwork today.

On taking advantage of the Washington defensive switching inside: Coach and Lyndsey (Medders) just knew what plays to call to take advantage of their switching inside. We also work a lot on the skip pass to find players wide open in practice.

Iowa State Quotes Locker Room Players

Iowa State Guard Alison Lacey:

the early portion of the game: I think it was a case of nerves. But weve been down before and come back, so we werent too concerned at all.

On Iowa States play down the stretch: We had pretty good momentum going into this tournament. Weve been playing well as a team and practicing well as a team, and I think well continue that as well.

On where Iowa State is at now: I think we can always improve, no ones perfect. Were not satisfied with just being here, we want to win. Theres always something we can improve upon.

No. 6 Iowa State (26-8) 79, No. 11 Washington (18-13) 60 -- Postgame Notes

-This is the third meeting in the all-time series between Iowa State and Washington, a series Washington now leads 3-0. The teams met on Dec. 21, 2002, with Washington winning 64-63, and on Dec. 21, 2003, with Washington winning 76-55.

-Iowa State is making its eighth NCAA tournament appearance, all under head coach Bill Fennelly, and its second in the last three years. The Cyclones are now 10-7 all-time in previous tournament games, and 6-2 in first-round NCAA tourney games. The Cyclones are now 2-5 in NCAA tournament games held at road or neutral sites. The Cyclones are 9-4 against teams seeded below them in NCAA tournament games.

-Washington is making its 16th NCAA tournament appearance, its second straight tournament and third in the last five years. The Huskies are now 15-16 in previous tournament games, including an 8-5 record in first-round games and 3-8 in neutral-court tourney games.

-Iowa State is playing its seventh game at the University of Minnesota all-time, now with a 2-5 record in its previous games at Minnesota (1-5 at Williams Arena, 1-0 at Sports Pavilion). Last season (Dec. 22, 2005), the Cyclones lost at Minnesota 66-61.

-This is the second time Washington has played at the University of Minnesota. The previous time the Huskies played at Minnesota was on Dec. 31, 1988 (Williams Arena), when the Huskies beat the Gophers 74-59.

-Iowa State is now 13-1 with the starting lineup of Lacey, Wieben, Medders, Ronhovde and Ross this season.

-Washington is 3-2 with the starting lineup of Florence, Hicks, Banks, OHara and Plouffe this season.

-Its the 34th game of the season for Iowa State, its most games in a single season in school history.

-Iowa State is now one win away from its single-season school record for wins, 27 in 1999-2000 (27-6) and 2000-01 (27-6).

-Iowa State is now 18-0 when scoring 70 or more points, while Washington is 1-13 when giving up 70 or more points. Washington is 18-9 when scoring 60 or more points.

-Its the ninth time that Washington has been held to 60 or fewer points in an NCAA tournament game; 1-8 in those games.

-Iowa State is now 15-2 when holding its opponents to 60 or fewer points.

-Iowa State is now 19-1 when outrebounding its opponents; Washington is now 4-10 when outrebounded.

-Iowa State is now 5-1 when four or more players score in double figure, while Washington is now 5-5 when two players score in double figures.

-Washington is now 6-4 in Saturday games this season, while Iowa State is 9-5.

-This is Washingtons second game against a Big 12 team this season; on Dec. 6, the Huskies topped Texas A&M 65-59.

-This is Iowa States first game against a Pac-10 team this season.

-Washington is now 4-9 against teams playing in the NCAA tournament this season, while Iowa State is 5-5 against NCAA tournament teams.

-Shooting 51.8 percent (29-of-56) for the game, it is the fifth time that Iowa State has hit 50 percent or better from the field (5-0) this season. Washington is now 1-9 when opponents shoot better than 50 percent from the field this season.

-With a team-high 18 points, its the 22nd time that Iowa State forward Nicky Wieben has scored in double figures this season, and the 13th time (and fourth in a row) that guard Alison Lacey has scored in double figures, as she scored 12 points. Its the 19th time that Toccara Ross has scored in double figures; she had 12 points.

-Iowa State guard Lindsey Medders claimed 10 assists, marking the fifth time she has had double-figures in assists, also her third point-assist double-double of the season and 11th of her career. She scored 12 points on Saturday.

-With a game-high 19 points, its the 29th time this season, and fifth in a row, that Washington guard Cameo Hicks has scored in double figures, and the 23rd time she has led the team in scoring this season. Hicks moved into 11th place on the schools career scoring list, with 1,472 points.

-With seven rebounds, its the 10th time this season that Washington guard Emily Florence has led the team in rebounding.

-With 10 points, its the fifth time that Washington forward Breanne Watson has scored in double figures.

-Iowa State led 39-26 at halftime; the Cyclones are now 20-2 when leading at the half. Washington is 3-9 when trailing at the half.

-Behind 10 points from Toccara Ross on 4-of-5 shooting, the Cyclones took a 39-26 halftime lead, rallying from an early nine-point deficit. The Cyclones hit 57.1 percent (16-of-28) from the field in the first half, while limiting Washington to 27.0 percent (10-of-37). Washington was 1-of-9 from three-point range in the first half, while Iowa State was 5-for-11. Iowa State outrebounded Washington by a 22-18 margin in the first half, with Megan Ronhovde grabbing four rebounds.

-Washington jumped out to a 15-6 lead with 14:16 left in the first half, with Andrea Plouffe and Jill Bell scoring four points each in the early run. But an 11-0 run over the next 3:01, keyed by four points from Toccara Ross, gave the Cyclones their first lead, 17-15 with 11:15 left in the first half. The Cyclones then outscored Washington by a 17-4 margin over the final eight minutes of the opening frame to take a 39-26 lead into the locker room.

-Its the 21st time this season that Iowa State has held its opponents under 30 points in the first half this season. The Cyclones are now 17-4 when holding opponents under 30 points in the first half.

-It is the 12th time this season that Washington has been held under 30 points in the first half, the sixth time in the Huskies last eight games. The Huskies are now 6-6 this season when being held under 30 points in the first half.

-Its the eighth time this season that Iowa State has shot more than 50 percent in the first half; the Cyclones are 8-0 in those games.

-It was the sixth time this season that Washington has been held to under 30 percent shooting in the first half; the Huskies are 3-3 in those games. Its also the sixth time the Huskies have been held to under 15 percent shooting from three-point range in the first half; the Huskies are 4-2 in those games.

-Its the second straight time that Washington has scored 26 points in the first half of an NCAA tournament game; last year, the Huskies scored 26 points in their 72-49 loss to LSU in the second round. Overall, its the sixth time they have scored 26 or fewer points in the opening half of an NCAA tournament game, they are now 1-5 in those games.

-In the second half, Iowa State continued its strong shooting, hitting 46.4 percent (13-of-28) from the field, while limiting Washington to 37.1 percent (13-of-35) from the field.

-A 10-3 run gave the Cyclones their biggest lead of the game, 62-42 with 9:00 left to play.

-Courtesy Augsburg