March 20, 2009

DePaul University Head Coach Doug Bruno:
Opening Statement:
“The NCAA never gets old. We are very excited to play San Diego State. We are excited for this great opportunity to compete.
SDSU is a very very talented basketball team. Coach Burns has done a great job for this team. So we are looking for
ward to this opportunity to compete.”
On Natasha Williams:
“She has been an unbelievable leader for our team this year. She has come back and really given us a quality to great senior season. She is tremendous defensively. She has guarded guards, post players and everyone on the other level. Offensively she has done a great job inside the paint as well. I have been very blessed as a coach. We as a program have been blessed to have Natasha. The only negative we really think about Natasha is that we tell her all the time that she should have come to DePaul the first time. Had she made that choice she would have been graduated already. ”
On Preparation against San Diego State:
“Coach Burns has done a great job with this group. They have a great breakout on the dribble. Perimeter player Jene Morris and the Davis sisters are special perimeter players. Paris Johnson is a force at 6-4, 6-5. You start talking about the perimeter and Paris and you forget about how quality Layton-Bailes does out there; the job she does as an un-sung hero on this
basketball team. It’s a very quality basketball team. The have great quickness. These kids are really good basketball players.
These kids know how to share and pass the ball. They are very excellent basketball players to go with their great athleticism.”
DePaul University Senior Forward Natasha Williams:
On Playing possibly her last game
“I just need to be focused and ready to go, and leave everything out on the court. I play every game like it’s my last.”
DePaul University Junior Guard Deirdre Naughton:
On SDSU’s home court advantage
“They might see it as an advantage but we’re just going to come in and play hard, be focused and ready to go, and take it as a challenge.”
DePaul University Sophomore Guard Sam Quigley:
On Being nervous to play
“I definitely don’t think we are very nervous. We’ve been in many of these situations before. I’ve been to two NCAA tournaments already, one where I played in and one where I didn’t. I kind of have a little experience. ”


San Diego State University Head Coach Beth Burns:
Opening Statement:
“It’s certainly an exciting time for us to have an opportunity to participate with our team in its first NCAA Tournament, with the added bonus of being able to play here in San Diego, in Cox Arena. I think we have the top field of all the first and second rounds. For us to have three California, a great team out of the Big East and arguably the No. 1 seed on the West Coast; although it didn’t turn out that way for Stanford. I think it’s going to be a fabulous opportunity to see some great basketball. I know our team is excited to get out of
the Mountain West Conference and play somebody else.”
On the SDSU program and rebuilding it:
“The people seated to my right (Quenese Davis, Paris Johnson, Jené Morris) are a big part of that. We have been able to have exponential growth with a first-year recruiting class that had nine people in it and get a little better each year. You know that has always been our motto as we build. We have got to bring in a class better than the year before and teach, train and gain experience. The Mountain West Conference is a great league with the No. 7 RPI in the country. The experience that has been gained by Q (Davis), Paris (Johnson) and Jene (Morris) has been aided by the fact that they’ve played against great caliber teams. I think that helped to prepare us for this moment even though they have yet to participate in an NCAA Tournament. I think we have been prepared for this event by the level of competition that we faced in our league..”
San Diego State University Junior Guard Quenese Davis:
On the rebuilding process:
“The morning that I signed, Coach and I were sitting in a hotel having breakfast and she said ‘Q, I think you’re going to be a good player, and this program is going to be built around you’. I felt that as we got better each year we got better players who wanted to come in and make a change and help us to get to where we are now.”
On finding out the tournament was going to be held in San Diego:
“It looked like at the begininng of the season we would have the chance to have a good year. I knew that we had a good team and that we were going to be able to compete with every team in our conference.”
San Diego State University Sophomore Center Paris Johnson:
On hosting the tournament:
“It’s a great opportunity for San Diego. We haven’t had an NCAA Tournament in San Diego and to have our community come and support women’s basketball and give them an opportunity to see DePaul, the Aztecs, Stanford and Santa Barbara - it’s just a great experience for everyone and San Diego. Just being on our home court and what a great experience this could be for us. We have to play it like it’s a regular game for us, no matter if it’s home or away.”
On finding out the tournament is in San Diego:
“That gave us more motivation to go out everyday adn practice on our game and compete to get where we are right now. Like everybordy said- it’s just a great opportunity.”
San Diego State University Junior Guard Jené Morris:
On playing in the NCAA:
“As a team we have worked very hard this year and I can’t be more excited to play with this group of young ladies right here. We have worked hard all summer and fall. It’s pretty cool to see that we set a goal and we finally reached our goal.”
On the “A-Ha!” moment:
“I think that when we upset Texas it gave our team the confidence to realize that we can compete on the national level and would be able to compete in the NCAA (tournament).”